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May 14 Famous Birthdays

May 14 Famous Birthdays

Famous people born on MAY 14 are considerate of others but they don’t depend on anyone. They may have extreme psychic abilities and could use them to help people. They never meet a stranger as they are an approachable individual who loves to socialize.

The brothers, sisters, and cousins of the famous celebrities born on May 14 can’t wait until the next family reunion where they will be the highlight of everybody’s day especially during the games. They enjoy family traditions and enticing a little pleasant family feud. When not enjoying with their family, they are at home preferably with their soul mate enjoy some one on one adult games.


Needless to say, famous people born on May 14 require a little extra stimulation and care. They tend to want to be the first to say they are sorry after an argument. They like making up. Otherwise, they tend to stay away from confrontations. Generally, they are good physical shape but they don’t get the hours of sleep needed to substantiate their active and busy lifestyle.


Famous people born on May 14 are friendly and sociable Taurus. However, they can be arrogant and critical. Their children are likely to develop a better appreciation of them after they have left the nest. Friendships are indispensable and necessary for a lasting relationship with this famous May 14 Taurean.


May 14th Famous Birthday Personality Traits

14 May Good Traits:

  • Sympathetic
  • Concerned
  • Insightful
  • Astute
  • Enthusiastic
  • Independent
  • Creative
  • Friendly
  • Sociable
  • Patient
  • Intellectual
  • Resilient
  • Competitive
  • Optimistic

14 May Bad Traits:

  • Restless
  • Arrogant
  • Critical
  • Insecure
  • Extreme

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May 14 Famous Birthday Personalities

Ada Nicodemou, 1977, Soap Opera Actress
Agha Hasan Abedi, 1922, Entrepreneur
AJ Saudin, 1992, TV Actor
Alain Vigneault, 1961, Hockey Coach
Alana Beard, 1982, Basketball Player
Albie Casino, 1993, TV Actor
Alec Dankworth, 1960, Bassist
Alex Lewis, 1990, YouTube Star
Alexandra Park, 1989, TV Actress
Alice Barnham, 1592, Political Wife
Aline Chretien, 1936, Political Wife
Alistair McAlpine, 1942, Politician
Aloys Kontarsky, 1931, Pianist
Amber Portwood, 1990, Reality Star
Amber Tamblyn, 1983, TV Actress
Amber Wallace, 1987, TV Actress
Ana Martin, 1947, Soap Opera Actress
Ana Rujas, 1989, TV Actress
Anahi, 1983, World Music Singer
Andrew Chaplin, 1990, Rapper
Anjelah Johnson, 1982, Comedian
Anna Werblinska, 1984, Volleyball Player
Annalee Jefferies, 1954, Movie Actress
Anne Clark, 1960, Songwriter
Apple Martin, 2004, Family Member
Archie Alexander, 1888, Mathematician
BC Forbes, 1880, Journalist
Beardyman, 1982, Music Producer
Ben Murs, 1984, Family Member
Ben Weber, 1972, Movie Actor
Big Van Vader, 1955, Wrestler
Billie Dove, 1903, Movie Actress
Blaine Gibson, 1990, Film Producer
Blair O’Neal, 1981, Golfer
Bleona Qereti, 1979, World Music Singer
Bob Telson, 1949, Composer
Bobby Darin, 1936, Pop Singer

Brandon Molina, 1994, YouTube Star
Brent Harvey, 1978, Australian Rules Footballer
Brett Leonard, 1959, Director
Brian Chaplin, 1990, Rapper
Bryce Brown, 1991, Football Player
Bullysteria, 1990, YouTube Star
Byron Dorgan, 1942, Politician
Camila Sodi, 1986, Model
Carl Nicks, 1985, Football Player
Carlos Baca-Flor, 1867, Painter
Casey Breves, 1984, Pop Singer
Cate Blanchett, 1969, Movie Actress
CC DeVille, 1962, Guitarist
Chloe Lewis, 1990, Reality Star
Christian Colon, 1989, Baseball Player
Christopher Wreh, 1975, Soccer Player
Claudius Dornier, 1884, Entrepreneur
Clay Matthews, 1986, Football Player
Dallas Harder, 1996, Photographer
Dan Auerbach, 1979, Guitarist
Dan Coffey, 1957, TV Show Host
Daniel M. Lewin, 1970, Entrepreneur
Daniel Roemer, 1980, Screenwriter
Danny Gare, 1954, Hockey Player
Danny Huston, 1962, Director
Danny Wood, 1969, Pop Singer
Darren Glass, 1981, Australian Rules Footballer
David Byrne, 1952, Rock Singer
David FamilyFunPack, 2008, YouTube Star
David Hawthorne, 1985, Football Player
David Quantick, 1961, Screenwriter
Deanne Bray, 1971, TV Actress
Deborah Edwards, 1965, Family Member
Dennis Martinez, 1955, Baseball Player
Dennis Praet, 1994, Soccer Player
Derek Leckenby, 1943, Guitarist
Dina Deleasa-Gonsar, 1984, Blogger
Don Jones, 1990, Football Player
Donald McMonagle, 1952, Astronaut
Dustin Lynch, 1985, Country Singer
Dylana Jenson, 1961, Violinist
Dyson Heppell, 1992, Australian Rules Footballer
Earle Combs, 1899, Baseball Player
Ed Walsh, 1881, Baseball Player
Eddie House, 1978, Basketball Player
Efren Navarro, 1986, Baseball Player
Elease Donovan, 1988, Reality Star
Emily Huff, 1998, Vine Star
Emma Forbes, 1965, TV Show Host
Eoin Colfer, 1965, Children’s Author
Eric Morecambe, 1926, Comedian
Eric Peterson, 1964, Guitarist
Erica Link, 1992, YouTube Star
Ernst Herter, 1846, Sculptor
Ezzat Eddy, 1998, Instagram Star
Fabrice Morvan, 1966, Pop Singer
Fer Vazquez, 1994, Pop Singer
Florian Nguyen, 1992, YouTube Star
Frajo Tuđman, 1922, Politician
Francesca Annis, 1945, Movie Actress

Francis Magundayao, 1999, TV Actor
Francois Steyn, 1987, Rugby Player
Frank Bell, 1984, Folk Singer
Frank Gore, 1983, Football Player
Fraser Nelson, 1973, Journalist
Freaky Tah, 1971, Rapper
Gabriel Mann, 1972, TV Actor
Gabriela Ramirez, 1990, Instagram Star
Gary Ablett Jr., 1984, Australian Rules Footballer
Gene Cornish, 1944, Guitarist
George Lucas, 1944, Director
Georgia Salpa, 1985, Model
Gump Worsley, 1929, Hockey Player
Haile, 1995, Rapper
Hassan Yebda, 1984, Soccer Player
Helen Flanders Dunbar, 1902, Doctor
Heloise Bowles Cruse, 1919, Novelist
Hunter Burgan, 1976, Bassist
Ian Astbury, 1962, Rock Singer
Ignace Murwanashyaka, 1963, Criminal
Indira Varma, 1973, TV Actress
J.m.w. Turner, 1775, Painter
Jack Bruce, 1943, Bassist
Jackie Speier, 1950, Politician
Jade Pink, 2001, YouTube Star
James Hill, 1987, Reality Star

James M. Kelly, 1964, Astronaut
Jan Ravens, 1958, TV Actress
Janelle Ginestra, 1990, Dancer
Jay Beckenstein, 1951, Saxophonist
Jayna Hefford, 1977, Hockey Player
Jean Leloup, 1961, Rock Singer
Jeff Heath, 1991, Football Player
Jeff Sarwer, 1978, Chess Player
Jennifer Clary, 1983, Director
Jennifer Niven, 1968, Novelist
Jessica Boone, 1984, Stage Actress
Jim Howick, 1979, TV Actor
Jim Shilling, 1914, Baseball Player
Jimmy Whetzel, 1997, YouTube Star
Joey Stylez, 1981, Songwriter
Johan Brolin, 1988, Rock Singer
John Besh, 1968, Chef
John Rutsey, 1953, Drummer
Johnny Moss, 1907,
Johnny Murtagh, 1970, Horse Jockey
Jon Leuer, 1989, Basketball Player
Josanne Lucas, 1984, Runner
Jose Da Silveira, 1965, Painter
Joshua Coleman, 1987, Film Producer
Julia Goodwin, 1998, Pop Singer
Julia Westlin, 1988, YouTube Star
Julian Eltinge, 1881, Stage Actor
Katee Shean, 1988, Dancer
Keeley Donovan, 1983, TV Show Host
Kelly Gale, 1995, Model
Kiara, 1963, Pop Singer
Koffee, 1991, YouTube Star
Kolby Koloff, 1996, Reality Star
Kosuke Kimura, 1984, Soccer Player
Kristina Maria, 1989, Pop Singer
Kristina Mladenovic, 1993, Tennis Player
Laszlo Kovacs, 1933, Director
Lawrence Kao, 1985, TV Actor
Lawrence Timmons, 1986, Football Player
Laya Lewis, 1992, TV Actress
Lee McCulloch, 1978, Soccer Player
Leilani Jones, 1957, Stage Actress
Lilian Tahmasian, 1990, YouTube Star
Lina Esco, 1985, Movie Actress
London Brown, 1981, Comedian
Lou Harrison, 1917, Composer
Luis Llorens Torres, 1876, Poet
Luke Gregerson, 1984, Baseball Player
Madi Diaz, 1986, Pop Singer
Maria Irene Fornes, 1930, Playwright
Marie Smith Jones, 1918, Activist
Mark Blum, 1950, Movie Actor
Mark Zuckerberg, 1984, Entrepreneur
Marquinhos, 1994, Soccer Player
Martin Garrix, 1996, DJ
Martine McCutcheon, 1976, Stage Actress
Matthew Macklin, 1982, Boxer
Maude Fulton, 1881, Playwright
Mckaley Miller, 1996, TV Actress
MECA Cazin, 1994, Instagram Star
Megan Puleri, 1997, Model
Melinda Bam, 1989, Model
Michael Hebranko, 1953,
Mickael Landreau, 1979, Soccer Player
Mike Inez, 1966, Bassist
Mike Quick, 1959, Football Player
Mike Retondo, 1981, Bassist
Miranda Cosgrove, 1993, TV Actress
Mrinal Sen, 1923, Director
Nadine Vandervelde, 1962, Movie Actress
Natalie Appleton, 1973, Pop Singer
Nathan Darmody, 1991, Pop Singer
Naty Secrets, 2004, YouTube Star
Ne Win, 1910, Politician
Nigel Reo-Coker, 1984, Soccer Player
Nikki Phillippi, 1987, YouTube Star
Noah Levi, 2001, Pop Singer
Norman Luboff, 1917, Composer
Norodom Sihamoni, 1953, Politician
Nouha Dicko, 1992, Soccer Player
Olafur Ragnar Grimsson, 1943, World Leader
Olly Murs, 1984, Pop Singer
Oona O’Neill, 1925, Family Member
Otto Klemperer, 1885, Composer
Pamela El Kik, 1988, Movie Actress
Patrick Sheltra, 1986, Race Car Driver
Paul Broun, 1946, Politician
Peter Kirsten, 1955, Cricket Player
Peter Macdissi, 1974, TV Actor
PK Creedon, 1992, YouTube Star
Pokimane, 1996, Twitch Star
Pyrocynical, 1997, YouTube Star
Raphael Saadiq, 1966, R&B Singer
Razak Al-Hassan, 1982, MMA Fighter
Rich Beddoe, 1976, Drummer
Rich Correll, 1948, TV Actor
Richard John Neuhaus, 1936, Religious Leader
Rick Vaive, 1959, Hockey Player
Rob Gronkowski, 1989, Football Player
Robert Owen, 1771, Activist
Robert Zemeckis, 1952, Director
Ronald Powell, 1991, Football Player
Roque Dalton, 1935, Poet
Rosen Plevneliev, 1964, Politician
Roy Eaton, 1930, Pianist
Roy Halladay, 1977, Baseball Player
Ruby Walsh, 1979, Horse Jockey
Rudy Perez, 1958, Film Producer
Ryland Adams, 1991, YouTube Star
Sabryn Genet, 1971, Soap Opera Actress
Salaam Remi, 1972, Music Producer
Sally Martin, 1985, TV Actress
Sam Carnes Collier, 1912, Entrepreneur
Sam Perrett, 1985, Rugby Player
Sascha Williams, 1980, News Anchor
Sasha Spielberg, 1990, Movie Actress
Sean Dalton, 1980, Drummer
Sedef Şahin, 1992, TV Actress
Shanice, 1973, R&B Singer
Shawn Barton, 1963, Baseball Player
Shawn Jump, 1984, Guitarist
Sian Phillips, 1933, Stage Actress
Sidney Bechet, 1897, Saxophonist
Sofia Coppola, 1971, Director
Solo Lucci, 1986, Rapper
Sophie Kurys, 1925, Baseball Player
Steve Letarte, 1979,
Steve Ramsey, 1966, YouTube Star
Stu Williamson, 1933, Trumpet Player
Suelyn Medeiros, 1986, Model
Sumaya Bint el Hassan, 1971, Royalty
Suzy Kolber, 1964, Sportscaster
Tamara Dobson, 1947, Model
Taruni Sachdev, 1998, Movie Actress
Tatenda Taibu, 1983, Cricket Player
Tessa Sanderson, 1956, Javelin Thrower
Thomas Donilon, 1955, Politician
Thomas Gainsborough, 1727, Painter
Tim Roth, 1961, TV Actor
Tom Cochrane, 1953, Rock Singer
Tom Deblass, 1982, MMA Fighter
Tom Jay Williams, 1992, Pop Singer
Tommy Lawrence, 1940, Soccer Player
Tony Perez, 1942, Baseball Player
Tony Siragusa, 1967, Football Player
Tristram Cary, 1925, Composer
Twinnie-Lee Moore, 1987, Stage Actress
Tyler Lewis, 1993, Basketball Player
Urijah Faber, 1979, MMA Fighter
Vic Flick, 1937, Guitarist
Vladimir Antoshin, 1929, Chess Player
Waheeda Rehman, 1936, Movie Actress
Walter Berry, 1964, Basketball Player
Waseem Stark, 1984, Music Producer
Will Holland, 1983, DJ
William Alexander Percy, 1885, Poet
William Gregory, 1957, Astronaut
Zack Ryder, 1985, Wrestler
Zarine Khan, 1987, Movie Actress
Zeke Motta, 1990, Football Player


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