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May 27 Famous Birthdays

May 27 Famous Birthdays

Famous people born on May 27 are a Gemini who love intrigue. They are able to change the way they look at the drop of a dime just to keep someone mystified. Other than that, they actually like the different looks they can come up with. They tend to get a lot of attention that way.

As a consequence, famous people born on May 27 attract some peculiar people to their life. Their style generally breaks the ice and provides for a little playful conversation. As an open individual, they may fall in love many times but once they have decided on a mate, they are dedicated to that person.


However, if you are waiting on this famous Gemini to make the first move, you may have to wait longer than you expect. When it comes to speaking about their feelings, goals and dreams, they don’t have any problems doing so. They know that holding things in will only hurt them in the long run.


Famous people born on May 27 are Gemini who are intriguing people. This quality allows them to communicate effectively with diverse cultures. Socially, they love to dine at five star restaurants. They are not afraid to share their sexual desires.


May 27th Famous Birthday Personality Traits

27 May Good Traits:

  • Sincere
  • Devoted
  • Loving
  • Stimulating
  • Mysterious
  • Sensitive
  • Constructive
  • Active
  • Social
  • Childish
  • Stylish

27 May Bad Traits:

  • Eccentric
  • Snobbish
  • Menacing
  • Nervous
  • Jittery
  • Wasteful

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May 27 Famous Birthday Personalities

AbdallahSmash, 1986, YouTube Star
AbRam Khan, 2013, Family Member
Adam Carolla, 1964, TV Show Host
Adam Davenport, 1984, Screenwriter
Adam Kassen, 1974, Screenwriter
Afgan Syahreza, 1989, Pop Singer
Albert Nicholas, 1900, Clarinet Player
Albie Manzo, 1986, Reality Star
Aleksa Santic, 1868, Poet
Alex Curry, 1987, Sportscaster
Ali Novak, 1991, Young Adult Author
Alicia Fuentes, 1978, Soccer Player
Alicia Sixtos, 1988, TV Actress
Alina Cojocaru, 1981, Dancer
Allan Carr, 1937, Film Producer
Allyn Rose, 1988, Model
Alyssa Quilala, 1989, Family Member
Amelia Bloomer, 1818, Activist
Amirul Hadi Zainal, 1986, Soccer Player
Ana Bélen, 1951, World Music Singer
Andra Fuller, 1979, TV Actor
Andre 3000, 1975, Rapper
Andrew Francis, 1985, Voice Actor
Angelmelly, 1998, YouTube Star
Apinya Sakuljaroensuk, 1990, Movie Actress
Asli Orcan, 1980, TV Actress
Athony Leone, 1987, MMA Fighter
Bandit Way, 2009, Family Member

Beauden Barrett, 1991, Rugby Player
Ben Feldman, 1980, TV Actor
Ben Pringle, 1989, Soccer Player
Ben Weatherall, 1989, Game Designer
Benny Johnson, 1987, Journalist
Blair Edie, 1985, Blogger
Bob Godfrey, 1921, Cartoonist
Bobby Convey, 1983, Soccer Player
Brad Boxberger, 1988, Baseball Player
Brad Peyton, 1978, Director
Brett Kissel, 1990, Country Singer
Bruce Cockburn, 1945, Guitarist
Bruce Halle, 1930, Entrepreneur
Bruce Weitz, 1943, TV Actor
Bud Anderson, 1956, Baseball Player
Bud Shank, 1926, Flute Player
Caleb Bradham, 1867, Entrepreneur
Cammie Lester, 1999, YouNow Star
Caryl Chessman, 1921, Criminal
Cathy Silvers, 1961, TV Actress
Celso Borges, 1988, Soccer Player
Chelsea Gilligan, 1991, TV Actress
Chris Colfer, 1990, TV Actor
Chris Dodd, 1944, Politician
Chris Roberts, 1968, Game Designer
Christopher Lee, 1922, Movie Actor
Cierra Frye, 1994, YouTube Star
Cilla Black, 1943, Pop Singer
Cindy Sampson, 1978, TV Actress
Colette Marino, 1975, DJ
Conor Cummins, 1986, Motorcycle Racer
Cornelius Vanderbilt, 1794, Entrepreneur
CreepersEdge, 1997, YouTube Star
CurriePlays, 1995, YouTube Star
Dan Caldwell, 1971, Entrepreneur
Danny Wuerffel, 1974, Football Player
Darin Brooks, 1984, Soap Opera Actor
Darnell Dockett, 1981, Football Player
Dashiell Hammett, 1894, Novelist
David Bouley, 1953, Chef
David Derek Stacton, 1923, Novelist
David Holcomb, 1967, TV Actor
David Lighty, 1988, Basketball Player
David McNiven, 1978, Soccer Player
David Plouffe, 1967,
David Schaal, 1963, TV Actor
DavidTheGemini, 1994, Star
Debra Diblasi, 1957, Screenwriter

Dee Dee Bridgewater, 1950, Jazz Singer
Denise van Outen, 1974, Movie Actress
Dick Berggren, 1942, Sportscaster
Dieter Lehnhoff, 1955, Composer
Dolores Hope, 1909, Pop Singer
Don Williams, 1939, Country Singer
Dondre Whitfield, 1969, TV Actor
Doug West, 1967, Basketball Player
Duncan Goodhew, 1957, Swimmer
Dustin Farnum, 1874, Movie Actor
Eddie McClintock, 1967, TV Actor
Edgerton Hartwell, 1978, Football Player
Edmund Morris, 1940, Non-Fiction Author
Edward Robertson, 1881, Politician
Edwin Poots, 1965, Politician
Elizabeth Huett, 1987, Pop Singer
Elwood Ullman, 1903, Screenwriter
Emma Nolan, 1993, Radio Host
Emmett Sullivan, 1887, Sculptor
Enver Colakovic, 1913, Novelist

Eric Ambrose, 1995, Instagram Star
Eric Anderson, 1936, Teacher
Eric Bischoff, 1955, Entrepreneur
Ethel Lang, 1900,
Faten Hamama, 1931, Movie Actress
Frank Thomas, 1968, Baseball Player
Garrett Richards, 1988, Baseball Player
Gervinho, 1987, Soccer Player
Ginger Wesson Lavender, 1992, Vine Star
Giuseppe Tornatore, 1956, Director
Gonzalo Rubalcaba, 1963, Pianist
Guillermo Hernangomez, 1994, Basketball Player
Harlan Ellison, 1934, Novelist
Harold Rome, 1908, Composer
Harvey Price, 2002, Family Member
Hayden Moss, 1986, Reality Star
Henry Kissinger, 1923, Politician
Henry Parkes, 1815, Politician
Herman Wouk, 1915, Novelist
Heston Blumenthal, 1966, Chef
Hubert H. Humphrey, 1911, Politician
Iain Robertson, 1981, TV Actor
Ibn Khaldun, 1332, Historian
Inge Morath, 1923, Photographer
Isador Goodman, 1909, Composer
Isadora Duncan, 1877, Choreographer
Ivan Sergeyevich Kuznetsov, 1867, Architect
Ivete Sangalo, 1972, Pop Singer
Jace Everett, 1972, Country Singer
Jack Donnelly, 1986, TV Actor
Jack McBrayer, 1973, TV Actor
Jadakiss, 1975, Rapper
James Q. Wilson, 1931, Novelist
Jamie Oliver, 1975, Chef
Janusz Kolodziej, 1984, Race Car Driver
Jason Hill, 1989, Reality Star
Jaye Jacobs, 1982, TV Actress
JD Scott, 1976, TV Show Host
Jeff Bagwell, 1968, Baseball Player
Jeff Brazier, 1979, Reality Star
Jenny Oaks Baker, 1975, Violinist
Jeremy Mayfield, 1969, Race Car Driver
Jesse Robredo, 1958, Politician
John Barth, 1930, Novelist
John Cheever, 1912, Novelist
John Conteh, 1951, Boxer
John Dixon, 1861, Cricket Player
John Jaha, 1966, Baseball Player
Jordan Perez, 1995, Pop Singer
Jorge Newbery, 1875, Pilot
Joseph Fiennes, 1970, Movie Actor
Julia Ward Howe, 1819, Civil Rights Leader
Junior Parker, 1932, Blues Singer
Kamfong Chun, 1918, TV Actor
Karlos Rosé, 1995, World Music Singer
Kathryn Feller, 1969, Voice Actor
Kaur Kender, 1971, Novelist
Kazimierz Fajans, 1887, Scientist
Ken Lerner, 1948, TV Actor
Kenny Price, 1931, Country Singer
Kevin Haberer, 1981, Film Producer
Kordell Beckham, 2002, Family Member
Kristy Cavinder, 1988, Model
L Hamilton McCormick, 1859, Entrepreneur
Lamar Crowson, 1926, Pianist
Laura Brown, 1974, Journalist
Laura Osterberg Kalmari, 1979, Soccer Player
Lawrence Krauss, 1954, Scientist
Leah Suh, 1999, YouTube Star
Lee Baca, 1942, Politician
Lee Meriwether, 1935, TV Actress
Lee Sharpe, 1971, Soccer Player
Lewis Collins, 1946, TV Actor
Lily-Rose Depp, 1999, Family Member
Linnea Quigley, 1958, Movie Actress
Lisa Lopes, 1971, Rapper
Lord Kierra, 2000, Star
Louis Gossett Jr., 1936, Movie Actor
Luis Filipe Oliveira, 1983, World Music Singer
Maeve Tomalty, 2000, TV Actress
Mahela Jayawardene, 1977, Cricket Player
Mara Brock Akil, 1970, Screenwriter
Marc Copland, 1948, Pianist
Marcus Kruger, 1990, Hockey Player
Maren Kate, 1985, Entrepreneur
Mariano Pavone, 1982, Soccer Player
Marvin Emnes, 1988, Soccer Player
Matt Paris, 1998, Instagram Star
Mengistu Haile Mariam, 1937, Politician
Michael Ford, 1990, Football Player
Michael Hussey, 1975, Cricket Player
Michael Steger, 1980, TV Actor
Michael Steves, 1995, YouTube Star
Mike Duffy, 1946, Politician
Mike Dunlap, 1957, Basketball Coach
Mike Pearson, 1994, Vine Star
Mile Sterjovski, 1979, Soccer Player
Miles Richie, 1994, Family Member
Morning Glory Zell-Ravenheart, 1948, Religious Leader
Myrka Dellanos, 1965, TV Show Host
Natalee Harris, 1988, Reality Star
Natalie Neidhart, 1982, Wrestler
Neil Finn, 1958, Guitarist
Nick Cooper, 1968, Drummer
Nick Polowy, 1990, Vine Star
Nicola Payne, 1988, Family Member
Nitin Gadkari, 1956, Politician
Otto Carius, 1922,
Pablo Mills, 1984, Soccer Player
Pat Cash, 1965, Tennis Player
Patoranking, 1990, Reggae Singer
Paul Bettany, 1971, Movie Actor
Paul Gascoigne, 1967, Soccer Player
Pauline Hanson, 1954, Politician
Peri Gilpin, 1961, TV Actress
Peter Knight, 1947, Folk Singer
Peter Sasdy, 1935, Director
Propaganda, 1979, Rapper
Rachel Carson, 1907, Scientist
Ramsey Lewis, 1935, Pianist
Ravi Shastri, 1962, Cricket Player
Ray Sheppard, 1966, Hockey Player
Rebekah Brooks, 1968, Journalist
Richard Buckman, 1989, Rugby Player
Richard Papillon, 1992, eSports Player
Richard Park, 1976, Hockey Player
Richard Schiff, 1955, TV Actor
Robert Lee Yates, 1952, Criminal
Roberto Soldado, 1985, Soccer Player
Royalty Brown, 2014, Family Member
Ryan Henry, 1986, Tattoo Artist
Sally McKenney Quinn, 1985, Blogger
Sam Snead, 1912, Golfer
Sarina Maskey, 1987, Model
Scott Loach, 1988, Soccer Player
Sean Douglas, 1983, Songwriter
Sean Kinney, 1966, Drummer
Sean Reinert, 1971, Drummer
Sebastien Foucan, 1974, Freerunner
Shanola Hampton, 1977, TV Actress
Shift K3y, 1993, DJ
Shiloh Jolie-Pitt, 2006, Family Member
Sidney Keyes, 1922, Poet
Simon Blackwell, 1966, Screenwriter
Siouxsie Sioux, 1957, Rock Singer
Sokratis Kokkalis, 1939, Entrepreneur
Steve Franken, 1932, Movie Actor
Steven Brill, 1962, Director
Stuart Gray, 1963, Basketball Player
Stuart Manning, 1979, TV Actor
Tana Umaga, 1973, Rugby Player
Tblake, 1993, YouTube Star
Terry Collins, 1949, Baseball Manager
Terry Kennedy, 1985, Skateboarder
Tim Halperin, 1987, Pop Singer
Todd Bridges, 1965, TV Actor
Todd Hundley, 1969, Baseball Player
Tony Hillerman, 1925, Novelist
Valerie Garcia, 1987, TV Actress
Vincent Price, 1911, Movie Actor
Vontae Davis, 1988, Football Player
Wayne Carey, 1971, Australian Rules Footballer
Wayne Williams, 1958, Criminal
Whitney Woof, 1996, YouTube Star
Wild Bill Hickok, 1837, Law Enforcement Officer
Will Campuzano, 1986, MMA Fighter
William May, 1928, Religious Leader
Young Daddy Lumba, 1989, Rapper
Zach Herron, 2001, Pop Singer
Zack Novak, 1990, Basketball Player


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