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September 26 Famous Birthdays

September 26 Famous Birthdays

Famous people born on SEPTEMBER 26 are a funny Libra at times. Balancing the attitudes of their friends, family and business contacts could have adverse effects on them as good and bad vibes are contagious.


However, they don’t dwell in their state of feeling down and out. Thy typically land on their feet and come back smiling. When they are feeling like yourself, the September 26 famous celebrities are able to mingle with the best of people. People are drawn to them like bees are to honey.


They feel better with a partner on their side. They love the idea of being coupled up with someone. As far as their work is concerned, they give it their whole heart. The work ethics of a Libra born on this day are impeccable. They tend to make scarifies when the time calls for it. They work to afford all the luxurious things in life.


The number 8 has influences over the material aspects in the life if famous people born on September 26. It’s just something to think about when making that big business decision.

Famous people born on September 26th are positive individuals but can be moody. They could be a raging Libra but instead, they are with the “boys.” Those born on this birthdate could be weak when it comes to sweets. However, they are self-disciplined.

September 26 Famous Birthday Personality Traits

26 September Good Traits:

  • Practical
  • Sensible
  • Optimistic
  • Energetic
  • Smart
  • Enjoyable
  • Fair
  • Mild
  • Restrained
  • Compromising
  • Alert
  • Affectionate
  • Disciplined

26 September Bad Traits:

  • Temperamental
  • Negative
  • Cold
  • Restricted
  • Subdued
  • Unfeeling

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September 26 Famous Birthday Personalities

Adelaide Johnson, 1859, Sculptor
Akim Camara, 2000, Violinist
Albert Anastasia, 1902, Criminal
Alfred Cortot, 1877, Pianist
Alfred Lane, 1891, Sports Shooter
Alyssa Nicole, 1998, YouTube Star
Amanda Henderson, 1986, TV Actress
Andre Harrell, 1960, Entrepreneur
Andrea Dworkin, 1946, Activist
Anne Robinson, 1944, Game Show Host
Anne Rouse, 1954, Poet
Anthony Blunt, 1907, Historian
Anthony Shadid, 1968, Journalist
Antonio Moreno, 1887, Movie Actor
Aras Baskauskas, 1981, Reality Star
Archana Puran Singh, 1962, TV Actress
Archibald Butt, 1865, War Hero
Aric Cushing, 1973, TV Actor
Ashley Elizabeth, 1995, YouTube Star

Ashley Leggat, 1986, TV Actress
Aurelien Rougerie, 1980, Rugby Player
Barbara Britton, 1919, Movie Actress
Barnes Wallis, 1887, Scientist
Ben Shenkman, 1968, TV Actor
Berk Atan, 1991, Model
Betty Sun, 1982, TV Actress
Bill France Sr., 1909, Race Car Driver
Billy Reilich, 1990, Movie Actor
Blake Shinn, 1987, Horse Jockey
Blue Monkey, 1995, YouTube Star
Bob Coleman, 1890, Baseball Manager
Bob Hannah, 1956, Motorcycle Racer
Bob Schmidt, 1968, Bassist
Bobby Brantley, 1969, Reality Star
Bobby Shantz, 1925, Baseball Player
Boris Cepeda, 1974, Pianist
Brent O’Donnell, 1989, Vine Star
Brett Banasiewicz, 1994, BMX Rider
Brian Malarkey, 1972, Chef
Brooklyn Roebuck, 1997, Pop Singer
september 26 famous birthdaysBrooks Orpik, 1980, Hockey Player
Bruce Sudano, 1948, Blues Singer
Bryan Ferry, 1945, Pop Singer
Byron Jones, 1991, Football Player
Cara Kilbey, 1987, Reality Star
Carlene Carter, 1955, Country Singer
Carrington Durham, 1998, Instagram Star
Charles Bradlaugh, 1833, Politician
Charles H. Bonesteel lll, 1909, War Hero
Charles J. Chaput, 1944, Religious Leader
Chase Rettig, 1991, Football Player
Chelsea Halfpenny, 1991, Soap Opera Actress
Chris Archer, 1988, Baseball Player
Chris Kunitz, 1979, Hockey Player
Chris Walton, 1933, Cricket Player
Christina Milian, 1981, R&B Singer
Christine Todd Whitman, 1946, Politician
Chunky Pandey, 1962, Movie Actor
Ciaran Clark, 1989, Soccer Player

CJ Howey, 1995, Rapper
Clifton Williams, 1932, Astronaut
Clint Benedict, 1892, Hockey Player
Cuthbert Collingwood, 1748, War Hero
D’Qwell Jackson, 1983, Football Player
Dan Knight, 1953, Pianist
Daniel Sedin, 1980, Hockey Player
Danielle Robertson, 1994, Instagram Star
Darby Crash, 1958, Punk Singer
Dat Boi T, 1984, Rapper
David Frizzell, 1941, Country Singer
David Slade, 1969, Director
David Weigel, 1981, Journalist
Deac McCaskill, 1977, Race Car Driver
Dean Butterworth, 1976, Drummer
Debasree Banerjee, 1990, Blogger
Dennis Leigh, 1948, Pop Singer
Dev Anand, 1923, Movie Actor
Don Rico, 1912, Comic Book Author
Donna Douglas, 1932, TV Actress

Doug Supernaw, 1960, Country Singer
Dr. Luke, 1973, Music Producer
Edmond Seward, 1906, Screenwriter
Edmund Gwenn, 1877, Movie Actor
Elaine Lui, 1973, TV Show Host
Electra Formosa, 1988, TV Show Host
Eleiyah Navis, 2000, Dancer
Elliot Greenebaum, 1977, Screenwriter
Emily Middlemas, 1998, Pop Singer
Emma Rigby, 1989, Soap Opera Actress
Eshe Gibbs, 1991, Choreographer
Frank Agrama, 1935, Director
Frank Brimsek, 1913, Hockey Player
Frankie Andreu, 1966, Cyclist
Fuifui Moimoi, 1979, Rugby Player
Gareth Williams, 1978, Mathematician
Gary Bartz, 1940, Saxophonist
Gary Hall Jr., 1974, Swimmer
George Gershwin, 1898, Composer
George Raft, 1901, Movie Actor
Georgia Smith, 1987, Voice Actor
Gerry McCabe, 1956, Soccer Player
Glenn Davies, 1950, Religious Leader
Gloria Evangelina Anzaldua, 1942, Memoirist
Graham Stack, 1981, Soccer Player
Greg Stiemsma, 1985, Basketball Player
Han Hong, 1971, World Music Singer
Haris Dzinovic, 1951, Folk Singer
Henrik Sedin, 1980, Hockey Player
Henry Veatch, 1911, Philosopher
Irving Bacheller, 1859, Novelist
Ishwar Chandra Vidyasagar, 1820, Family Member
Jack Hoffman, 2005,
Jack LaLanne, 1914, Entrepreneur
Jack Oliver, 1923, Scientist
Jaime Penedo, 1981, Soccer Player
Jake Paltrow, 1975, Director
James Blake, 1988, Pop Singer
James Caviezel, 1968, Movie Actor
James Frank Dobie, 1888, Novelist
James Michael, 1968, Music Producer
Jan Brewer, 1944, Politician
Jane Smiley, 1949, Novelist
Jang Keun-Suk, 1987, TV Actor
Jasmine Gosnell, 1989, Family Member
Jaycie Phelps, 1979, Gymnast
Jayna Brown, 2001, YouTube Star
Jean Pierre Ricard, 1944, Religious Leader
Jeanie Buss, 1961, Sports Executive
Jeanne Wakatsuki Houston, 1934, Memoirist
Jerry Weintraub, 1937, Film Producer
Jessie Pavelka, 1982, TV Show Host
Jill Soloway, 1965, Screenwriter
Jillian Reynolds, 1966, Journalist
Joe Benigno, 1953, Radio Host
Joe Nemechek, 1963, Race Car Driver
John Chapman, 1774, Explorer
John Dodson, 1984, MMA Fighter
John Scott, 1982, Hockey Player
Jon Richardson, 1982, Comedian
Jonathan Goldsmith, 1938, TV Actor
Jonny Bairstow, 1989, Cricket Player
Josh Pastner, 1977, Basketball Coach
Joyce Jameson, 1932, Movie Actress
Juhan Leinberg, 1812, Religious Leader
Julie London, 1926, Jazz Singer
Julienne Davis, 1973, Movie Actress
Kana, 1981, Wrestler
Keegan Calmes, 1989, Pop Singer
Kelvin Bryant, 1960, Football Player
Kent McCord, 1942, TV Actor
Kieran Gibbs, 1989, Soccer Player
Kiira Korpi, 1988, Figure Skater
Laurie Bird, 1953, Movie Actress
Lawrence Leritz, 1962, Stage Actor
Leandro Hassum, 1973, Movie Actor
Lee Runestad, 1989, Drummer
Lewis White Beck, 1913, Philosopher
Lilly Singh, 1988, YouTube Star
Linda Hamilton, 1956, Movie Actress
Liz iheartmakeup92, 1992, Photographer
Logan Dooley, 1987, Gymnast
Lou Myers, 1935, Movie Actor
Ludovico Fremont, 1982, TV Actor
Luis Torres, 1987, DJ
Luke Korns, 1996, YouTube Star
Luke Spiller, 1988, Rock Singer
Lynn Anderson, 1947, Country Singer
Lysette Anthony, 1963, Movie Actress
M Pokora, 1985, R&B Singer
Malik Brazile, 1998, YouTube Star
Manmohan Singh, 1932, World Leader
Manny Montana, 1983, TV Actor
Marite Desaine, 1994, YouNow Star
Mark Famiglietti, 1979, TV Actor
Mark Haddon, 1962, Novelist
Martin Heidegger, 1889, Philosopher
Martin Muursepp, 1974, Basketball Player
Martine Beswick, 1941, Movie Actress
Marty Casey, 1973, Rock Singer
Marty Robbins, 1925, Country Singer
Mary Beth Hurt, 1946, Stage Actress
Mary Beth Hurt, 1946, Movie Actress
Max Ehrmann, 1872, Poet
Megan McKenna, 1992, Reality Star
Megan Parken, 1995, YouTube Star
Meghan King Edmonds, 1984, Reality Star
Melanie Paxson, 1972, TV Actress
Melissa Sue Anderson, 1962, TV Actress
Merrill Moore, 1923, Pianist
Michael Ballack, 1976, Soccer Player
Michael Blodgett, 1939, Movie Actor
Michael Joseph, 1897, Novelist
Michael Kidd-Gilchrist, 1993, Basketball Player
Michael Matthews, 1990, Cyclist
Mija Aleksic, 1923, TV Actor
Mikey Chapman, 1988, Rock Singer
Nancy Dolman, 1951, TV Actress
Nate Parker, 1997, Drummer
Nazy Farnoosh, 1991, Reality Star
Neels Visser, 1998, Model
Nesma Mahgoub, 1989, Opera Singer
Nev Schulman, 1984, TV Producer
Nicki French, 1964, Pop Singer
Nilam Farooq, 1989, YouTube Star
Nyxeira, 1993, Twitch Star
Olivia Newton-John, 1948, Movie Actress
Olivia O’ Lovely, 1976,
Omid Afshar, 1995, Pop Singer
Osmel Sousa, 1946, Entrepreneur
Patrick O’Neal, 1927, TV Actor
Philip Bosco, 1930, Stage Actor
Pierre Lueders, 1970, Bobsledder
Pope Paul VI, 1897, Religious Leader
Praneet Bhat, 1980, TV Actor
Predrag Miletic, 1952, Movie Actor
Raj Singh Arora, 1984, Soap Opera Actor
Ras Kass, 1973, Rapper
Rayland Baxter, 1983, Country Singer
Rebecca Lim, 1986, TV Actress
Rene Hall, 1912, Guitarist
Ricardo Quaresma, 1983, Soccer Player
Rich Piana, 1971, YouTube Star
Richard Ashton, 1963, Cricket Player
Richard H. Bayard, 1796, Politician
Ricky Tomlinson, 1939, Soap Opera Actor
Rob Moroso, 1968, Race Car Driver
Robert Cade, 1927, Scientist
Robert Kipkoech Cheruiyot, 1978, Runner
Roger Gracie, 1981, MMA Fighter
Romano Mussolini, 1927, Pianist
Ronald Defeo Jr., 1951, Criminal
Rosanna Munter, 1987, Pop Singer
Ross Pearson, 1984, MMA Fighter
Sami Vanska, 1976, Bassist
Samuel Hernandez, 1972, World Music Singer
Sean Doolittle, 1986, Baseball Player
Senijad Ibricic, 1985, Soccer Player
Serena Williams, 1981, Tennis Player
Shane Dye, 1966, Horse Jockey
Shannon Hoon, 1967, Rock Singer
Shawn Stockman, 1972, R&B Singer
Sheri Moon Zombie, 1970, Movie Actress
Sherri Gaskins, 1986, Family Member
Shug Fisher, 1907, Movie Actor
Simone Bendix, 1967, TV Actress
Sophie McVey, 2000, Family Member
Stacy Westfall, 1974, Horse Jockey
Stephan Korner, 1913, Philosopher
Steve McNulty, 1983, Soccer Player
Susan Smith, 1971, Criminal
Syd Wilder, 1991, Movie Actress
Taavi Roivas, 1979, World Leader
Talulah Riley, 1985, Movie Actress
Terry Jenkins, 1963, Darts Player
Tessa Bella, 2003, Dancer
Tiara Hernandez, 1984, Family Member
Timothy L. Pflueger, 1892, Architect
Todor Todorov, 1951, Architect
Tony Romano, 1915, Guitarist
Tracey Thorn, 1962, Pop Singer
Tricia O’Kelley, 1968, TV Actress
TS Eliot, 1888, Poet
Ty Miller, 1964, TV Actor
Tyler Todisco, 1991, YouTube Star
Victoria Vetri, 1944, Model
Violetta Milerman, 1990, Reality Star
Vladimir Remek, 1948, Astronaut
Vladimir Savon, 1940, Chess Player
Watkin Tudor Jones, 1974, Rapper
Whitney Thompson, 1987, Model
Winnie Madikizela Mandela, 1936, Politician
Winnie Madikizela Mandela, 1936, Politician
Winsor McCay, 1871, Cartoonist
xFusionzz1, 1996, YouTube Star
Yago Muñoz, 1990, TV Actor
Yoon Shi-yoon, 1986, TV Actor
Yusuf Cim, 1991, TV Actor
Zach Klein, 1982, Entrepreneur


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