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September 11 Famous Birthdays

September 11 Famous Birthdays

Famous people born on SEPTEMBER 11 are mostly compatible with the sun sign Taurus. They like being around others and being sociable. However, their family comes first and foremost in their life. These famous Virgos are well liked mainly because of their personable traits.


Famous September 11 celebrities are firm and attentive to their goals. The person born on this day could be self-assured and talented. They are able to perform a variety of professions and hobbies. Truth be told, you should be in the world of film, television or radio. Harry Connick, Jr., and Taraji P Henson were born on this day. Look at them.


If they can do it, so can You! When it comes to exercise, you get it in. You like to look good so you will take a good work out where you can get it. Bike riding, swimming or anything of that nature is fun for them. However, they have a tendency to have some accidents. They need to just be careful.


Famous people born on September 11th are likely to be workaholics. They have this desire to please or change the world. This Virgo could easily be musically talented. They should use their investigative skills as a means of providing a comfortable lifestyle.

September 11 Famous Birthday Personality Traits

11 September Good Traits:

  • Focused
  • Determined
  • Disciplined
  • Confident
  • Knowledgeable
  • Bold
  • Peaceful
  • Bright

11 September Bad Traits:

  • Unmoving
  • Detached
  • Negligent
  • Fastidious
  • Careless
  • Slack

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September 11 Famous Birthday Personalities

Adam Gillen, 1985, TV Actor
Adriane Lenox, 1956, Stage Actress
Alan Bergman, 1925, Songwriter
Alec Su, 1973, Pop Singer
Alessandra Rosaldo, 1971, Pop Singer
Alien Sun, 1974, Movie Actress
Allan Robertson, 1815, Golfer
Alyssa Bethke, 1987, Blogger
Amy Madigan, 1950, Movie Actress
Andre Dubus III, 1959, Novelist
Andrew Cashner, 1986, Baseball Player
Aneesa Ferreira, 1981, Reality Star
Angeline Varona, 1993, Instagram Star
Anjali, 1986, Movie Actress

Ann Mari Olsen, 1988, Instagram Star
Anne Ramsay, 1960, TV Actress
Anne Seymour, 1909, Movie Actress
Anthony Browne, 1946, Children’s Author
Anthony Martini, 1979, Rock Singer
Ariana Richards, 1979, Movie Actress
Arvo Part, 1935, Composer
Avery Molek, 2006, Drummer
Barbecue Bob, 1902, Guitarist
Barry Sheene, 1950, Motorcycle Racer
Bashar Al-Assad, 1965, Politician
Becky Lee, 1977, Lawyer

september 11 famous birthdaysBen Lee, 1978, Pop Singer
Ben Robinson, 1990, Pop Singer
Ben Scrivens, 1986, Hockey Player
Benson Stanley, 1984, Rugby Player
Betsy Drake, 1923, Movie Actress
BigNik, 1998, Vine Star
Bill Whittington, 1949, Race Car Driver
Bob Catley, 1947, Rock Singer
Bob Packwood, 1932, Politician
Bob Smiley, 1971, Comedian
Bobby Burchard, 1997, Vine Star
Brad Fischetti, 1975, Rapper
Brian De Palma, 1940, Director

Brian De Palma, 1940, Director
Brian McLaughlin, 1983, Comedian
Bruce Doull, 1950, Australian Rules Footballer
Bruna Lirio, 1994, Model
Brynjar Leifsson, 1990, Guitarist
Butch Paul, 1943, Hockey Player
Caleb Hanie, 1985, Football Player
Cameron Richardson, 1979, Model
Carlos Saucedo, 1979, Soccer Player
Carol Grace, 1924, Novelist
Cathryn Damon, 1930, TV Actress
Charles Evers, 1922, Civil Rights Leader
Charles Geschke, 1939, Entrepreneur
Charles Kelley, 1981, Country Singer
Chiddy Bang, 1990, Rapper

Chris Brown, 1978, Doctor
Chris Colwill, 1984, Diver
Chris Garver, 1970, Tattoo Artist
Chris Holland, 1975, Soccer Player
Christine King Farris, 1927, Family Member
Clorinda Matto Turner, 1852, Novelist
Craig Cash, 1960, TV Actor
Crystal Lewis, 1969, Rock Singer
Damontre Moore, 1992, Football Player
Dan Quinn, 1970, Football Coach
Daniel Sloss, 1990, Comedian
Daphne Odjig, 1919, Painter
Dave Bidini, 1963, Guitarist
David Bass, 1990, Football Player
David Morris, 1924, Movie Actor
David S. Broder, 1929, Journalist
Dejan Stankovic, 1978, Soccer Player
Desiree Bassett, 1992, Guitarist
DH Lawrence, 1885, Poet
Diane Caldwell, 1988, Soccer Player
Donna Lopiano, 1946, Softball Player
Dylan Klebold, 1981, Criminal
Earl Holliman, 1928, Movie Actor
Easy Lantana, 1987, Rapper
Ed Reed, 1978, Football Player
Eduardo Perez, 1969, Baseball Player
Edwin Rawlings, 1904, War Hero
Elephant Man, 1975, Pop Singer
Eli Lieb, 1979, Pop Singer
Elizabeth Daily, 1961, Voice Actor
Elizabeth Daily, 1961, Voice Actor
Elizabeth Henstridge, 1987, TV Actress
Elizabeth Valdez, 1984, Movie Actress
Ellis Burks, 1964, Baseball Player
Emil Gustafsson, 1992, Pop Singer
Emilia Saccone-Joly, 2012, YouTube Star
Emma Bates, 1993, Blogger
Emma Kittiesmama, 2003, YouTube Star
Eric Abidal, 1979, Soccer Player
Eric Thomas, 1964, Self-Help Author
Erno Goldfinger, 1902, Architect
Farrah Moan, 1993, Makeup Artist
Felix Dzerzhinsky, 1877, Politician
Ferdinand Marcos, 1917, World Leader
Fitz Ludlow, 1836, Autobiographer
Francesco Yates, 1995, Pop Singer
Francis Quinn, 1921, Religious Leader
Franz Beckenbauer, 1945, Soccer Player
Fred Thomas, 1973, Football Player
Friedrich Kuhlau, 1786, Composer
Furqan Shayk, 1995, Vine Star
Gabriella Saraivah, 2004, TV Actress
George Joseph, 1921, Entrepreneur
Geroy Simon, 1975, Football Player
Gerry Conway, 1947, Drummer
Gherman Titov, 1935, Astronaut
Gidget Gein, 1969, Bassist
Ginger Minj, 1984, Reality Star
Grayson Maxwell Gurnsey, 2000, TV Actor
Hank Kuehne, 1975, Golfer
Harry Connick Jr., 1967, Pop Singer
Harry Tobias, 1895, Songwriter
Harvey Fletcher, 1884, Scientist
Hawley Harvey Crippen, 1862, Criminal
Helen Palmer Geisel, 1899, Children’s Author
Henderson Forsythe, 1917, Soap Opera Actor
Herbert Lom, 1917, TV Actor
Hugo Porta, 1951, Rugby Player
Hunter Creed, 1997, YouNow Star
Ian Abercrombie, 1934, Movie Actor
Ike Diogu, 1983, Basketball Player
Iskra Lawrence, 1990, Model
Jacky Wong, 1998, TV Actor
Jacob Altgilbers, 1998, YouTube Star
Jacoby Ellsbury, 1983, Baseball Player
Jaden Betts, 2002, Voice Actor
Jae Millz, 1983, Rapper
James Thomson, 1700, Poet
Jamie Harper, 1989, Football Player
Jamillette Gaxiola, 1989, Model
Jani Allan, 1952, Journalist
Jaxon React, 2003, YouTube Star
Jc Caylen, 1992, YouTube Star
Jeff McBride, 1959, Magician
Jeh Johnson, 1957, Lawyer
Jen Heward, 1985, Model
Jenny Gago, 1953, TV Actress
Jenny Sanford, 1962, Political Wife
Jeremy Hall, 1988, Soccer Player
Jeremy Popoff, 1971, Guitarist
Jesus Carús, 1986, TV Actor
Jimmie Davis, 1899, Country Singer
Joanna Baillie, 1762, Poet
Joaquin Velazquez, 1975, Soccer Player
John Boyd Thacher, 1847, Politician
John Fields, 1968, Music Producer
John Greig, 1942, Soccer Player
John Hawkes, 1959, Movie Actor
John Martyn, 1948, Guitarist
Johnny Cooper, 1988, Rock Singer
Johnny Vegas, 1971, Comedian
Jolie Holland, 1975, Folk Singer
Jon Moss, 1957, Drummer
Jonny Buckland, 1977, Guitarist
Jordan Ayew, 1991, Soccer Player
Joseph Mount, 1982, Drummer
Josette Bynum, 1977, Wrestler
Justin Cordle, 1982, Rock Singer
Kathy Watt, 1964, Cyclist
Katie Manwaring, 1990, YouTube Star
Katrin Berndt, 1993, YouTube Star
Kay Hanley, 1968, Rock Singer
Kristy McNichol, 1962, TV Actress
Kygo, 1991, DJ
Kyle Blanks, 1986, Baseball Player
Laura Wright, 1970, Soap Opera Actress
Lauryn Williams, 1983, Bobsledder
Lawrence Keyte, 1963, Pentathlete
Leanna Bartlett, 1985, Model
Lee Yong-dae, 1988, Badminton Player
Leilani Bishop, 1976, Model
Lena Lotzen, 1993, Soccer Player
Leo Kottke, 1945, Guitarist
Lesley Visser, 1953, Sportscaster
Lev Oborin, 1907, Pianist
Lola Falana, 1942, R&B Singer
Ludacris, 1977, Rapper
Lux Atkin, 2011, Family Member
Mack Strong, 1971, Football Player
Mackenzie Aladjem, 2001, TV Actress
Mackenzie Bourg, 1992, Pop Singer
Mahlatse Ralepelle, 1986, Rugby Player
Makenna Cowgill, 1998, Voice Actor
Margaret Berger, 1985, Pop Singer
Maria Bartiromo, 1967, Journalist
Maria Gabriela de Faria, 1992, TV Actress
Mark Klepaski, 1975, Bassist
Mark Rhodes, 1981, Pop Singer
Markos Moulitsas, 1971, Journalist
Martin Robertson, 1911, Poet
Marybeth Tinning, 1942, Criminal
Mateo Messi, 2015, Family Member
Matt DeFreitas, 1992, YouTube Star
Matt Desalvo, 1980, Baseball Player
Matt Mecham, 1983, YouTube Star
Matthew Gilmore, 1972, Cyclist
Matthew Stevens, 1977, Snooker Player
Megan Jade Mae Clark, 1994, Reality Star
Michael J. Willett, 1989, TV Actor
Michael Zullo, 1988, Soccer Player
Mickey Hart, 1943, Drummer
Mike Comrie, 1980, Hockey Player
Mike Moustakas, 1988, Baseball Player
Ming Lee, 1986, Instagram Star
Moby, 1965, Pop Singer
Murali Kartik, 1976, Cricket Player
Napoleon Dumo, 1973, Choreographer
Nazanin Mandi, 1986, Model
Nicholas Jabonero, 2002, TV Actor
O Henry, 1862, Novelist
Patty Wagstaff, 1951, Pilot
Paul Bear Bryant, 1913, Football Coach
Paul Heyman, 1965, Wrestler
Paul Mahern, 1963, Music Producer
Pearl Liaison, 1990, Reality Star
Philip Nelson, 1993, Football Player
Phillip Alford, 1948, Movie Actor
Pierre De Ronsard, 1524, Poet
Pierre Huyghe, 1962, Multimedia Artist
Pinto Colvig, 1892, Voice Actor
Preben Elkjaer Larsen, 1957, Soccer Player
Predrag Nikolić, 1960, Chess Player
Rafael Baca, 1989, Soccer Player
Rainis, 1865, Poet
Raja Sen, 1955, Director
Randolph Bresnik, 1967, Astronaut
RaphReal, 2001, YouTube Star
Red Hurley, 1949, Pop Singer
Reed Whittemore, 1919, Poet
Renee Geyer, 1953, Jazz Singer
Rhian Sugden, 1986, Model
Richard Ashcroft, 1971, Rock Singer
Robby Albarado, 1973, Horse Jockey
Robert Crippen, 1937, Astronaut
Robert Day, 1922, Director
Robert S. Kerr, 1896, Politician
Roxann Dawson, 1964, TV Actress
Ryann Donnelly, 1986, Pop Singer
Sally Green, 1961, Novelist
Sally Seltmann, 1975, Pop Singer
Samina Raja, 1961, Poet
Sarunas Sauka, 1958, Painter
Scott Patterson, 1958, TV Actor
Sean Salmon, 1977, MMA Fighter
Shaun Livingston, 1985, Basketball Player
Shelton Quarles, 1971, Football Player
Shorty Da Prince, 1989, TV Show Host
Shriya Saran, 1982, Movie Actress
SoMo, 1987, R&B Singer
Sophie Wright, 1995, TV Actress
Starlie Smith, 1993, Instagram Star
Steve Hofstetter, 1979, Comedian
Steven Guess, 2001, Vine Star
Sudhamoy Pramanick, 1884, Politician
Suk-chae Lee, 1945, Entrepreneur
Susan Gibney, 1961, TV Actress
Taja Kramberger, 1970, Poet
Tamara Brooks, 1941, Family Member
Taraji Henson, 1970, Movie Actress
Taraji Henson, 1970, Movie Actress
TC Steele, 1847, Painter
Ted Leo, 1970, Rock Singer
Tetsuo Kurata, 1968, TV Actor
Teuvo Teravainen, 1994, Hockey Player
Theodor W. Adorno, 1903, Philosopher
Thomas Parnell, 1679, Poet
Tiffany Shepis, 1979, Movie Actress
Tom Dreesen, 1942, Comedian
Tom Landry, 1924, Football Coach
Tomas Venclova, 1937, Poet
Tommy Shaw, 1953, Guitarist
Tony David, 1967, Darts Player
Tony Gilroy, 1956, Screenwriter
Tony Paige, 1953, TV Show Host
Tulip Joshi, 1979, Movie Actress
Tyler Hoechlin, 1987, TV Actor
Victor Wooten, 1964, Bassist
Victoria Jacoby, 1997, Gymnast
Virginia Madsen, 1961, Movie Actress
Vivi-Anne Stein, 2004, Dancer
Vuyo Dabula, 1976, Soap Opera Actor
William Holabird, 1854, Architect
William Mulholland, 1855, Engineer
William Nelson, 1984, Runner
William Winter, 1898, Chess Player
Ydnekatchew Tessema, 1921, Soccer Player
Yukiko Todoroki, 1917, Movie Actress
Yusuf Akgün, 1984, TV Actor
Zacc Milne, 1998, Dancer


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