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November 5 Famous Birthdays

November 5 Famous Birthdays

Famous people born on NOVEMBER 5 are a Scorpio who prefer to keep his or her private life private. When they are alone, they like to write but they will like to keep even this to themselves. Believe it or not, they have a lot of hidden talents. They are extremely creative and inventive.


However, they want to do what they want to do and how they want to do it. They don’t have a lot of friends but they keep them as close as their relatives. Typically, they have friends for different reasons. Some they will date as they  have to come to know a person before extending their trust and their heart to them. Both relationships are long kept as the November 5 famous celebrities don’t like change much.


The way their clothes fit is only because they work out and it shows. They’re in shape and they look good. Being the person they are, they can eat pretty much what they want and maintain status quo because of their activities and exercise program but normally, they stick to a healthy regime. They walk with confidence and pride.


Famous people born on NOVEMBER 5th are Scorpio who people find to be different. Mostly, this birthday personality is a not public person but rather a loner. They might like socializing but find very little time for it. They are busy but keep their plans to themselves. They find it difficult to make a career decision.

November 5 Famous Birthday Personality Traits

5 November Good Traits:

  • Spiritual
  • Wise
  • Dependable
  • Considerate
  • Supportive
  • Encouraging
  • Appreciative
  • Knowledgeable
  • Focused
  • Instinctive

5 November Bad Traits:

  • Uncompromising
  • Proud
  • Stressed
  • Argumentative
  • Rigid
  • Indifferent

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November 5 Famous Birthday Personalities

Aaron Turner, 1977, Rock Singer
Abedi Pele, 1964, Soccer Player
Aitana Sanchez-Gijon, 1968, Movie Actress
Alan Tilvern, 1918, Stage Actor
Albert Espinosa, 1973, Screenwriter
Alejandro Sabella, 1954, Soccer Coach
Alessandro Malaspina, 1754, Explorer
Alexa Chung, 1983, TV Show Host
Alexei Yashin, 1973, Hockey Player
Alphonso Taft, 1810, Politician
Alvin Drew, 1962, Astronaut
Alvin Gentry, 1954, Basketball Coach
Aman Hayer, 1977, World Music Singer
Amanda Daucher, 1994, YouTube Star
Andrea McArdle, 1963, Stage Actress
Andrew Hayden-smith, 1983, TV Actor
Angela Gossow, 1974, Metal Singer
Angelica Perez, 1991, YouTube Star
Angelo Moore, 1965, Saxophonist
Armin Shimerman, 1949, Movie Actor
Art Garfunkel, 1941, Folk Singer
Athiya Shetty, 1992, Movie Actress

Atul Gawande, 1965, Journalist
AuronPlay, 1988, YouTube Star
Austin Shin, 1984, eSports Player
Ben Swift, 1987, Cyclist
Bettina Bush, 1973, Voice Actor
Bill Walton, 1952, Basketball Player
BoA, 1986, Pop Singer
Bonnie Macbird, 1951, Screenwriter
Bora Todorovic, 1930, Movie Actor
Bryan Adams, 1959, Rock Singer
Bryan Swanson, 1980, Sportscaster
Bubba Watson, 1978, Golfer
CE Falk, 1987, Race Car Driver
Charles O. Hobaugh, 1961, Astronaut
Chester Turner, 1966, Criminal
Chip Hall, 1973, Screenwriter
Chittaranjan Das, 1870, Civil Rights Leader
Chris Addison, 1971, Comedian
Chris Garneau, 1982, Folk Singer
Chris Klemens, 1993, YouTube Star
Chris Robinson, 1938, Soap Opera Actor
november 5 famous birthdaysChristopher Flynn, 1987, Soccer Player
Christopher Wood, 1935, Screenwriter
Clifford Irving, 1930, Autobiographer
Corin Nemec, 1971, TV Actor
Cyril Lignac, 1977, Chef
Dado Prso, 1974, Soccer Player
Daisy Dares You, 1993, Pop Singer
Daisy Michelle, 1994, YouTube Star
Dallas Holm, 1948, Rock Singer
Dana Jacobson, 1971, Sportscaster
Daniel Todd Gilbert, 1957, Teacher
Daniella Westbrook, 1973, TV Actress
Danniella Westbrook, 1973, Soap Opera Actress
Daryl Hayott, 1960, Drummer
David Pipe, 1983, Soccer Player
David Suazo, 1979, Soccer Player
David Unger, 1950, Novelist
Derrick Todd Lee, 1968, Criminal
Devyn Bess, 1997, YouNow Star
Dillon Henderson, 98, YouTube Star

Douglas Castle, 1991, Guitarist
Eddie Pepitone, 1958, TV Actor
Eilish O’Carroll, 1952, TV Actress
Elizabeth Kemp, 1958, TV Actress
Elizabeth Rice, 1985, TV Actress
Elke Sommer, 1940, Movie Actress
Ella Wheeler Wilcox, 1850, Poet
Emily Louise, 1997, YouTube Star
Enchong Dee, 1988, TV Actor
Erin Brady, 1987, Model
Eugene V. Debs, 1855, Civil Rights Leader
Eva Gonzalez, 1980, Model
Famke Janssen, 1964, Movie Actress
Fay-Ann Lyons, 1980, World Music Singer
Frederica Wilson, 1942, Politician
Gabby Concepcion, 1964, Movie Actor
Gary Fisher, 1950, Cyclist
Geoffrey Tozer, 1954, Pianist
George O’Connor, 1973, Comic Book Artist

Georges Cziffra, 1921, Pianist
Georges Khabbaz, 1974, Movie Actor
Gina Mastrogiacomo, 1961, Movie Actress
Gram Parsons, 1946, Songwriter
Greasy Neale, 1891, Football Coach
Han Ji-min, 1982, TV Actress
Harley Streten, 1991, DJ
Harold McNair, 1931, Saxophonist
Harris Yulin, 1937, Movie Actor
Herb Edelman, 1933, TV Actor
Herman Brood, 1946, Painter
Howard McGillin, 1953, Stage Actor
Ian Mahinmi, 1986, Basketball Player
Ida Tarbell, 1857, Journalist
Ike Turner, 1931, R&B Singer
Jack Chiate, 1998,
Jackie Traina, 1991, Softball Player
Jackson Owens, 1997, Pop Singer
Jacqueline Auriol, 1917, Pilot
Jamie Madrox, 1975, Rapper
Janis Dalins, 1904, Race Walker
Jason Holder, 1991, Cricket Player
Jason Kelce, 1987, Football Player
Javy Lopez, 1970, Baseball Player
Jay S Walker, 1955, Entrepreneur
JD Souther, 1945, Rock Singer
Jean-Pierre Papin, 1963, Soccer Player
Jeff Doucette, 1947, TV Actor
Jeff Watson, 1956, Guitarist
Jeffrey Lyons, 1944, TV Show Host
Jeffrey Sachs, 1954, Teacher
Jerry Stackhouse, 1974, Basketball Player
Jessie Ralph, 1864, Movie Actress
Joe Campbell, 1935, Golfer
Joe Dassin, 1938, Pop Singer
Joel McCrea, 1905, Movie Actor
John McGiver, 1913, Movie Actor
Johnny Damon, 1973, Baseball Player
Jon Gray, 1991, Baseball Player
Jon-Erik Hexum, 1957, TV Actor
Jonny Greenwood, 1971, Guitarist
Joseph C. O’Mahoney, 1884, Politician
Josie Canseco, 1996, Model
Joyce Maynard, 1953, Non-Fiction Author
Judy Reyes, 1967, TV Actress
Justin Tomlinson, 1976, Politician
Kalia Prescott, 1997, Model
Karl Prantl, 1923, Sculptor
Kasper Schmeichel, 1986, Soccer Player
Kellen Winslow, 1957, Football Player
Kevin Jonas, 1987, Guitarist
Kimmi Smiles, 1991, YouTube Star
Kira Muratova, 1934, Director
Kris Jenner, 1955, Reality Star
Kseniya Sobchak, 1981, TV Show Host
Lance Savali, 1991, Dancer
Landon Gimenez, 2003, TV Actor
Laura Hohmann, 1992, Instagram Star
Leonardo Nam, 1979, Movie Actor
Lester Piggott, 1935, Horse Jockey
Lisa Scott-Lee, 1975, Pop Singer
Liz White, 1979, TV Actress
Lpshannah, 1997, YouTube Star
Luke Hemsworth, 1981, TV Actor
Madison McLaughlin, 1995, TV Actress
Malcolm Naden, 1973, Criminal
Marco Rojas, 1991, Soccer Player
Marco Verratti, 1992, Soccer Player
Marion Caunter, 1980, TV Show Host
Martin Chambi, 1891, Photographer
Matt Roberts, 1977, Sportscaster
Megan Hauserman, 1981, Reality Star
Melissa Flores, 1988, YouTube Star
Meredith Foster, 1995, YouTube Star
Michael Gaston, 1962, TV Actor
Miguel Maestre, 1979, Chef
Mike Score, 1957, Pop Singer
Mimi Goodwin, 1976, Blogger
Montanna Thompson, 1988, TV Actress
Mustafa Metwalli, 1949, Movie Actor
Myron Floren, 1919, Accordionist
Natalie Schafer, 1900, TV Actress
Neil Cowley, 1972, Pianist
Nestor Serrano, 1955, Movie Actor
Nick Bateman, 1967, Reality Star
Nick Folk, 1984, Football Player
Nick Kasa, 1990, Football Player
Odell Beckham Jr., 1992, Football Player
OJ Mayo, 1987, Basketball Player
Pat Kilbane, 1969, TV Actor
Patricia Harty, 1941, TV Actress
Peter Gamble, 1793, War Hero
Peter Hammill, 1948, Rock Singer
Peter Noone, 1947, Rock Singer
Phoenix Ray, 1995, Reality Star
Pia Muehlenbeck, 1991, Instagram Star
Raymond Duchamp-Villon, 1876, Sculptor
Raymond Loewy, 1893, Entrepreneur
Reed Dollaz, 1986, Rapper
Regulo Caro, 1981, World Music Singer
Rene Lavan, 1968, TV Actor
Ricardo Miro, 1883, Poet
Richard Annand, 1914, War Hero
Rithvik Dhanjani, 1988, Soap Opera Actor
Rob Swire, 1982, Music Producer
Robert Duncan, 1952, Novelist
Robert Patrick, 1958, Movie Actor
Romi Dames, 1979, TV Actress
Roy Rogers, 1911, Country Singer
Ryan Adams, 1974, Rock Singer
Ryan Thomas, 1984, MMA Fighter
Sahil Khan, 1976, Movie Actor
Sal Vulcano, 1976, Comedian
Sam Rockwell, 1968, Movie Actor
Sam Shepard, 1943, Playwright
Sandy McDonald, 1937, Religious Leader
Scram Jones, 1977, DJ
Sebastian Arcelus, 1976, Voice Actor
Seth Gilliam, 1968, TV Actor
Shanae Thomas, 1990, Reality Star
Simon Achidi Achu, 1934, Politician
Simon Nessman, 1989, Model
Sl1pg8r, 1976, YouTube Star
SodaKite, 1993, Twitch Star
Sophia May, 1982, R&B Singer
Sophie Barker, 1971, Pop Singer
Spurgeon Seewald, 2015, Family Member
Steve Pool, 1953, TV Show Host
Steven Slocum, 1979, Wrestler
Susana Chavez, 1974, Poet
Taciele Alcolea, 1990, Blogger
Taine Randell, 1974, Rugby Player
Tamzin Outhwaite, 1970, Soap Opera Actress
Tatum O’Neal, 1963, Movie Actress
Ted Wong, 1937, MMA Fighter
Theonylo Cyrus, 1998, Pop Singer
Tilda Swinton, 1960, Movie Actress
Tobias Enstrom, 1984, Hockey Player
Todd Collins, 1971, Football Player
Trey Lyles, 1995, Basketball Player
Tyler Hughes, 1980, Soccer Player
Uwe Seeler, 1936, Soccer Player
Victoria Moors, 1996, Gymnast
Virat Kohli, 1988, Cricket Player
Vivien Leigh, 1913, Movie Actress
Washington Allston, 1779, Painter
Will Durant, 1885, Novelist
Will H. Hays, 1879, Business Executive
xChocoBars, 1994, Twitch Star
Yael Cohen, 1986, Entrepreneur
Yair Lapid, 1963, Politician
Yoshiyuki Tomino, 1941, TV Producer
Yvonne Van Vlerken, 1968, Triathlete
Zak Henri, 1994, Movie Actor


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