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Do Not Date A Cop: Why A Policeman Might Not Be Your True Love

Date Or Not Date A Cop or Policeman..Or Is It A Myth?

I am just giving you some wonderful reasons and how to date in a cop in my article “8 Ways to Date a Cop.” As usual, I would want to create a level ground to give you options when finding a date. There is always a bad side. So, in this piece, I would want to address why you should never date a cop.


1. They may Cheat on You

Cops look very attractive in their uniforms, so they easily catch the eyes of many people. Secondly, they possess some form of power, and many prefer to be with people with the same power level. If your partner is not strong enough to withstand such temptations, then they may cheat on you.

Also, cops have a high tendency to sleep among themselves. Therefore, if your partner is always attached to a particular hot-looking colleague, start getting worried.


But the two may be warming each other’s bed. Please note that this is just a scenario; they may be work partners. So don’t go out fighting with anyone you see your partner with.

2. They are Always in Danger

They go out there kicking the ass of bad guys in society, so normally, they make many enemies in their line of duty. This can put their lives in constant danger, and they can be attacked at any time.


Don’t you hear in the news of cops being attacked almost every day? When you date such a person, you will never be at peace. You may live in constant fear and uneasiness whenever they go to work, thinking about how safe they are out there. If you don’t want to be a widow early, don’t date a cop.


3. They are Curious

Your safety reasons, cops are curious almost about everything. They do so for their safety and that of their loved ones. So to ensure your security, they may be curious to know the people you meet and your day-to-day activities.

While this is with good intention, being curious can bring about trust issues. It can also be a form of privacy intrusion. If you are mindful of your privacy, don’t date a cop.

4. They are Overprotective

Your security is their concern, and they will do everything possible to keep you safe. They would want to restrict your movement to certain areas or probably go with you because they know there are bad guys there.

When someone tries to hurt you in any way, they will surely go in your defense. This sounds interesting, right, but being overprotective has its bad side. As he beats people up on your behalf, they will try to get back at you one way or the other.

5. They Don’t Have a Lot of Money

I don want to be hard on them, but we all that the monthly takehome of cops is not enough to compensate for the risk they go through. So there is no way he can offer you a luxurious life. He won’t afford a vacation to Paris or take you out on any regular dates.

6. They are Busy People

Cops have busy schedules; they do a lot of overtime and can be called for rapid response at any time. So you will be lonely most of the time.


You will have to cancel planned dates, r at worse,y our partners may leave you in the middle of an event just because they received an emergency call.

7. He will always choose his job over You

Protecting the people and ensuring law and order comes first before any other thing. So, a policeman would choose the job over you. It is not their wish but for them protecting the masses supersedes the interest of a single person.

Like seriously, would you want to date someone who sees their profession as more important than you do?

8. What about Spending the Night Alone?

Cops run shifts, so your partner would have to go for night shifts sometimes. Just imagine having to endure the night cold alone. Not only would you not have a good sleep, but you may end up thinking about how safe they are out there. So you can save yourself from this situation by not dating a policeman.

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