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May 4 Famous Birthdays

May 4 Famous Birthdays

Famous people born on MAY 4, are Taurus who are forthright and perhaps more laid back than others. Having great insight and logic, they might misuse their power and authority. However, they know when to let their guard down and let people in.

They are the one people come to when they need an ear or two to hear their problems or to vent sometimes. Others don’t have to worry about their business being put out in the streets with this famous person born on May 4. It’s not in their nature to freak out when things go wrong.


As a negative, famous people born on May 4 can hold a grudge for a while. There may not be any chance of them changing their mind about certain things or people. Additionally, they can be self-centered. Although, they put up a good front presenting an image of a happy-go-lucky person, they are really vulnerable.


As the active person that they are, they still need to be on guard for sickness. They have a lot on their plate sometimes. So stress is no stranger to those born on May 4.

Famous people born on May 4 are a caring and trusting individuals because of their practical values. Taurus’ job satisfaction comes from knowing that a life has been changed. From a soul mate, they want commitment, loyalty and love. Nonetheless, they should take better care of their health.


May 4th Famous Birthday Personality Traits

4 May Good Traits:

  • Honest
  • Diligent
  • Practical
  • Warmhearted
  • Caring
  • Receptive
  • Calm
  • Collected
  • Vulnerable
  • Caring
  • Trusting

4 May Bad Traits:

  • Silent
  • Forceful
  • Selfish
  • Bitter
  • Immovable
  • Stressed
  • Demanding

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May 4 Famous Birthday Personalities

A Mitchell Palmer, 1872, Politician
Adam Wright, 1977, Water Polo Player
Afif Safieh, 1950, Politician
Akaash Singh, 1984, Comedian
Al Dexter, 1905, Country Singer
Alek Arjona, 1999, Vine Star
Alex Boone, 1987, Football Player
Alexa Poletti, 1988, YouTube Star
Alexander Gould, 1994, TV Actor
Alexander Kerensky, 1881, Politician
Alice Liddell, 1852,
Alice Randall, 1959, Country Singer
Amara Miller, 2000, Movie Actress
Amy Shirley, 1980, Reality Star
Ana Gasteyer, 1967, TV Actress
Anastasiya Petryk, 2002, Pop Singer
Anders Osborne, 1966, Rock Singer
Andrea Elizabeth Torres, 1990, Model
Andrew Denton, 1960, Comedian
Angel Sy, 2000, TV Actress
Anna Botting, 1967, Journalist
Anna Olson, 1968, Chef
Anthony Calf, 1959, TV Actor
Antony Hamilton, 1952, TV Actor
Antun Augustincic, 1900, Sculptor
Anza, 1976, Metal Singer
Ariel Kaplan, 1994, Soap Opera Actress
Ashley Rickards, 1992, TV Actress
Ashnoor Kaur, 2004, TV Actress
Assi Rahbani, 1923, Composer
Audrey Hepburn, 1929, Movie Actress
Austin White, 1988, Model

Avia Butler, 2005, YouTube Star
Banyingela Kasonga, 1959, Religious Leader
Bartolomeo Cristofori, 1655, Inventor
Baskwith, 1984, YouTube Star
Ben Grieve, 1976, Baseball Player
Bernard A. Clarey, 1912, War Hero
Bob Tway, 1959, Golfer
Boris Lee, 1987, Football Player
Brad Maddox, 1984, Wrestler
Brett Burton, 1978, Australian Rules Footballer
Brian Jackson, 1987, Football Player
Brianna Joy Chomer, 1994, Movie Actress
BrickQueen, 1988, YouTube Star
Brielle Von Hugel, 1994, Pop Singer
Bruno Taut, 1880, Architect
Cal Turner, 1999, YouNow Star
Cameron Jones, 1989, Basketball Player
Cesc Fabregas, 1987, Soccer Player
Charissa Thompson, 1982, Sportscaster
Chase Hauck, 1992, Vine Star
Chaz Ortiz, 1994, Skateboarder
Chris Packham, 1961, TV Show Host
Chris Tomlin, 1972, Rock Singer
Christian Howard, 1984, TV Actor
Clare Wren, 1962, TV Actress
Cory Steele, 1999, YouTube Star
Courtney Jines, 1992, Movie Actress
Cuddleofdeath, 1990, YouTube Star
Daisuke Ono, 1978, Voice Actor
Dallon Weekes, 1981, Bassist
Dan Nainan, 1981, Comedian
Danny Wilkin, 1990, Bassist
Darcy Ward, 1992, Motorcycle Racer
David Guterson, 1956, Novelist
David Rodriguez, 1989, Reality Star
Dawn Michelle Staley, 1970, Basketball Player
Denis Shaforostov, 1992, Metal Singer
Derek Roy, 1983, Hockey Player
Devan Dubnyk, 1986, Hockey Player
Dianna Cowern, 1989, YouTube Star
Dick Dale, 1937, Guitarist
Don Friedman, 1935, Pianist
Donald Lawrence, 1961, Gospel Singer
Dorrance Funk, 1919, Wrestler
Dustin Davidson, 1988, Bassist
Ed Cassidy, 1923, Drummer
Eddie Aikau, 1946, Surfer
Eddie Perez, 1968, Baseball Player
Edo Murtic, 1921, Painter
Eleanor Coppola, 1936, Film Producer
Elliott Gruenberg, 1990, Guitarist
Elmer Layden, 1903, Football Player

Emily Perkins, 1977, Movie Actress
Emma Stevens, 1986, Folk Singer
Emma Waldron, 1989, Model
Eric Djemba-Djemba, 1981, Soccer Player
Eric Sykes, 1923, Comedian
Erin Andrews, 1978, Sportscaster
Eugenie Clark, 1922, Scientist
Evan O’hanlon, 1988, Runner
Fabian Espindola, 1985, Soccer Player
FavreMySabre, 1997, YouTube Star
Fernandinho, 1985, Soccer Player
Francis Spellman, 1889, Religious Leader
Francisco Stoessel, 1995, Model
Freddie Fox, 1989, Movie Actor
Frederic Edwin Church, 1826, Painter
Gabor A. Somorjai, 1935, Scientist
Gary Holt, 1964, Guitarist
George Hill, 1986, Basketball Player
George Will, 1941, Journalist

Giovanni Mirabassi, 1970, Pianist
Giselle Sanchez, 1975, TV Show Host
Goo-Goo Atkins, 1979, Reality Star
Grace Phipps, 1992, TV Actress
Gregg Alexander, 1972, Rock Singer
Guillermo Barros Schelotto, 1973, Soccer Player
Gustav Bergmann, 1906, Philosopher
Guy Warren, 1923, Drummer
GZUprise, 1997, YouTube Star
Hannah Barnes, 1993, Cyclist
Harold Bell Wright, 1872, Novelist
Harry Prosch, 1917, Philosopher
Harry Winer, 1947, Director
Heather Kozar, 1976, Model
Henry Browne Blackwell, 1825, Politician
Horace Mann, 1796, Politician
Hosni Mubarak, 1928, World Leader
Howard Da Silva, 1909, Stage Actor
Hugh Beaver, 1890, Scientist
Hugo Butler, 1914, Screenwriter
Hunter Kemper, 1976, Triathlete
Inger Nilsson, 1959, TV Actress
Isaiah Worley, 2000, YouNow Star
Jackie Jackson, 1951, Pop Singer
Jacob Miller, 1952, Reggae Singer
James Harrison, 1978, Football Player
James van Riemsdyk, 1989, Hockey Player
Jane Jacobs, 1916, Journalist
Jason Nash, 1974, Vine Star
Jaswinder Bhalla, 1960, Comedian
Jeremy Davenport, 1970, Trumpet Player
Jesse Moss, 1983, Movie Actor
JME, 1985, Rapper
Joe Borowski, 1971, Baseball Player
Johan Otto von Spreckelsen, 1929, Architect
John Callier, 1884, Politician
John Force, 1949, Race Car Driver
John Hanning Speke, 1827, Explorer
Johnny Reilly, 1991, Reality Star
Jorge Lorenzo, 1987, Motorcycle Racer
Julian Barratt, 1968, TV Actor
Junior Sanchez, 1977, DJ
Justin Edward Hughes, 1990, Instagram Star
Karla Homolka, 1970, Criminal
Karlos Williams, 1993, Football Player
Karly Mathias, 1998, Instagram Star
Kate Garraway, 1967, TV Show Host
Katherine Jackson, 1930, Family Member
Keith Haring, 1958, Pop Artist
Kennedy Franklin, 1997, Cheerleader
Kenneth Ulman, 1974, Politician
Kevin Slowey, 1984, Baseball Player
Kimora Lee Simmons, 1975, TV Actress
Kubrat Pulev, 1981, Boxer
Kurtis Conner, 1994, Vine Star
Kyle Singler, 1988, Basketball Player
Kylie Gillies, 1967, TV Show Host
Laci Peterson, 1975,
Lance Bass, 1979, Pop Singer
LaRoyce Hawkins, 1988, TV Actor
Lars Gullin, 1928, Saxophonist
Laura Whitmore, 1985, TV Show Host
Lea May, 1989, Twitch Star
Lee Suhyun, 1999, Pop Singer
Leo Sirota, 1885, Pianist
Leonid Mandelstam, 1879, Scientist
Lesley Vainikolo, 1979, Rugby Player
Lewis Jetta, 1989, Australian Rules Footballer
Lindsay Marie, 1993, YouTube Star
Little Boots, 1984, Pop Singer
Lucy-Jo Hudson, 1983, TV Actress
Luiz Camargo, 1987, Soccer Player
Luke Laird, 1978, Songwriter
Lulu Santos, 1953, Rock Singer
MaddenMobileGods, 1998, YouTube Star
Madison Lawlor, 1995, TV Actress
Manuel Contreras, 1929, Criminal
Mariano Pernia, 1977, Soccer Player
Marilyn Martin, 1954, Pop Singer
Martin Rucker, 1985, Football Player
Mary Elizabeth McDonough, 1961, TV Actress
Mats Valk, 1996,
Maynard Ferguson, 1928, Composer
Michael Barrymore, 1952, TV Show Host
Michael Gernhardt, 1956, Astronaut
Mick Mars, 1951, Guitarist
Mihail Chemiakin, 1943, Sculptor
Mike Dirnt, 1972, Bassist
Mike Lamond, 1987, Sportscaster
Monica Tranel-Michini, 1966, Rower
Montell Owens, 1984, Football Player
Morishige Hisaya, 1913, Movie Actor
Mr Fuji, 1935, Wrestler
Nanne Meijer, 1991, YouTube Star
Nastya Kamenskykh, 1987, Pop Singer
Natasha Morley, 1995, YouTube Star
Nate Novarro, 1986, Drummer
Nic Naitanui, 1990, Australian Rules Footballer
Nickolas Ashford, 1941, R&B Singer
Nora Collins, 1994, Country Singer
Norm Rice, 1943, Politician
Nouman Ali Khan, 1978, Teacher
Oscar Jaenada, 1975, Movie Actor
Pamela Horton, 1988, Model
Pandaz, 2002, YouTube Star
Paul Gleason, 1939, Movie Actor
Paul Hewitt, 1963, Basketball Coach
Peter Sleep, 1957, Cricket Player
Pia Zadora, 1954, Movie Actress
Preston Arsement, 1994, YouTube Star
Prince Henrik, 2009, Royalty
Rachel Bentley, 1996, Instagram Star
Radja Nainggolan, 1988, Soccer Player
RaeLynn, 1994, Country Singer
Randy Travis, 1959, Country Singer
Ravi Bopara, 1985, Cricket Player
Richard Graves, 1715, Religious Leader
Richard Jenkins, 1947, Movie Actor
Richard Proenneke, 1916,
Richard Rudolph, 1946, Composer
Robert Daws, 1959, TV Actor
Robert Ellis Orrall, 1955, Rock Singer
Roberta Peters, 1930, Opera Singer
Robin Cook, 1940, Novelist
Rocco Siffredi, 1964,
Rodd Christensen, 1967, TV Actor
Rolf de Heer, 1951, Director
Ron Carter, 1937, Bassist
Ronald Golias, 1929, Comedian
Rory McIlroy, 1989, Golfer
Rudresh Mahanthappa, 1971, Saxophonist
Russi Taylor, 1944, Voice Actor
Ryan Cayabyab, 1954, World Music Singer
Sawyer Hartman, 1990, YouTube Star
Scott Armstrong, 1959, Wrestler
Shameik Moore, 1995, TV Actor
Shanti Tan, 1996, YouTube Star
Sharon Jones, 1956, Gospel Singer
Shoni Schimmel, 1992, Basketball Player
Sofia Sanchez, 1985, Fashion Designer
Sonny Payne, 1926, Drummer
Sophie Beem, 1999, Pop Singer
Stanley Biber, 1923, Doctor
Stella Parton, 1949, Country Singer
Sylvester Lefort, 1984, Wrestler
Taylar Hender, 1998, Movie Actress
Terry Scott, 1927, TV Actor
Theo Riddick, 1991, Football Player
Thomas Henry Huxley, 1825, Scientist
Thomas Kinsella, 1928, Poet
Tony McCoy, 1974, Horse Jockey
Trisha Krishnan, 1983, Movie Actress
Tyrone Davis, 1938, Soul Singer
Valdemaras Chomicius, 1959, Basketball Player
Victor Oladipo, 1992, Basketball Player
Victoria Leigh, 2001, Movie Actress
W Clement Stone, 1902, Self-Help Author
Walter Walsh, 1907, Law Enforcement Officer
Will Arnett, 1970, TV Actor
William H. Prescott, 1796, Historian
Wolfgang Von Trips, 1961, Race Car Driver
Yevgeniy Prokopov, 1950, Sculptor
Zal Cleminson, 1949, Guitarist
Zoe French, 1986, TV Show Host


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