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Men – How To Keep Your Prostate Healthy

How To Keep Your Prostate Healthy

This article is for male readers to know what to look for as they get older, to provide tips on certain foods to eat and healthy habits to protect their prostate glands.

Specifically it is to to try and provide some useful tips and home remedies for prostate cancer, one of the major diseases that can affect adult males.Let’s look first at what the prostate is, how it functions and what happens as it ages.

What Is The Prostate ?

The Prostate is part of the male reproductive system and is located just below the bladder.


What Does The Prostate Do?

The prostate produces a fluid that protects the sperm as it travels to the egg to be fertilized. The urethra also flows through the prostate allowing water to flow from the bladder which is then expelled via urinating.

Aging of the Prostate

Many do not know much about the prostate in their younger years. However from the age of a mature adult, that is 20 years or more they need to start being a bit aware. The reason is that young men in their mid-twenties have been known to contract prostate cancer. It is not an old man’s disease as was previously thought among many men.

One thing to be mindful of is that most men experience an enlargement of the prostate as they get older. This is normal and not be concerned about. This is apparently due to growth in the cells of the testicles that increase as they age.

The technical term for this enlargement is BHP (Benign prostatic hyperplasia). The common symptoms of this are dribbling after urinating, loss of ability to urinate (retention of fluids) and a sensation of not quite having emptied their bladder after urinating. These are all normal and should be of no concern to men.

However as they age there is the increased incidence of less benign state, prostate cancer! Since many man are slightly casual about their health and especially about their private parts, they do not like to make a fuss about things.

This is how something that can be prevented and reversed is left to late and the person has fewer health options. So what are the things to look for and what are the tests for prostate health or otherwise?

Prostate Checks

Since men have been diagnosed with prostate cancer in their mid-twenties it is worth keeping an eye out from early twenties upwards, increasing the diligence from forty years of age, when unfortunately the condition becomes more common among mature men. It is also worth noting that prostate cancer is the most common disease to afflict men so it is not something rare or unknown. Each year more and more is revealed about this disease.

Before discussing the warning signs of male prostate cancer it is worth mentioning that it can either develop slowly over time or very rapidly. As mentioned before due to males not been so keen on going to a medic to get checked out there is increased chance of this health condition going unnoticed.

Also if the cancer is left untreated (unknown) for a period of time it may then spread to the entire rest of the body. So the key is to catch any sign of prostate cancer early and nip it in the bud. Many men recover successfully from having prostate cancer if detected earlier enough.

Warnings For Prostate Cancer

  1. Blood in the urine – in any case this unpleasant situation is surely a warning signal to many men
  2. Blood in the semen – the same as 1. This is cause to get things checked out
  3. General pain in the thighs, lower back or hips
  4. Pelvic discomfort
  5. Excessive dribbling after urination
  6. Need to urinate frequently during the night
  7. Weak urine stream/force of flow.

All of the above conditions plus perhaps a sense that things are not right down there. Many men do the occasional self-analysis to see if things are okay.

Do The Prostate Test

The PSA test is used to detect certain levels (higher than normal) of a protein called Prostate Specific Antigen. This is produced in the prostate and small amounts are found in the blood. Therefore a PSA blood test will detect if higher than normal levels are being produced.

Course of Action

The doctor will decide on a course of action for you. This may include no treatment with regular check ups if the cancer is a slow growth or the patient is elderly (over 60 years). Alternatively if young it may involve surgery, radiotherapy or hormone treatment (reducing testosterone which causes the cancer to grow).

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Home Remedies To Prevent Prostate Cancer

Nowadays there is a lot more knowledge about what foods and minerals are naturally good for men’s health, especially their prostate health.

Changing food & diet habits

#1. Foods that are anti-carcinogenic (prostate specific)

#2. Selenium is required for fighting off any cell damage – eat broccoli, onions, brown rice, brazil nuts, seafood and asparagus.

#3. Antioxidants – like many cancers, prostate cancer is warded off and kept at bay by having high dosages of antioxidants (fresh) – eat things like tomatoes, pomegranates (especially a men’s wonder fruit in juices, but do not eat or juice the skin since it is toxic!

When it comes to the Mediterranean diet this has long been thought to be a healthy diet for men and women. It turns out the high component of fish, olive oil, garlic and of course tomato.


With tomato it contains a specific red pigment called lycopene which repairs damaged (cancer) cells. The humble tomato – eat 10 servings or more of these in a week and you will reduce your prostate cancer risk by 45%!

#4. In terms of how to ingest all of the above, we all know us men can be fussy eaters. If this is you, buy yourself a slow juicer. Get your favorite fruits and mix in the good for you, not so tasty or too bitter wonder vegetables above.

You will get all the benefits in an easy to drink delicious home made juice, which incidentally will retain all the antioxidants because it is a slow juicer. Drink the mixture immediately after making and add ice for that extra refreshing taste!

Changing lifestyle & habits

1. Keep your weight down as low as possible.

2. Minimizing alcohol consumption is he best home remedy. Allow a maximum of 2 drinks per session (max. per day)

3. Exercise for at least 30 minutes a day. Even a walk is good!


4. Reduce your consumption of red meat, processed food and meat and eat more of the Mediterranean diet.

6. Drinking plenty of fluids, water, water, water is another natural remedy for prostate. It is worth noting that some people who have contracted prostate cancer have gone for long periods of time dehydrated (unable to drink) or at the same time go to a toilet. This somehow plays with the natural functioning of the prostate .

7. Note that for males knocks to the groin area is to be avoided. Sometimes in contact sport blows to the kidneys will cause symptoms similar to prostate cancer. Also the swelling of the prostate can occur called prostradis, has a range of symptoms very similar to prostate cancer. Your doctor or specialist is the best person to determine on a case by case basis.

8. Start drinking herbal teas such as ginger, oregano, rosemary, and green tea. A blend of all of the above reduced prostate-cancer cell growth by 78 percent.

9. Reduce salt intake and salty foods. This includes mineral water since these of course contain salt. Stick to plain water or bottled still water (not carbonated).

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