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November 4 Famous Birthdays

November 4 Famous Birthdays

Famous people born November 4 are easy going Scorpio. They don’t like to complicate things so they take people and situations as they come. Hopefully, they can make them better. Generally, they prefer their own company as opposed to being with a group of people all of the time. When they are down in the dumps, they deal with it in their own way.


The famous celebrity born on November 4 is self-reliant, observant, and fervent. When they’re in the company of others, they usually take over the conversation. They have so much to say in what seems like so little time.


However, they can be totally without tact sometimes and people’s feelings are hurt because of it. This really doesn’t bother them as they could seemingly care less of what people think or say about them. Teaching could be a great career for them. They know how to make people understand the topics in which they speak about which makes them an awesome communicator.


Famous people born on November 4th could be a natural at sales but they can be blunt and hurtful. They enjoy the simpler things in life and usually finish what they start. As a Scorpio, they are good at what they do. However, they could take better care of themselves.

November 4 Famous Birthday Personality Traits

4 November Good Traits:

  • Traditional
  • Likeable
  • Understanding
  • Friendly
  • Responsible
  • Fascinating
  • Innovative
  • Tenacious
  • Sensitive
  • Conscientious
  • Flexible

4 November Bad Traits:

  • Rebellious
  • Misunderstood
  • Laid-Back
  • Overactive
  • Stubborn
  • Indecisive

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November 4 Famous Birthday Personalities

Adelen, 1996, Pop Singer
Adrian Iaies, 1960, Composer
Ainan Tasneem, 1992, YouTube Star
AJ DeLaGarza, 1987, Soccer Player
AlabasterSlim, 1980, YouTube Star
Alexz Johnson, 1986, Movie Actress
Alfred Lee Loomis, 1887, Scientist
Alton Adams, 1889, Composer
Amy B Smith, 1962, Teacher
Anders Selinder, 1806, Dancer
Andrew Gachkar, 1988, Football Player
Andrus Peat, 1993, Football Player
Andrzej Fonfara, 1987, Boxer
Andy Butler, 1983, Soccer Player
Angela Kelly, 1967, Fashion Designer
Angelica Panganiban, 1986, Movie Actress
Annabelle Gurwitch, 1961, TV Show Host
Anne Sweeney, 1957, Entrepreneur
Anthony Ruivivar, 1970, TV Actor
Anthony Sly, 1970, Punk Singer

Art Carney, 1918, TV Actor
Ava Smith, 1988, Model
BB Bronx, 1997, Rapper
Bea Binene, 1997, TV Actress
Bee Vang, 1991, Movie Actor
Ben Sharpsteen, 1895, Director
Ben Smith, 1976, Blogger
Bennie Benjamin, 1907, Songwriter
Bernard Francis Law, 1931, Religious Leader
Bethenny Frankel, 1970, Reality Star
Bob Considine, 1906, Novelist
Bob Douglas, 1884, Basketball Player
Bobby Wallace, 1873, Baseball Player
Brandon Grupe, 1992, YouTube Star
Brandon LaFell, 1986, Football Player
Brendan Green, 1986, Biathlete
Bruno Junqueira, 1976, Race Car Driver
Bryan Prince, 1978, Baseball Player
C Odumegwu Ojukwu, 1933, World Leader
november 4 famous birthdaysCaitlin Edwards, 2000, Family Member
Cameron Mitchell, 1918, Movie Actor
Carl Steven, 1974, TV Actor
Carl Tausig, 1841, Pianist
Carlos Antonio Lopez, 1792, World Leader
Carlos Baerga, 1968, Baseball Player
Carlos Gutierrez, 1953, Politician
CBJ Snyder, 1860, Architect
Cedric Bixler-Zavala, 1974, R&B Singer
Cesar Evora, 1959, Soap Opera Actor
Charles Despiau, 1874, Sculptor
Charles Frazier, 1950, Novelist
Charles Gwynn, 1870, Non-Fiction Author
Charles Kao, 1933, Scientist
Chitral Somapala, 1966, Metal Singer
Chris Davis, 1990, Football Player
Chris Difford, 1954, Pop Singer
Chris Martin, 1988, Soccer Player
Christian Acosta, 1987, World Music Singer

Christian Ramos, 1988, Soccer Player
Chrysan Lee, 1994, Instagram Star
Chuck Scarborough, 1943, TV Show Host
Ciro Alegria, 1909, Journalist
Cleo., 1988, Rapper
Courtney Thompson, 1984, Volleyball Player
Curtis Stone, 1975, Chef
Curtis Williams, 1990, Rapper
Daisy Eagan, 1979, Stage Actress
Danh Monica, 1986, Movie Actress
Daniella Mason, 1988, Pop Singer
Danielle Mansutti, 1994, YouTube Star
Darcy Rose Byrnes, 1998, Soap Opera Actress
Daron Hagen, 1961, Composer
David Mead, 1988, Rugby Player
Dejan Cukic, 1959, Pop Singer
Delbert McClinton, 1940, Blues Singer
Devin Hester, 1982, Football Player
Dez Bryant, 1988, Football Player
Dick Groat, 1930, Baseball Player
Dick Macpherson, 1930, Football Coach

Dieudonne Costes, 1892, Pilot
Doris Roberts, 1925, TV Actress
Draga Matkovic, 1907, Pianist
Dustin Brown, 1984, Hockey Player
Edward Cline, 1891, Screenwriter
Edward Dannreuther, 1844, Pianist
Eli Mattson, 1981, Pop Singer
Elliot Moss, 1993, DJ
Emme Rylan, 1980, Soap Opera Actress
Eric Karros, 1967, Baseball Player
Eugene Sledge, 1923, Novelist
Eugenio Lopez III, 1952, Business Executive
Eugenio Torre, 1951, Chess Player
Fivel Stewart, 1996, Movie Actress
Frank Graves Jr., 1923, Politician
Freddy Cricien, 1976, Punk Singer
Gabby Frost, 1997, Entrepreneur
Gaby Deslys, 1881, Dancer
Gary Cowling, 1961, Stage Actor
Gig Young, 1913, Movie Actor
Gregory Porter, 1971, Jazz Singer
Guy Martin, 1981, Motorcycle Racer
Hannah Rogers, 1993, Softball Player
Hannah Weiner, 1928, Poet
Harry Ferguson, 1884, Engineer
Harry M. Woods, 1896, Composer
Heather Tom, 1975, Soap Opera Actress
Herb Zarrow, 1925, Magician
Ian Perry, 1995, Vine Star
India Baby, 1983, Model
Isaac Thomas, 1784, Politician
Isaac Waddington, 1999, Pop Singer
James Earle Fraser, 1876, Sculptor
James Green, 1944, Teacher
James Honeyman-Scott, 1956, Guitarist
Jamie Moore, 1978, Boxer
Jamie Wong, 1986, Cyclist
Jarrett Boykin, 1989, Football Player
Jasmeet Singh, 1989, YouTube Star
Jay Jackson, 1918, TV Show Host
Jean Schwartz, 1878, Songwriter
Jean-Luc Bilodeau, 1990, TV Actor
Jean-Pierre Bemba, 1962, Politician
Jeff Lorber, 1952, Composer
Jeff Probst, 1962, Game Show Host
Jennia Fredrique, 1991, TV Actress
Jerome Najee Rasheed, 1957, Jazz Singer
Jerry Collins, 1980, Rugby Player
Jerry Sadowitz, 1961, Magician
Jessa Duggar, 1992, Reality Star
Jesse Camp, 1979, TV Show Host
Jesse Driskill, 1824, Entrepreneur
Jesse McClure, 1986, Reality Star
Jessica Rabbit, 1987, Model
Joe Sullivan, 1906, Pianist
John Basilone, 1916, War Hero
John Callen, 1946, Movie Actor
Jon Baitz, 1961, Screenwriter
Jonathan Leakey, 1940, Entrepreneur
Jordan Rudess, 1956, Pianist
Jordan Smith, 1993, Pop Singer
Josh Hartzler, 1970, Family Member
Julia Engel, 1990, Blogger
Julissa Gomez, 1972, Gymnast
Karis Jagger, 1970, Family Member
Karlheinz Steinmuller, 1950, Novelist
Kate Cary, 1967, Novelist
Kate Reid, 1930, Movie Actress
Kathy Griffin, 1960, Comedian
Kavana, 1977, Pop Singer
Kazys Binkis, 1893, Poet
Ken Kirzinger, 1959, Movie Actor
Kiana Madeira, 1992, TV Actress
Kiersten Warren, 1965, TV Actress
Kim Ga Young, 1988, eSports Player
Kristin Cast, 1986, Young Adult Author
Kurt Krakowian, 1964, TV Actor
Lani Tupu, 1955, TV Actor
Larissa Aurora, 1984, Reality Star
Larry Bunker, 1928, Drummer
Laura Bush, 1946, Political Wife
Laura Geitz, 1987, Netball Player
Laura Stylez, 1993, Radio Host
Lena Zavaroni, 1963, Pop Singer
Lennox Hopkins, 2003, Gymnast
Lenny De la Rosa, 1983, Soap Opera Actor
Leslie Newman, 1952, Screenwriter
Levi Kreis, 1981, Stage Actor
Loretta Swit, 1937, TV Actress
Louise Redknapp, 1974, Pop Singer
Luis Figo, 1972, Soccer Player
Lyna Perez, 1992, Model
makeupD0LL, 1987, YouTube Star
Malandra Burrows, 1965, Soap Opera Actress
Malandra Burrows, 1965, Soap Opera Actress
Malena Ernman, 1970, Opera Singer
Marcell Jansen, 1985, Soccer Player
Markie Post, 1950, TV Actress
Martin Balsam, 1919, Movie Actor
Matt Sloan, 1974, Director
Matthew McConaughey, 1969, Movie Actor
Mayoli Sena, 1989, Model
Meadow Walker, 1998, Family Member
Michael Christian Martinez, 1996, Figure Skater
Michael Greene, 1933, TV Actor
Michel Therrien, 1963, Hockey Coach
Michelle Madrigal, 1987, TV Actress
Mike Fagan, 1980, Bowler
Mikki Moore, 1975, Basketball Player
Milind Soman, 1965, Movie Actor
Mirai Yamamoto, 1974, Movie Actress
Mohamed Hamaki, 1975, World Music Singer
Myles Pollard, 1972, TV Actor
MyNamesChai, 1993, YouTube Star
Nannie Doss, 1905, Criminal
Natalie Pérez, 1986, Soap Opera Actress
Nick Toon, 1988, Football Player
Nigel Worthington, 1961, Soccer Coach
Noah Yap, 1993, Movie Actor
Noam Pitlik, 1932, Director
Olivia Taylor Dudley, 1985, TV Actress
Orlando Pace, 1975, Football Player
Patricia Bath, 1942, Inventor
Paul Vance, 1929, Film Producer
Perry Moore, 1971, Novelist
Phoebe Dahl, 1988, Fashion Designer
PIEGUYRULZ, 1993, YouTube Star
Pope Tawadros II, 1952, Religious Leader
PythonGB, 1994, YouTube Star
Rachel Reynolds, 1982, Model
Ralph Macchio, 1961, Movie Actor
Raquel Santiago, 1991, Reality Star
Rick Green, 1953, Comedian
Rick Yancey, 1962, Novelist
Ritwik Ghatak, 1925, Director
Robert Mapplethorpe, 1946, Photographer
Rosario Flores, 1963, Pop Singer
Ruslan Sirota, 1980, Pianist
Ruth Handler, 1916, Entrepreneur
Ryan Lamont, 1993, YouTube Star
Ryan Nemeth, 1984, Wrestler
Saer Sene, 1986, Soccer Player
Sam Wagstaff, 1921,
Samantha Smith, 1969, TV Actress
Sean Combs, 1969, Rapper
Sergio Sendel, 1966, TV Actor
Shakuntala Devi, 1929, Novelist
Shams al-Baroudi, 1940, Movie Actress
Sharon Irving, 1986, Soul Singer
Shaun Williamson, 1965, TV Actor
Sheikh Akbar, 1993, YouTube Star
So Ji-sub, 1977, TV Actor
Steph Davis, 1973, Rock Climber
Stephen Johnson Field, 1816, Supreme Court Justice
Sterling North, 1906, Children’s Author
Steve Mariucci, 1955, Football Coach
Steven Ogg, 1973, Voice Actor
Stevie Wynne Levine, 1987, YouTube Star
Tabu, 1970, Movie Actress
Thomas Johnson, 1732, Supreme Court Justice
Tiffany Giardina, 1993, Pop Singer
Tim Douwsma, 1987, Pop Singer
Tito Francona, 1933, Baseball Player
Tom Crabtree, 1985, Football Player
Tommy Abbott, 1934, Dancer
Tommy Leach, 1877, Baseball Player
Tommy Lee Sparta, 1987, DJ
Tommy Makem, 1932, Folk Singer
Tony Abbott, 1957, World Leader
TOP, 1987, Rapper
Traian Basescu, 1951, World Leader
Travis Van Winkle, 1982, Movie Actor
Trishelle Cannatella, 1979, Reality Star
Troy McLawhorn, 1968, Guitarist
Ty Alexander, 1976, Blogger
Victoria Leigh Soto, 1985, Teacher
Vince Wilfork, 1981, Football Player
Walter Cronkite, 1916, News Anchor
Wang Shu, 1963, Architect
Warren Christie, 1975, TV Actor
Wayne Static, 1965, Metal Singer
Will Rogers, 1879, Movie Actor
William Barker Cushing, 1842, War Hero
William III, 1650, Royalty
Wylie Phenix, 1995, YouTube Star
Ximena Cordoba, 1979, TV Actress


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