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May 5 Famous Birthdays

  1. May 5 Famous Birthdays

Famous people born on MAY 5 are self-regulating individuals who are persistent. They have what it takes to face conflict or agitations with a smile. They are pioneering, controlling and sometimes they are guilty of making some rash decisions.

However, the famous May 5 celebrities are considered to be outgoing and credible individuals. In many instances, having a conversation with them is in vain and one sided. They tend to talk a lot. As a Taurus, they can have an unrealistic outlook on life.


One of the downfalls of famous people born on May 5 is that they have trust issues and that they make trouble for themselves when life should be uneventful. Otherwise, they stay alone and mind their own business. When seeking a lover, they tend to want a long term relationship rather than a one night stand.


Famous people born on May 5 have a wicked mind when it comes to sexual fantasies. However, there is someone like them to help make those a reality. He or she will likely become their life partner. As far as their health is concerned, they may need to watch for stress related illnesses.

Famous people born on May 5 want attention and affection but are afraid to ask for it. The banal Taurus can be short-tempered and finicky. They have excellent communicative skills coupled with an understanding of people. However, they are likely to be accident prone.


May 5th Famous Birthday Personality Traits

5 May Good Traits:

  • Objective
  • Innovative
  • Powerful
  • Determined
  • Idealistic
  • Persuasive
  • Outgoing
  • Charming
  • Friendly
  • Conscientious
  • Focused

5 May Bad Traits:

  • Reckless
  • Mistrustful
  • Extravagant
  • Clumsy
  • Depressed
  • Irritable
  • Fussy

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May 5 Famous Birthday Personalities

Abby Parece, 1988, Model
Ace Cannon, 1934, Saxophonist
Adam LZ, 1995, YouTube Star
Adele, 1988, Pop Singer
Agustin Barboza, 1913, Composer
Agustin Barrios, 1885, Guitarist
Ahmad Javad, 1892, Poet
Alana Curry, 1980, TV Actress
Alba Reig, 1992, Pop Singer
Alice Faye, 1915, Movie Actress
Allison Buczkowski, 1990, Dancer
Andrew Peters, 1980, Hockey Player
Anthony Crawford, 1957, Jazz Singer
Antonio Lindback, 1985, Race Car Driver
Antony Santos, 1967, Guitarist
Ariah Tsukada-Aka, 2005, Dancer
Art Pope, 1956, Politician
Ashton Rowland, 2006, Family Member
Asia Jeudy, 1986, Reality Star
August Schulenburg, 1976, Playwright
Axel Fischer, 1966, Politician
Barbara Evans, 1991, Reality Star
Bart Baker, 1986, YouTube Star
Ben Bennett, 1962, Football Coach
Ben Wright, 1915, Movie Actor
Benedetta Valanzano, 1985, TV Actress
Bert Schneider, 1933, Film Producer
Beth Carvalho, 1946, World Music Singer
Bill Ward, 1948, Drummer
Bill Watts, 1939, Wrestler
Bing Russell, 1926, TV Actor
Bobby Coleman, 1997, Movie Actor
Bobby Ellsworth, 1959, Metal Singer
Braden Kolmansberger, 2002, Baseball Player

Brandon Temasfieldt, 1995, YouTube Star
Brian Phelps, 1959, Radio Host
Brian Souter, 1954, Entrepreneur
Brian Williams, 1959, TV Show Host
Brooke Falls, 2000, Jazz Singer
Brooke Hogan, 1988, Reality Star
Brooklyn Beauty, 1996, YouTube Star
Candido Rondon, 1865, Explorer
Carly Manning, 1998, Cheerleader
Carmen Geiss, 1965, Reality Star
Catherynne Valente, 1979, Young Adult Author
Chanlee Dunlap, 2010, Cheerleader
Charles Nagy, 1967, Baseball Player
Charles Rosen, 1927, Pianist
Charlotte D’Alessio, 1998, Instagram Star
Charlotte Vertes, 1997, Family Member
Chelsea Clark, 1998, TV Actress
Chief Bender, 1884, Baseball Player
Chris Brown, 1989, Pop Singer
Chris Howard, 1975, Football Player
Chris Mann, 1982, Pop Singer
Christian de Portzamparc, 1944, Architect
Christian Farla, 1970, Magician
Christopher Morely, 1890, Novelist
Cinco Paul, 1964, Screenwriter
Clark Duke, 1985, Movie Actor
Clifford Owusu, 1984, YouTube Star
Cody Wickline, 1994, Country Singer
Cookie Monsta, 1989, DJ
Craig David, 1981, Pop Singer
Cyprien Katsaris, 1951, Pianist
Danielle Fishel, 1981, TV Actress
Danielle Parker, 2002, Soap Opera Actress
Darcy Kuemper, 1990, Hockey Player
Dariusz Michalczewski, 1968, Boxer
Darrin Henson, 1972, Dancer
David Escamilla, 1991, Metal Singer
David Potts, 1993, Reality Star
Delia Derbyshire, 1937, Composer
Derek Hanson, 1997, Instagram Star
DerMarr Johnson, 1980, Basketball Player
Devin Townsend, 1972, Guitarist
Devon Gearhart, 1995, Movie Actor
Dieter Brummer, 1976, Soap Opera Actor
Dilys Watling, 1943, TV Actress
Dominic Power, 1973, Soap Opera Actor
Don Benjamin, 1987, Instagram Star
Douglas Mawson, 1882, Explorer
Douglas Wheelock, 1960, Astronaut
Drew Bezanson, 1989, BMX Rider
Drew Herring, 1987, Race Car Driver
Duke McKenzie, 1963, Boxer

Ed Lee, 1952, Politician
Eli Tokash, 2003, Stage Actor
Emanuele Giaccherini, 1985, Soccer Player
Emma Hinz, 2002, Movie Actress
Erika Fong, 1987, TV Actress
Farabundo Marti, 1893, Civil Rights Leader
Francisca Lachapel, 1989, Model
Frank Sweeney, 1989, Reality Star
Frickson Erazo, 1988, Soccer Player
Gabriella Demartino, 1995, YouTube Star
Gayatri Nair, 2001, Pianist
Georgios Papadopoulos, 1919, World Leader
Gillian Wright, 1960, Soap Opera Actress
Glen Wallace, 1976, Soap Opera Actor
Goce Toleski, 1977, Soccer Player
Googoosh, 1950, Pop Singer
Gulshan Kumar, 1956, Entrepreneur
Hank Green, 1980, YouTube Star

Hannah Davis, 1990, Model
Hannah Ferguson, 1992, Model
Harry Woods, 1889, Movie Actor
Heather Chadwell, 1975, Reality Star
Henry Cavill, 1983, Movie Actor
Henryk Sienkiewicz, 1846, Novelist
Hi-Tek, 1976, Music Producer
Hideki Irabu, 1969, Baseball Player
Holly Rillinger, 1975,
Ian Michael Smith, 1987, TV Actor
Ian Stephen McCulloch, 1959, Rock Singer
Idel Ianchelevici, 1909, Sculptor
Ike Taylor, 1980, Football Player
Ilene Woods, 1929, Movie Actress
Irene Gut Opdyke, 1918, War Hero
J. Deweysoper, 1893, Explorer
Jack Pierce, 1889, Makeup Artist
Jackie Cole, 1996, Pop Singer
Jacqueline Woods, 1929, Movie Actress
Jamell Fleming, 1989, Football Player
James Beard, 1903, Chef
James Conner, 1995, Football Player
James Cracknell, 1972, Rower
James Labrie, 1963, Metal Singer
Javi Manquillo, 1994, Soccer Player
Javi Manquillo, 1994, Soccer Player
Jay Bothroyd, 1982, Soccer Player
Jay Rosen, 1956, Journalist
Jean Francois Dumoulin, 1976, Race Car Driver
Jeffrey Nothing, 1963, Metal Singer
Jeremy Wade, 1960, TV Show Host
Jerzy Skolimowski, 1938, Director
Jesse Colburn, 1981, Guitarist
Jessica Vince, 1985, Journalist
Jessie Cave, 1987, Movie Actress
Jessy Lipke, 2001, YouTube Star
Jim Kelly, 1946, Movie Actor
Joe Esposito, 1948, Pop Singer
Joe Gray, 1912, Boxer
Joey Fisher, 1993, Model
Joey La Varco, 1995, Stage Actor
Johan Hedberg, 1973, Hockey Player
John F. Carlson, 1875, Painter
John Ortberg, 1957, Religious Leader
John Owen-Jones, 1971, Stage Actor
John Rhys-Davies, 1944, Movie Actor
John Sweeney, 1934, Civil Rights Leader
Johnnie Taylor, 1934, R&B Singer
Jon Bostic, 1991, Football Player
Jonny Gray, 1999, TV Actor
Joseph Abboud, 1950, Fashion Designer
Joseph Stefano, 1922, Screenwriter
Josh Smith, 1983, Bassist
Josh Weinstein, 1966, Screenwriter
Justin Johnson, 1981, Hockey Player
Kalama Epstein, 2000, TV Actor
Kaley Hatfield, 1993, Dancer
Karl Marx, 1818, Philosopher
KCarmouche, 1993, Vine Star
Kebby Musokotwane, 1946, Politician
Kenji Eno, 1970, Game Designer
Kenneth Burke, 1897, Novelist
Kevin Alston, 1988, Soccer Player
Kevin Gruft, 1988, Guitarist
Kevin McBride, 1973, Boxer
Kim Lyons, 1973, Reality Star
King Rupert, 1352, Royalty
Krysta Cameron, 1984, Metal Singer
Kurt Calleja, 1989, Pop Singer
Kurt Loder, 1945, Journalist
Kurt Sutter, 1960, TV Producer
Kyan Douglas, 1970, TV Show Host
Lance Henriksen, 1940, TV Actor
Larissa Hope Wilson, 1989, TV Actress
Lars Magnus Ericsson, 1846, Entrepreneur
Lee Seung-Hyo, 1980, TV Actor
Leo Lionni, 1910, Children’s Author
Leo Ryan, 1925, Politician
Lewis Hilsenteger, 1984, YouTube Star
Lil Za, 1994, Rapper
Linsey Jade, 1992, Reality Star
Lisa Eilbacher, 1956, TV Actress
Loring Mandel, 1928, Screenwriter
Lyubov Yegorova, 1966, Skier
Manny Perez, 1969, TV Actor
Manoj Sood, 1962, TV Actor
Marc Alaimo, 1942, TV Actor
Marcelle Bittar, 1981, Model
Marielle Caldwell, 2003, Dancer
Mark Marshall, 1987, Soccer Player
Martin Sweet, 1979, Guitarist
Matt Fitzgerald, 1971, Runner
Matt Misfitt, 1998, YouTube Star
Matthew Wolfenden, 1980, Soap Opera Actor
MC Router, 1986, Rapper
Meb Keflezighi, 1975, Runner
Melinda Culea, 1955, TV Actress
Michael Lindsey-hogg, 1940, Director
Michael Murphy, 1938, Movie Actor
Michael Palin, 1943, Comedian
Mike Daniels, 1989, Football Player
Minami Takayama, 1964, Voice Actor
Mitch Marner, 1997, Hockey Player
Monica Lewis, 1922, Movie Actress
Morgan Pehme, 1978, Screenwriter
Muhsin Muhammad, 1973, Football Player
Nathan Chen, 1999, Figure Skater
Navi Rawat, 1977, TV Actress
Nellie Bly, 1864, Journalist
Nick Bebout, 1951, Football Player
Nick Gordon, 1990, Family Member
Niki Demartino, 1995, YouTube Star
Nikki Yumul, 1995, YouTube Star
Noah Wilson, 1998, YouTube Star
Pablo Gonzalez Garza, 1879, War Hero
Pachara Chirathivat, 1993, Movie Actor
Pat Carroll, 1927, Stage Actress
Pat Frank, 1908, Novelist
Peter Cooper Hewitt, 1861, Scientist
Piotr Rogucki, 1978, Pop Singer
PJ Tucker, 1985, Basketball Player
Pritilata Waddedar, 1911, Civil Rights Leader
Raai Laxmi, 1989, Movie Actress
Raheem Devaughn, 1975, R&B Singer
Raul Jimenez, 1991, Soccer Player
Redi Tlhabi, 1978, Radio Host
Remington Leith, 1994, Rock Singer
Richard Bernstein, 1944, Journalist
Richard Brindley, 1993, Soccer Player
Richard E Grant, 1957, Movie Actor
Richard Schaal, 1928, Movie Actor
Richard Wollheim, 1923, Philosopher
Rickard Rakell, 1993, Hockey Player
Robert Dipierdomenico, 1958, Australian Rules Footballer
Robyn Schneider, 1986, Novelist
Roddy Radiation, 1955, Guitarist
Roger Rees, 1944, TV Actor
Ross Adams, 1982, TV Actor
Rudolf Spielmann, 1883, Chess Player
Russell Hornsby, 1974, TV Actor
Sage Stallone, 1976, Movie Actor
Saima Noor, 1967, Movie Actress
Sam Gallagher, 1991, Soccer Player
Santiago Cabrera, 1978, TV Actor
Scott Tucker, 1962, Race Car Driver
Scott Westerfeld, 1963, Young Adult Author
Shaun McKnight, 1974, YouTube Star
Shawn Drover, 1966, Drummer
Simon Rimmer, 1963, Chef
Skye Sweetnam, 1988, Rock Singer
Song Jieun, 1990, Pop Singer
Soren Kierkegaard, 1813, Philosopher
Stephen Jerzak, 1992, Pop Singer
Steve Stevens, 1959, Guitarist
Susan Holmes, 1972, Model
Sylvia Pankhurst, 1882, Politician
Tahiry Jose, 1979, Reality Star
Takehito Koyasu, 1967, Voice Actor
Tammy Wynette, 1942, Country Singer
Tan Swie Hian, 1943, Sculptor
Taylor Terminate, 1997, YouTube Star
Teresuch, 1992, YouTube Star
Tia Blanco, 1997, Surfer
Timothy Michael Wynn, 1970, Composer
Tina Yothers, 1973, TV Actress
Todd Newton, 1970, Game Show Host
Tom Wrigglesworth, 1976, Comedian
Tommy Wind, 1990, Magician
Tony Canadeo, 1919, Football Player
Toomas Vilosius, 1951, Politician
Tyrone Power, 1914, Movie Actor
Vanessa Bryant, 1982, Family Member
Viktor Hartmann, 1834, Architect
Vincent Kartheiser, 1979, TV Actor
Wade MacNeil, 1984, Punk Singer
Will Anderson, 1986, Pop Singer
Will Hutchins, 1930, TV Actor
William Campbell, 1923, Golfer
Wrekonize, 1983, Rapper
Yasmin Warsame, 1976, Model
Yossi Benayoun, 1980, Soccer Player
Zach McGowan, 1981, TV Actor
Zigmund Palffy, 1972, Hockey Player


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