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November 21 Famous Birthdays

November 21 Famous Birthdays

Famous people born on NOVEMBER 21 are Scorpio who should not be taken for granted. They are one warm, and affectionate individual who is serious about life, relationships and people. These are some of the qualities that make them a great friend and lover.


What could be one of their shortcomings is that they are blunt and they shoot straight from the hip. They usually don’t sugar coat anything when they need to be brutally honest with someone. With this in mind and their career, famous celebrities born on November 21 could easily be a top attorney.


Famous people born on NOVEMBER 21 embrace a challenge only because it makes them better as a person, professionally and privately. With that being said, they make people feel a certain way… this could be good or bad. They normally don’t let their guard down. It’s not that easy to get to know this Scorpio as he or she has had a few disappointments in life.


When it comes to their health, they could take more time out for themselves. A good start is to drink more water and find a way to get some exercise in. This could be beneficial to them in the long run.

Famous people born on NOVEMBER 21st should not be taken for granted. They may seem like a push-over but that could not be further from the truth. On the other hand, they are a lot of fun. As a downfall, they become attached to people too quickly and it is scary.

November 21 Famous Birthday Personality Traits

21 November Good Traits:

  • Loyal
  • Communicative
  • Energetic
  • Admired
  • Playful
  • Courageous
  • Emotional
  • Demonstrative
  • Spiritual
  • Intense
  • Versatile

21 November Bad Traits:

  • Rebellious
  • Over Sensitive
  • Vacillating
  • Impulsive
  • Indulgent
  • Extravagant

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November 21 Famous Birthday Personalities

Aaron Solowoniuk, 1974, Drummer
Abdul al-Aziz ibn Baz, 1910, Religious Leader
Afa Anoa’i, 1942, Wrestler
Al Matthews, 1942, Movie Actor
Alea O’Shea, 2000, TV Actress
Aleksandar Vasoski, 1979, Soccer Player
Alex James, 1968, Bassist
Alex Makhlouf, 1989, Music Producer
Alex Tanguay, 1979, Hockey Player
Alexander Siddig, 1965, TV Actor
Alvaro Bautista, 1984, Motorcycle Racer
Andelko Duricic, 1980, Soccer Player
Andreas Gabalier, 1984, Folk Singer
Andrew Caddick, 1968, Cricket Player
Andrew Wheating, 1987, Runner
Ann Lowe, 1898, Fashion Designer
Anna Faith, 1995, Model
Anthony G. Brown, 1961, Politician
Antoine Roussel, 1989, Hockey Player
Antonio Tarver, 1968, Boxer
Aubrey Devine, 1897, Football Player
Audrey Gallagher, 1969, Pop Singer

Ben Bishop, 1986, Hockey Player
Benjamin Paul Blood, 1832, Poet
Bill Oberst Jr., 1965, Movie Actor
Billie Mae Richards, 1921, Voice Actor
Bjork, 1965, Pop Singer
Blake McGrath, 1983, Dancer
Bobby Mathews, 1851, Baseball Player
Bobby Warshaw, 1988, Soccer Player
Bobby Williams, 1958, Football Coach
Bret Stephens, 1973, Journalist
Brian McNamara, 1960, TV Actor
Brian Ritchie, 1960, Bassist
Brie Bella, 1983, Wrestler
Brook Kerr, 1973, Soap Opera Actress
Brooke Brewer, 1894, Football Player
Bryan Procter, 1787, Poet
Bryce Cass, 1997, Movie Actor
Brynn Elbells, 2000, Family Member
Callum Higgins, 1999, YouNow Star
Cameran Eubanks, 1983, Reality Star
Carlin Isles, 1989, Rugby Player
Carly Rae Jepsen, 1985, Pop Singer
Carmen Wyler, 2000, YouTube Star
Cedric Maxwell, 1955, Basketball Player
Charles Dunstone, 1964, Entrepreneur
Charles Kleibacker, 1921, Fashion Designer
Charlie Bennett, 1854, Baseball Player
Cherie Johnson, 1975, TV Actress
Cherry Jones, 1956, TV Actress
Chris Bourne, 1992, Bassist
Chris Moneymaker, 1975,
Chris O’Neill, 1990, YouTube Star
Christopher Tolkien, 1924, Family Member
Clarence Tinker, 1887, War Hero
Coleman Hawkins, 1904, Saxophonist
Colleen Evans, 1986, YouTube Star
Columbano Bordalo Pinheiro, 1857, Painter
Conor Maynard, 1992, Pop Singer
Corinne Griffith, 1894, Movie Actress
Cory Elder, 1988, Bassist
Cynthia Rhodes, 1956, Movie Actress

Dahlia Salem, 1971, Soap Opera Actress
Daniel Whiston, 1976, Reality Star
Danny Kanell, 1973, Football Player
Danny Murillo, 1985, Rapper
Darvin Chavez, 1989, Soccer Player
David Porter, 1941, Soul Singer
David Tua, 1972, Boxer
Davido, 1992, Pop Singer
Davido, 1992, Pop Singer
Deborah Shelton, 1948, TV Actress
Delfino Benitez, 1992, MMA Fighter
Dick Durbin, 1944, Politician
DJ Hannah, 1990, DJ
DJ Promote, 1978, DJ
Dr John, 1940, Jazz Singer
Earl Monroe, 1944, Basketball Player
Eimuntas Nekrosius, 1952, Director
Ejay Falcon, 1989, TV Actor
Elaine Yiu, 1980, TV Actress
Eleanor Powell, 1912, Dancer
Elena Myers, 1993, Race Car Driver

Elizabeth George Speare, 1908, Children’s Author
Elizabeth Ruiz, 1991, Instagram Star
Ella Elbells, 2000, YouTube Star
Emma Stephens, 1985, TV Actress
Emmanuel Mayuka, 1990, Soccer Player
Enrique Manica, 1987, Reality Star
Erlend Oye, 1975, Pop Singer
Fabian Delph, 1989, Soccer Player
Foster William Hewitt, 1902, Sportscaster
Francisco Tárrega, 1852, Composer
Francisco Tárrega, 1852, Composer
George Zimmer, 1948, Entrepreneur
Gert Fredriksson, 1919, Canoer
Glenn Ridge, 1955, TV Show Host
Goldie Hawn, 1945, Movie Actress
Goran Trajkoski, 1963, Punk Singer
Guneet Monga, 1983, Film Producer
Gus Trikonis, 1937, Screenwriter
Guy Wilson, 1985, TV Actor
Hank Blalock, 1980, Baseball Player
Harold Lowe, 1882, War Hero
Harold Ramis, 1944, Director
Harry Bunn, 1992, Soccer Player
Helen Richardson, 1939, Movie Actress
Henry Hartsfield, 1933, Astronaut
Hetty Green, 1834, Entrepreneur
Hope Smith, 1984, Model
HyperMole, 1980, YouTube Star
Ian Goodison, 1972, Soccer Player
Idil Biret, 1941, Pianist
Ignazio Visco, 1949, Economist
Ines Sastre, 1973, Model
Ingrid Pitt, 1937, Movie Actress
Isaac Bashevis Singer, 1902, Novelist
Jakob Salvati, 2003, Movie Actor
James Vanderbilt, 1975, Screenwriter
Jean Shepard, 1933, Country Singer
Jena Malone, 1984, Movie Actress
Jeremy Frost, 1996, YouTube Star
Jerry Williams, 1995, Pop Singer
Jesus Navas, 1985, Soccer Player
Jim Ringo, 1931, Football Player
Jimmi Simpson, 1975, TV Actor
Jimmy Hayes, 1989, Hockey Player
Joao Domingos Pinto, 1961, Soccer Player
John Hackleman, 1959, Entrepreneur
John Lucas III, 1982, Basketball Player
John Padgett, 1860, Cricket Player
John Zeiler, 1982, Hockey Player
Johnnie Beattie, 1985, Rugby Player
Johnny Dang, 1974, Entrepreneur
Jonas Kazlauskas, 1954, Basketball Coach
Jonny Magallon, 1981, Soccer Player
Jordan Lloyd, 1986, Reality Star
Jordan Warkol, 1986, Movie Actor
Jordan Wong, 1994, YouTube Star
Joseph Campanella, 1924, TV Actor
Juliet Mills, 1941, TV Actress
Justin Langer, 1970, Cricket Player
Justin Tucker, 1989, Football Player
Karen Davila, 1970, TV Show Host
Karen Rolton, 1974, Cricket Player
Karla Estrada, 1976, TV Actress
Kasey Kahl, 1986, Reality Star
Keir Pearson, 1966, Screenwriter
Ken Block, 1967, Race Car Driver
Ken Griffey Jr., 1969, Baseball Player
Kent Boyd, 1994, TV Actor
Kevin Sousa, 1974, Chef
Kyle Khou, 1991, Pop Singer
Kyle Whittingham, 1959, Football Coach
La Demi, 1994, YouTube Star
Larry Sanders, 1988, Basketball Player
LaTasha Lee, 1984, Soul Singer
Laurence Luckinbill, 1934, Movie Actor
Leonardo Gonzalez, 1980, Soccer Player
Levi Jones, 1997, Bassist
Lewis Morgan, 1818, Scientist
Lindsey Haun, 1984, TV Actress
Lissie, 1982, Folk Singer
Liz Mace, 1992, Pop Singer
Liza Tarbuck, 1964, TV Show Host
Logan Jones, 1997, Family Member
Loren Ridinger, 1968, Entrepreneur
Lorna Luft, 1952, Stage Actress
Lucy Meacock, 1959, TV Show Host
Lyca Gairanod, 2004, World Music Singer
Maggie Eckford, 1985, Pop Singer
Marcelo Cordoba, 1973, Soap Opera Actor
Marilyn French, 1929, Novelist
Marlo Thomas, 1937, Stage Actress
MarQuis Trill, 1991, YouTube Star
Marvin Cortes, 1992, Instagram Star
Mary Johnston, 1870, Novelist
Matt Best, 1990, Drummer
Matt Scherer, 1983, Runner
Matthew Sabia, 1995, YouTube Star
Mau5Craft, 1997, YouTube Star
Max Miller, 1894, Comedian
Maya Gutowski, 1998, Family Member
Megan Mace, 1992, Pop Singer
Megan Mace, 1992, Pop Singer
Melonie Mac, 1986, YouTube Star
Michael Batiste, 1977, Basketball Player
Michael Chapman, 1935, Cinematographer
Michael Strahan, 1971, Football Player
Michel Suleiman, 1948, World Leader
Microdot, 1993, Rapper
Mighty Neicy, 2002, Vine Star
Mike Loftus, 1985, Skateboarder
Moises Kaufman, 1963, Playwright
Nadia Buari, 1982, Movie Actress
Neha Sharma, 1987, Movie Actress
Nick Kolcheff, 1990, Twitch Star
Nickolas Grace, 1947, TV Actor
Nicollette Sheridan, 1963, TV Actress
Nikki Bella, 1983, Wrestler
Niko Pueringer, 1985, YouTube Star
Nitraa B, 1989, YouTube Star
Olden Polynice, 1964, Basketball Player
Paul Fenech, 1972, TV Actor
Peter Koppes, 1955, Guitarist
Peter Vermes, 1966, Soccer Player
Peyton Sanders, 1994, Rapper
Pooky Quesnel, 1965, TV Actress
Pope Benedict XV, 1854, Religious Leader
Quintin Berry, 1984, Baseball Player
R Budd Dwyer, 1939, Politician
Rain Phoenix, 1972, Family Member
Ralph Meeker, 1920, Stage Actor
Raxstar, 1983, Rapper
Reggie Lewis, 1965, Basketball Player
Rene Magritte, 1898, Painter
Rene-Robert Cavelier, 1643, Explorer
Rib Hillis, 1971, Model
Richard Marcinko, 1940, War Hero
Rickson Gracie, 1958, MMA Fighter
Risa Dressler, 1976, YouTube Star
Robert De la Salle, 1643, Explorer
Rocco Pagliarulo, 1994, Rapper
Roman GianArthur, 1988, Soul Singer
Roy Boulting, 1913, Director
Ruma Guha Thakurta, 1934, Composer
Ryan Starr, 1982, Pop Singer
Sam Palladio, 1986, TV Actor
Samantha Bailey, 2001, Soap Opera Actress
Samuel Harwood, 1996, Model
Sarah Reasons, 2000, Dancer
Sarah Simmons, 1990, Pop Singer
Scotland Geurink, 2000, Instagram Star
Scott Mantz, 1968, TV Producer
Sean Schemmel, 1968, Voice Actor
Shane Douglas, 1964, Wrestler
Sid Luckman, 1916, Football Player
Simon Fisher Turner, 1954, Pop Singer
Simplynessa15, 1996, YouTube Star
Stan Musial, 1920, Baseball Player
Steven Curtis Chapman, 1962, Rock Singer
Ted Ray, 1905, Comedian
Terry Adlington, 1935, Soccer Player
Thomas Biddle, 1790, War Hero
Thomas Mars, 1976, Rock Singer
Tim Lambesis, 1980, Metal Singer
Tina Brown, 1953, Journalist
Tina Howe, 1937, Playwright
Tobias Sammet, 1977, Rock Singer
Todd Lodwick, 1976, Skier
Tom Rooney, 1970, Politician
Tommy Craig, 1950, Soccer Coach
Tommy Pope, 1983, Comedian
Tony Panterra, 1966, Family Member
Troy Aikman, 1966, Football Player
Victor Chang, 1936, Doctor
Victoria Princess Royal, 1840, Political Wife
Vincenzo Iaquinta, 1979, Soccer Player
Vivian Blaine, 1921, Stage Actress
Voltaire, 1694, Historian
Warren Hacker, 1924, Baseball Player
Werknesh Kidane, 1981, Runner
Will Buckley, 1989, Soccer Player
William Beaumont, 1785, Scientist
William Wakefield Baum, 1926, Religious Leader
Yasmine Al Massri, 1978, TV Actress
Yonas, 1987, Rapper
Yousry Nasrallah, 1952, Director
Yung Gleesh, 1989, Rapper
Yvette Clarke, 1964, Politician


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