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September 12 Famous Birthdays

September 12 Famous Birthdays

Famous people born on SEPTEMBER 12 are Virgos who are laid back. They are generally likeable individuals with a bright personality. They are perhaps misunderstood by a lot of people who think that they are timid. They just like having a low profile.


Besides, the September 12 famous celebrities haven’t mastered the art of conversation just yet. The words just don’t come out right for them at times so they keep quiet to avoid conflict and hurt feelings. In addition to that, they have suffered heart ache and pain so making quick decisions is a no-no when it comes to opening up to someone.


Love will just have to wait in the case of famous people born on September 12. When they meet their soul mate, they will be able to find the right words to say and make the right decisions. Those born on this date know that taking care of home is essential to marriages and they will teach their children this as well.


Famous people born on September 12 are energetic and happy Virgins. At times, you may find that this zodiac birthday person could be involved in a dispute but mainly, they try to stay in the background. Let’s say that they are sensitive to the limelight.

September 12 Famous Birthday Personality Traits

12 September Good Traits:

  • Optimistic
  • Cheerful
  • Caring
  • Charitable
  • Stable
  • Loving
  • Genial
  • Eager
  • Precise

12 September Bad Traits:

  • Reserved
  • Hypersensitive
  • Hurt
  • Slow
  • Guarded
  • Unrealistic
  • Irritating


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September 12 Famous Birthday Personalities

2 Chainz, 1977, Rapper
Aaron Esser, 1993, YouTube Star
Adam Bain, 1973, Entrepreneur
Adolfas Jucys, 1904, Scientist
Adrian Rogers, 1931, Religious Leader
Akira Suzuki, 1930, Scientist
Al Barr, 1968, Punk Singer
Alan Day, 1987, Rock Singer
Alexia Fast, 1992, Movie Actress
Alfie Allen, 1986, TV Actor
Ali-ollie Woodson, 1951, R&B Singer
Alma Moodie, 1898, Violinist

Alvaro Cervantes, 1989, TV Actor
Amanda Jenssen, 1988, Pop Singer
Amilcar Cabral, 1924, Philosopher
Amy Yasbeck, 1962, TV Actress
Andrew Luck, 1989, Football Player
Andy Velasquez, 1970, Movie Actor
Angel Cabrera, 1969, Golfer
Ann-Marie Crooks, 1965, Wrestler
Anna Jagodzińska, 1987, Model
Anna Kate, 1987, Blogger
Anne Helm, 1938, TV Actress
Anousheh Ansari, 1966, Engineer
Anton Jonsson, 1977,
B2cutecupcakes, 2005, YouTube Star

september 12 famous birthdaysBarry White, 1944, Pop Singer
Beenzino, 1987, Rapper
Ben Blue, 1901, Movie Actor
Ben Folds, 1966, Rock Singer
Benjamin Carr, 1768, Composer
Benjamin McKenzie, 1978, TV Actor
Bernie Ibini-isei, 1992, Soccer Player
Beto Cuevas, 1967, Rock Singer
Bill McKinney, 1931, Movie Actor
Billy Daniels, 1915, Stage Actor
Billy Gilbert, 1894, Movie Actor
Bizzy Bone, 1976, Rapper

Brad Nortman, 1989, Football Player
Brian Lynch, 1956, Trumpet Player
Brian Palermo, 1966, Movie Actor
Bryan Austin, 1967, Country Singer
Bryan Hall, 1988, Football Player
Bryce Rohde, 1923, Pianist
Carly Smithson, 1983, Pop Singer
Carrie Rad, 1988, YouTube Star
Cat Anderson, 1916, Trumpet Player
Ceili Moore, 1994, Dancer
Charlene Kaye, 1986, Pop Singer

Charles Dudley Warner, 1829, Novelist
Charlie Keller, 1916, Baseball Player
Charmaine Dulak, 1990, YouTube Star
Chelsea Raye, 1996, Instagram Star
Clara Paget, 1988, TV Actress
Colin Ford, 1996, Movie Actor
Colin Young, 1944, Soul Singer
Connor Franta, 1992, YouTube Star
Dan Koppen, 1979, Football Player
Daniel Cota, 1985, Boxer
Danielle Rae, 1996, YouTube Star
Darren Campbell, 1973, Runner
Dave Chisnall, 1980, Darts Player
David Kravish, 1992, Basketball Player
David Rohl, 1950, Religious Author
Desmond Llewelyn, 1914, Movie Actor
Devin Fox, 1997, Pop Singer
Diana Leeflang, 1994, YouTube Star
Dickie Moore, 1925, Movie Actor
Dieter Hecking, 1964, Soccer Player
Dino Merlin, 1962, World Music Singer
Dustin Taylor Stout, 1990, YouTube Star
Edward Binns, 1916, Movie Actor
Eiji Toyoda, 1913, Entrepreneur
Elisabetta Canalis, 1978, Model
Ellie Holcomb, 1982, Rock Singer
Emina Cunmulaj, 1984, Model
Emmy Rossum, 1986, Movie Actress
Esmeralda Amada Gosling, 2014, Family Member
Faye Singleton, 2000, YouTube Star
Felicity Montagu, 1960, TV Actress
Florence Kelley, 1859, Civil Rights Leader
Frank Stallone Sr., 1919, Family Member
Freddie Freeman, 1989, Baseball Player
Freddie Jones, 1927, Movie Actor
Gautham Karthik, 1989, Movie Actor
George Chuvalo, 1937, Boxer
George Jones, 1931, Country Singer
Gerald Stano, 1951, Criminal
Gerard Presencer, 1972, Trumpet Player
Gerry Beckley, 1952, Folk Singer
Gianna Maria Canale, 1927, Movie Actress
Gideon Emery, 1972, TV Actor
Glenn Morrison, 1985, DJ
Grant Denyer, 1977, TV Show Host
Greg Edwards, 1980, Comedian
Greg Gutfeld, 1964, Journalist
Gregg Edelman, 1958, Stage Actor
Gus Cannon, 1883, Guitarist
Gus G., 1980, Guitarist
Hans Zimmer, 1957, Composer
Heinrich Hoffmann, 1885, Photographer
Henry Hudson, 1575, Explorer
Henry Waxman, 1939, Politician
Herbert L. Clarke, 1867, Trumpet Player
HL Mencken, 1880, Novelist
Hosea Chanchez, 1981, TV Actor
Ian Holm, 1931, Movie Actor
Igor Lazarević, 1999, World Music Singer
Irene Joliot Curie, 1897, Scientist
Irina Rodnina, 1949, Figure Skater
Jack Cole, 1998, YouTube Star
Jack Midson, 1983, Soccer Player
Jackson Mac Low, 1922, Poet
Jaegwon Kim, 1934, Philosopher
Jakob Danger Armstrong, 1998, Family Member
James Anthony Murphy, 1894, Race Car Driver
James Frey, 1969, Novelist
James Irvin, 1978, MMA Fighter
James McCartney, 1977, Rock Singer
Jan Egeland, 1957, Politician
Jason VeeOneEye, 1992, YouTube Star
Jassa Ahluwalia, 1990, TV Actor
Jay McGraw, 1979, Family Member
Jayden Federline, 2006, Family Member
JayFluent, 1993, YouTube Star
Jeff Irwin, 1977, Bassist
Jeff Staron, 1981, TV Actor
Jeffrey Kahane, 1956, Pianist
Jeffrey Wood, 1969, Politician
Jennifer Hudson, 1981, Pop Singer
Jennifer Nettles, 1974, Country Singer
Jerry Abramson, 1946, Politician
Jesse Owens, 1913, Runner
Jessica Kahawaty, 1988, Model
Jessica Seinfeld, 1971, Chef
Jessie Henry, 1984, Reality Star
Joanne Jackson, 1986, Swimmer
Joe Loeffler, 1980, Bassist
Joe Lonsdale, 1982, Entrepreneur
Joe Pantoliano, 1951, TV Actor
Joey Bosa, 1994, Football Player
Johannes Hallervorden, 1998, TV Actor
John Chambers, 1922, Makeup Artist
John Wisdom, 1904, Philosopher
Johnny Rain, 1993, R&B Singer
Johny Hendricks, 1983, MMA Fighter
Jon Risinger, 1984, YouTube Star
Jonathan Obika, 1990, Soccer Player
Jonathan Putra, 1982, TV Show Host
Jordan Burrow, 1992, Soccer Player
Josh Hopkins, 1970, TV Actor
JR 2crucial, 1998, Rapper
Julian Jackson, 1960, Boxer
Junior Diaz, 1983, Soccer Player
Junior dos Santos, 1984, MMA Fighter
Justin Boston, 1989, Race Car Driver
Kadim Al Sahir, 1957, Pop Singer
Kadim Al Sahir, 1957, Pop Singer
KasaanTV, 1986, YouTube Star
Keiko Toda, 1957, Voice Actor
Kelsea Ballerini, 1993, Country Singer
Kevin Sinfield, 1980, Rugby Player
Kim Hamilton, 1932, Movie Actress
Kim Namjoon, 1994, Rapper
Kimmy Maxx, 1990, Model
Krissy Grotez, 1994, YouTube Star
Kroy Biermann, 1985, Football Player
Larry Austin, 1930, Composer
Larry LaLonde, 1968, Guitarist
Lauren Lewis, 1991, Reality Star
Lauren Stamile, 1976, TV Actress
Lee Chanhyuk, 1996, Pop Singer
Leonel Manzano, 1984, Runner
Leonie Tepe, 1995, TV Actress
Leslie Cheung, 1956, Pop Singer
Lilly Van Der Meer, 1999, TV Actress
Linda Gray, 1940, TV Actress
Lisa Simone Kelly, 1962, Jazz Singer
Louis CK, 1967, Comedian
Louis CK, 1967, Comedian
Louis Macneice, 1907, Poet
Luis Castillo, 1975, Baseball Player
Luke Gregory, 1990, Instagram Star
Maegann Sloan, 1995, Movie Actress
Maggie Nichols, 1997, Gymnast
Maria Aitken, 1945, Director
Maria Muldaur, 1943, Folk Singer
Marika Gombitova, 1956, Pop Singer
Mark Farese, 1972, Entrepreneur
Martin Lapointe, 1973, Hockey Player
Marya Zaturenska, 1902, Poet
Matt Martians, 1988, Music Producer
Maurice Chevalier, 1888, Pop Singer
Mia Robertson, 2003, Family Member
Michael Ondaatje, 1943, Novelist
Michael Paget, 1978, Guitarist
Mickey Lolich, 1940, Baseball Player
Mike Roesler, 1963, Baseball Player
Molly Tarlov, 1992, TV Actress
Ms HeartAttack, 1993, YouTube Star
Mylene Farmer, 1961, Pop Singer
Nan Goldin, 1953, Photographer
Nathan Bracken, 1977, Cricket Player
Neil Peart, 1952, Drummer
Neil Peart, 1952, Drummer
Nellie Wong, 1934, Poet
Nick Hall, 1996, Vine Star
Nicole Morris, 1992, Reality Star
Nina Blackwood, 1955, DJ
Patty Walters, 1991, Pop Singer
Paul F.tompkins, 1968, Comedian
Paul Walker, 1973, Movie Actor
Pedro Albizu Campos, 1891, Politician
Peter Scolari, 1955, TV Actor
Poetplays, 1985, YouTube Star
Prachi Desai, 1988, Soap Opera Actress
Rachel Ward, 1957, TV Actress
Radzi Chinyanganya, 1987, TV Show Host
Ray Gravell, 1951, Rugby Player
Rebeen Jalal, 1999, Facebook Star
Richard Gatling, 1818, Inventor
Richard Hunt, 1935, Sculptor
Richard Tambling, 1986, Australian Rules Footballer
Road Warrior Hawk, 1957, Wrestler
Robert Irwin, 1928, Conceptual Artist
Robert John Burke, 1960, TV Actor
Rose Reid, 1906, Fashion Designer
Roshan Prince, 1981, World Music Singer
Ruben Studdard, 1978, R&B Singer
Ryan Potter, 1995, TV Actor
Sam Brownback, 1956, Politician
Scott Brown, 1959, Politician
Sean Burroughs, 1980, Baseball Player
Semhar Tadesse, 1986, Reality Star
September, 1984, Pop Singer
Sergio Parisse, 1983, Rugby Player
Sergio Vega, 1969, World Music Singer
Sharry Mann, 1982, World Music Singer
Shigga Shay, 1992, Rapper
Silvia Pinal, 1931, Movie Actress
Simon Bentley, 1984, YouTube Star
Simon Kimbangu, 1887, Religious Leader
Skyler Acord, 1990, Bassist
Sofia Styled, 1989, YouTube Star
Spud Chandler, 1907, Baseball Player
Stanislaw Lem, 1921, Novelist
Stephen Sprouse, 1953, Fashion Designer
Steve Ells, 1965, Entrepreneur
Steve Franks, 1964, Screenwriter
Steven Caldwell, 1980, Soccer Player
Sydney Sweeney, 1997, Movie Actress
Tarek Al Eryan, 1963, Director
Tawni Duren, 1988, Vine Star
Taylor Bennett, 1985, Football Player
Theodor Kullak, 1818, Pianist
Thom Brennaman, 1963, Sportscaster
Tiara Thomas, 1989, Pop Singer
Tom Fontana, 1951, Screenwriter
Tracy McMillan, 1964, Non-Fiction Author
Trent Johnson, 1956, Basketball Coach
Ty Acord, 1990, Music Producer
Vernon Maxwell, 1965, Basketball Player
Vladimir Spivakov, 1944, Violinist
Walter B. Gibson, 1897, Magician
Wayne Dalglish, 1990, TV Actor
Wendell Bryant, 1980, Football Player
Wes Hall, 1937, Cricket Player
Wilfred Benitez, 1958, Boxer
Will Chase, 1970, TV Actor
Willem Rebergen, 1985, DJ
William McNutt, 1885, Screenwriter
William Sharman, 1984, Hurdler
William Sharp, 1855, Novelist
Winston Griffiths, 1978, Soccer Player
Yang Mi, 1986, Movie Actress
Yao Ming, 1980, Basketball Player
Yulema Ramirez, 1997, Star
Yuto Nagatomo, 1986, Soccer Player
Zabrena, 1983, YouTube Star
Zack Joseph, 1990, Family Member
Zackary Arthur, 2007, TV Actor


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