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Preventing Divorce In A New Marriage: 5 Simple Ways

5 Simple Ways Of Preventing Divorce In A New Marriage

Getting married is a step in life that people yearn for. To some, this is the epitome of their happiness. Most women would consider getting married to be the best thing that ever happened to them. Undeniably, if you are settling down with the right person, there is no reason for you not to be happy. However, problems soon come up in marriage because people have got their imperfections. When this happens, most couples resort to divorcing each other. Those with children suffer from the pain of having their kids endure such bitter experiences. Let us take a closer look at practical ways of preventing divorce in a new marriage.


Others fear they would have wasted their lives with partners that were never serious with them. Well, one thing you ought to keep in mind is that; everything happens for a reason. As a result, you must consider your meeting to be a good thing altogether. After all, you earned some experience out of the relationship you have been through.


On that note, there is no need for you to go through life’s better experiences, such as divorce. Many have managed to savor their marriages. Hence, there is also a chance that you could make your dreams come true and share a blissful union with your partner.

Let us take a closer look at effective ways of preventing divorce in a new marriage and strengthening your marriage.


1. Take Ownership

Usually, couples enter into arguments because they disagree on a particular subject. For example, if your partner finds you in the wrong in a specific matter, this might be a source of contention. When you deny something you did wrong, it brings disagreements into the house. Therefore, why don’t you avoid all these by simply admitting that you are wrong?


It takes a lot of courage from your end to admit this. The best part is that it depicts maturity. Your marriage affair would be full of appreciation and contentment, knowing that your partner is honest and understanding. So, take courage and admit it. This will help in preventing divorce in a new marriage.

3. Make Time Where There Is No Time

The era we are living in is full of demands from all corners. One minute you are paying for this, and the next is paying for other bills. This keeps us busy throughout the entire day. Admittedly, you got married to each other with this knowledge in mind. You were sure both of you would be busy trying to make ends meet. Well, this is a good thing. Nevertheless, it does not mean that you should evade each other completely.

If you work in offices close to each other, organize lunch hour breaks where you get to sit down and talk. Remember, the fact that you are married does not mean that you know each other ultimately. NO! Love takes time to grow. Thus, you will be learning about each other as days go by. It is therefore advisable to find a time when there is no time in your marriage affair. This will help in preventing divorce in a new marriage.

3. Time For Sex

The last thing you should go through is living in a sexless relationship. Undeniably, this removes the feeling of being loved in the marriage affair. Questions will begin to brim in each partner’s mind on whether they are being cheated. Consequently, you should not give room for such thoughts. Have sex often in your marriage to dispel your partner’s fears regarding your reasons for being absent.

4. Small Things That Matter The Most

Surprisingly, your marriage relationship might fall apart not for significant reasons but for simply failing to recognize the small things that your partner expects from you. Most women hope their men notice what they wear or their appearance change. Hence, when men turn their eyes to unimportant matters, this leads to a contentious marriage. Whether you choose to compliment your lover on their change of hairstyle or fashion, this means a lot to them. Yes, it might be small, but they count on preventing divorce in a new marriage.

5. Watch Your Appearance

Perhaps one of the many reasons your partner fell in love is because you know how to groom yourself. Now that you have settled down together, does this mean you should let yourself loose? Certainly not! Spend some money on making sure that you look good. Remember, your spouse would be more than happy when you are admirable in the eyes of many. If women talk about your hot body or excellent taste in fashion, rest assured that your woman would be glad to be by your side for the rest of her life.

So, there you have it; these simple tactics will make a difference in your marriage affair. They might sound silly, but remember that the small things matter in any serious relationship. For those about to divorce, you should contemplate whether you have been practicing the tips mentioned above. If not, then the chances are that you are to be blamed for your marriage failure. Find a way to get back to your lover and promise to be your best partner. The above steps will help in preventing divorce in a new marriage.

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