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May 28 Famous Birthdays

May 28 Famous Birthdays

Famous people born on May 28 are likely a Gemini who are not afraid of much. They are very interested in life and what and who is in it. Often they are described as someone who is forthright and someone who doesn’t depend on others for financial stability or to make them feel complete.

However, they will fall in love with a person who is most like them and win their heart. Famous people born on May 28 like to laugh and to make other people laugh. They have great intuition when it comes to judging others. However, when it comes to love, they may be guilty of using their heart to think with.


Famous people born on May 28 make an excellent parent as they will likely empathize with their children and provide for them a set of principles to live by. Relationships are long lasting as they find that mutual admiration and respect are great foundations for friendships and marriages. Additionally, keeping them fresh and exciting doesn’t hurt either.


Famous people born on May 28 are characteristically funny, practical yet intuitive. These famous Gemini are ambitious with a desire to own beautiful things. They are willing to work to achieve this status. In addition, they set a positive example for the children.


May 28th Famous Birthday Personality Traits

28 May Good Traits:

  • Fearless
  • Go-Getter
  • Adventurous
  • Independent
  • Straightforward
  • Funny
  • Practical
  • Intuitive
  • Ambitious
  • Enthusiastic

28 May Bad Traits:

  • Unrealistic
  • Unyielding
  • Thrifty
  • Nervous
  • Vengeful

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May 28 Famous Birthday Personalities

Adriel Delson, 2000, Vine Star
Alec Benjamin, 1994, Pop Singer
Alex Strecci, 1991, YouTube Star
Alexa Davalos, 1982, Movie Actress
Alexander Vesnin, 1883, Architect
Alexandre Lacazette, 1991, Soccer Player
Alexei Nemov, 1976, Gymnast
Alicia Minshew, 1974, TV Actress
Alina Kovalenko, 1992, Instagram Star
Alon Abutbul, 1965, Movie Actor
Alyssa Moss, 1996, YouTube Star
Amra Olevic, 1988, Makeup Artist
Andrew Hale, 1999, Star
Andrew Soltis, 1947, Chess Player
Anne Reid, 1935, TV Actress
April Florio, 1982, Movie Actress
Armen Gilliam, 1964, Basketball Player
Ashley Laurence, 1966, Movie Actress
Austin Shepherd, 1992, Football Player
Beauty Gonzalez, 1991, TV Actress
Ben Howland, 1957, Basketball Coach
Berrick Barnes, 1986, Rugby Player
Beth Allen, 1984, TV Actress
Beth Howland, 1941, TV Actress
Betty Shabazz, 1934, Civil Rights Leader
Bill Hook, 1925, Chess Player
Billy Stocking, 1997, Vine Star
Billy Vera, 1944, R&B Singer
Bob Larson, 1944, Religious Leader
Bob Murphy, 1945, Pianist
Bob Rice, 1899, Baseball Player
Brady Szuhaj, 1994, Bassist
Brandon Cruz, 1962, TV Actor

Brandon Robinson, 1985, TV Show Host
Branko Duric, 1962, Comedian
Brendan Lunn, 1997, Vine Star
Brian Friedman, 1977, Choreographer
Britt McHenry, 1986, Journalist
Bryan Namoff, 1979, Soccer Player
Cameron Boyce, 1999, TV Actor
Carey Mulligan, 1985, Movie Actress
Carl Wood, 1929, Scientist
Caroline Sartorius, 1997, Family Member
Carroll Baker, 1931, Movie Actress
Cem Ozkan, 1969, World Music Singer
Charles Avery, 1873, Director
Charles Nzogbia, 1986, Soccer Player
Charmaine Sheh, 1975, TV Actress
Chiara Mastroianni, 1972, Movie Actress
Chris Ballew, 1965, Rock Singer
Chris Chesnoid, 1988, YouTube Star
Christa Miller, 1964, TV Actress
Christen Harper, 1993, Model
Chubb Rock, 1968, Rapper
Claudio Roditi, 1946, Trumpet Player
Clement Von Franckenstein, 1944, TV Actor
Clough Williams-Ellis, 1883, Architect
Colbie Caillat, 1985, Pop Singer
Courtlend Anderson, 1996, Rapper
Craig Crawford, 1956, Journalist
Craig Kimbrel, 1988, Baseball Player
Dan Chou, 1990, News Anchor
Daniel Veda, 2001, YouTube Star
Danielle Bernstein, 1992, Blogger
Darya Shmeleva, 1976, Swimmer
Dave Lepard, 1980, Metal Singer
David Baddiel, 1964, Comedian
David Lawrence Jones, 1964, Children’s Author
David Perron, 1988, Hockey Player
Denisa Dvorakova, 1989, Model
Derval O’Rourke, 1981, Runner
Desiree del Valle, 1982, TV Actress
Dick Barlow, 1851, Cricket Player
Dionne Quintuplets, 1934,
Dorothy Dunbar, 1902, Movie Actress
Drew Neemia, 1985, TV Actor
Duncan Scott, 1947, Director
Dustin McNeer, 1997, Model
Earl Hayes, 1980, Rapper
Eddie Sachs, 1927, Race Car Driver
Ekaterina Gordeeva, 1971, Figure Skater
Eline Berings, 1986, Hurdler
Elisabeth Hasselbeck, 1977, TV Show Host
Elizabeth Price, 1996, Gymnast
Elizabeth Rider, 1982, Blogger

Emilio Sanchez, 1992, Photographer
Emily O’brien, 1985, TV Actress
Emma Kennedy, 1967, TV Actress
Eric Von Schmidt, 1931, Folk Singer
Fabri Salcedo, 1914, Soccer Player
Fedot Shubin, 1740, Sculptor
Fifalosophy, 1996, YouTube Star
Fred Chappell, 1936, Poet
Gary Stewart, 1944, Country Singer
George Dyson, 1883, Composer
George Sidhom, 1938, Comedian
Georgia Merry, 1995, YouTube Star
Gerardo Coronel, 1996, World Music Singer
Gladys Knight, 1944, Soul Singer
Glen Rice, 1967, Basketball Player
Glenn Quinn, 1970, TV Actor
Hannah Wilkinson, 1992, Soccer Player
Hans Dulfer, 1940, Saxophonist
Hans-Jorg Butt, 1974, Soccer Player
Henry Kendall, 1897, Movie Actor
Hmate57, 1999, YouTube Star
Hunter Doherty Adams, 1945, Activist
Ian Fleming, 1908, Novelist

Isabelle Carre, 1971, Movie Actress
Izabela Vidovic, 2001, TV Actress
Jacob Kogan, 1995, Movie Actor
Jaime Lyn Beatty, 1987, Stage Actress
Jake Johnson, 1978, TV Actor
James Averis, 1974, Rugby Player
James Michael Tyler, 1962, TV Actor
Jasmine Meakin, 1976, Choreographer
Jeff Fenech, 1964, Boxer
Jeff Overton, 1983, Golfer
Jep Robertson, 1978, Reality Star
Jerry Douglas, 1956, Music Producer
Jerry West, 1938, Basketball Player
Jesse Bradford, 1979, Movie Actor
Jesse La Flair, 1985, Freerunner
Jhonny Peralta, 1982, Baseball Player
Ji Dong-won, 1991, Soccer Player
Jim Russell, 1920, Race Car Driver
Jim Thorpe, 1888, Football Player
Johann David Wyss, 1743, Novelist
John Birch, 1918, Religious Leader
John Fell, 1961, Drummer
John Fogerty, 1945, Rock Singer
John McKeithen, 1918, Politician
John Stones, 1994, Soccer Player
John Tory, 1954, Politician
John Wells, 1956, TV Producer
Joseph Cross, 1986, Movie Actor
Joseph-Ignace Guillotin, 1738, Doctor
Joshua Brooks, 1999, Pop Singer
JR Writer, 1984, Rapper
Julie Peasgood, 1956, TV Actress
Justin Athena, 1986, YouTube Star
Justin Kirk, 1969, TV Actor
Kaarel Eenpalu, 1888, Politician
Kamala, 1950, Wrestler
Kate Ashfield, 1972, Movie Actress
Kate Hollywood, 1986, Field Hockey Player
Kevin Heffernan, 1968, Movie Actor
Khaled Meshaal, 1956, Politician
Kim Da-hyun, 1998, Stage Actor
Kirk Gibson, 1957, Baseball Player
Kyle Brooks, 1999, Pop Singer
Kyle Walker, 1990, Soccer Player
Kylie Minogue, 1968, Pop Singer
Laura Amy Schlitz, 1955, Children’s Author
Laura Bailey, 1981, Voice Actor
Leah Ayres, 1957, TV Actress
Leland Sklar, 1947, Composer
Liam Obrien, 1976, Voice Actor
London Woodberry, 1991, Soccer Player
Louis McLane, 1786, Politician
Louis Mustillo, 1958, TV Actor
Lukas McFarlane, 1993, Dancer
Lynn Johnston, 1947, Cartoonist
Maeve Binchy, 1940, Novelist
Marco Rubio, 1971, Politician
Mark Feehily, 1980, Pop Singer
Mark Howe, 1955, Hockey Player
Mark Sanford, 1960, Politician
Mars Williams, 1955, Saxophonist
Matt Pinfield, 1966, TV Show Host
Matt Richardson, 1991, Comedian
May Swenson, 1913, Poet
Meagan Cignoli, 1981, YouTube Star
Meg Wolitzer, 1959, Teacher
Megalyn Echikunwoke, 1983, TV Actress
Meisa Kuroki, 1988, Model
Mel Rose, 1991, YouTube Star
Melissa Marsh, 1985, Basketball Player
Michael Oher, 1986, Football Player
Michelle Collins, 1961, Soap Opera Actress
Michelle Montezeri, 1993, YouTube Star
Micky Bui, 1994, Vine Star
Milutin Milankovic, 1879, Scientist
Miranda Maleski, 1992, Dancer
Misbah Ul-haq, 1974, Cricket Player
Monie Captan, 1962, Politician
Morgan Fox, 1970, Model
Nathan Carter, 1990, Country Singer
Nathaniel Chapman, 1780, Doctor
Navorro Bowman, 1988, Football Player
Nayara Macedo, 1999, Instagram Star
Nery Kennedy, 1973, Javelin Thrower
Nicole Massey, 2002, Instagram Star
Nikki Runeckles, 1991, TV Actress
Oscar Milosz, 1877, Poet
Owen Playfair, 1998, Pop Singer
Pamela Eells Oconnell, 1956, TV Producer
Patricia Quinn, 1944, Movie Actress
Patrick White, 1912, Novelist
Paul Pelliot, 1878, Explorer
Paul Sinha, 1970, Comedian
Pavel Stepan, 1925, Pianist
Percy Harvin, 1988, Football Player
Phil Vassar, 1964, Country Singer
QPwn, 2000, YouTube Star
Richard Lane, 1899, TV Show Host
Rick Walker, 1955, Football Player
Ris Low, 1985, Model
Rita Macneil, 1944, Country Singer
Rob Ford, 1969, Politician
Roger Kumble, 1966, Director
Romain Duris, 1974, Movie Actor
Roman Atwood, 1983, YouTube Star
Ron Wilson, 1955, Hockey Coach
Rory Singer, 1976, MMA Fighter
Rudy Giuliani, 1944, Politician
Russell A. Anderson, 1942, Lawyer
Ryan Lawrie, 1996, Pop Singer
Ryan Tubridy, 1973, TV Show Host
Sara Balint, 1986, Model
Scott Rigell, 1960, Politician
Sean O’Donnell, 1996, Instagram Star
Seth Rollins, 1986, Wrestler
Sharon D. Clarke, 1966, TV Actress
Sherif Mohie El Din, 1964, Composer
Sicily Yoder, 1969, Chef
Simeon Panda, 1986, Bodybuilder
Son Yeon-jae, 1994, Gymnast
Sondra Locke, 1944, Movie Actress
Soraia Esteves, 2000, Dancer
Steve Clifford, 1961, Basketball Coach
Steve Nagy, 1919, Baseball Player
Steve Strange, 1959, Punk Singer
Sue Holderness, 1949, TV Actress
T-Bone Walker, 1910, Blues Singer
Tanya Cheban, 1997, YouTube Star
Thane Bettany, 1929, TV Actor
Theo Bleckmann, 1966, Jazz Singer
Thomas Moore, 1779, Poet
TJ Yates, 1987, Football Player
Toby Hemingway, 1983, Movie Actor
Todd Simpson, 1973, Hockey Player
Tommy Ladnier, 1900, Trumpet Player
Tommy Mallet, 1992, Reality Star
Townsend Coleman, 1954, Voice Actor
Ursula Vernon, 1977, Children’s Author
Valeria Puig, 1988, Director
Vijay Nazareth, 1989, YouTube Star
Vivienne Haigh-eliot Eliot, 1888, Family Member
Walker Percy, 1916, Novelist
Will Carmack, 1997, YouTube Star
Will Gray, 1976, Magician
William Darling, 1898, Screenwriter
William Shawcross, 1946, Non-Fiction Author
Zach Fucale, 1995, Hockey Player
Zelda Rubinstein, 1933, Movie Actress
Zsa Zsa Padilla, 1964, World Music Singer


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