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May 13 Famous Birthdays

May 13 Famous Birthdays

Famous people born on MAY 13 are in charge. So they make their own fun, money and opportunities. They don’t just wish for something to happen. They believe that everyone has a purpose and that they don’t have much use for people who want to only waste their lives away.

People look up to the famous celebrities of May 13 because they are a mover and a shaker. And, then others seem to have a problem with them and their lifestyle and family. It is okay as it won’t stop them from enjoying life.


Famous people born on May 13 like having the money and the freedom to do the things they want. They enjoy the world with its entire breathtaking scenery. They just need a partner to go halves with.

However, to fully take advantage of this life, they need to be on top of their health game. Starting a healthy routine now will greatly increase their chances of a fuller life later.


Famous people born on May 13 do not wait for things to happen. These Taurus have a great desire to be happy. They may have a desire to be wealthy and have a partner to share it with. Personal happiness and success is high on their list.


May 13th Famous Birthday Personality Traits

13 May Good Traits:

  • Responsible
  • Funny
  • Respectable
  • Imaginative
  • Open
  • Revealing
  • Mature
  • Kind
  • Reliable

13 May Bad Traits:

  • Impatient
  • Hasty
  • Inattentive
  • Aloof
  • Detached
  • Tensed

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May 13 Famous Birthday Personalities

Alan Ball, 1957, TV Producer
Alan Ferreira, 1990, YouTube Star
Aleksandr Kaleri, 1956, Astronaut
Alex Hammond, 1974, TV Show Host
Alex Velea, 1984, Pop Singer
Alexa Sutherland, 1998, Movie Actress
Alexander Rybak, 1986, World Music Singer
Alison Goldfrapp, 1966, Pop Singer
Amariah Faulkner, 2001, Dancer
Ana Popovic, 1976, Guitarist
Andres Palacios, 1975, TV Actor
Angie Svinarenko, 1994, Model
Anita Gorbicz, 1983, Handball Player
Anna Cropper, 1938, TV Actress
Anne Buydens, 1930, Film Producer
Antonio Adán, 1987, Soccer Player
Armistead Maupin, 1944, Novelist
Arthur Lipsett, 1936, Director
Arthur Sullivan, 1842, Composer
Arthur William Savage, 1857, Entrepreneur
Ava Acres, 2005, TV Actress
Bang Minah, 1993, Pop Singer
Barry Zito, 1978, Baseball Player
Bea Arthur, 1922, TV Actress
Bea Arthur, 1922, TV Actress
Benny Dayal, 1984, Pop Singer
Beverly Owen, 1937, TV Actress
Bill Arnold, 1992, Hockey Player
Bobby Shuttleworth, 1987, Soccer Player
Bobby Valentine, 1950, Baseball Manager
Bree Newsome, 1985, Director
Brian Geraghty, 1975, Movie Actor
Brian Moroney, 1996, Rock Singer

Brooke Victoria Anderson, 1978, TV Show Host
Buck Taylor, 1938, TV Actor
Buckethead, 1969, Guitarist
Cameron Furniss, 1992, Fashion Designer
Cameron McEvoy, 1994, Swimmer
Candice Accola, 1987, TV Actress
Caroline Ford, 1988, TV Actress
Carrie Prejean, 1987, Model
Charles Baxter, 1947, Non-Fiction Author
Charlotte Wessels, 1987, Metal Singer
Charne Louise White, 1981, Reality Star
Chelsea Briggs, 1985, YouTube Star
Cheryl Dunye, 1966, Director
Chevy Woods, 1981, Rapper
Chris Bath, 1967, News Anchor
Chris Fleming, 1967, TV Show Host
Chris Garcia, 1977, Comedian
Chris Gibson, 1964, Politician
Chris Landry, 1995, Rapper
Christina Aviles, 1992, Reality Star
Christopher Ralph, 1977, TV Actor
Chuck Schuldiner, 1967, Guitarist
Cillian O’Connor, 1992, Gaelic Football Player
Claudie Haignere, 1957, Astronaut
Danusia Francis, 1994, Gymnast
Darius Rucker, 1966, Pop Singer
Darrell Sheets, 1958, Reality Star
Darryl Sydor, 1972, Hockey Player
David Ebert, 1987, Comedian
David Michaud, 1984, YouTube Star
Dawn Harper-Nelson, 1984, Runner
Debby Ryan, 1993, TV Actress
Denise Emerson, 1960, Cricket Player
Dennis Rodman, 1961, Basketball Player
Didier Cohen, 1985, Reality Star
Dougie Matt, 1995, YouTube Star
Drew Holcomb, 1982, Rock Singer
Dyme-A-Duzin, 1992, Rapper
Earle Birney, 1904, Poet
Egill Einarsson, 1980, TV Show Host
Elchin Afandiyev, 1943, Politician
Em Ford, 1990, YouTube Star
Enni Rukajarvi, 1990, Snowboarder
Enrique Bolanos, 1928, World Leader
Evelin Samuel, 1975, Stage Actress
Fana Mokoena, 1971, Movie Actor
Finn Harries, 1993, YouTube Star
Frances Barber, 1958, Stage Actress
Francis Coquelin, 1991, Soccer Player
Francisco Lachowski, 1991, Model
Francisco Lachowski, 1991, Model
Franklyn Ajaye, 1949, Comedian
Fred Melamed, 1956, Movie Actor
Fredson Paixao, 1979, MMA Fighter
Gareth Morris, 1920, Flute Player
Garrett Hilbert, 1987, YouTube Star
Georges Braque, 1882, Painter
Ghassan Rahbani, 1964, Music Producer
Gil Evans, 1912, Pianist
Gregory Lemarchal, 1983, Rock Singer
Hannah Janes, 1993, Model
Hannah New, 1984, TV Actress
Harvey Keitel, 1939, Movie Actor
Heiko Lochmann, 1999, YouTube Star
Herbert Ross, 1927, Director
Hideki Konno, 1965, Game Designer
Hugo Becker, 1987, TV Actor

Hunter Parrish, 1987, TV Actor
Ilse Delange, 1977, Country Singer
Inge Lehmann, 1888, Scientist
Itati Cantoral, 1975, TV Actress
Iwan Rheon, 1985, TV Actor
Jac Vanek, 1987, Entrepreneur
Jack Harries, 1993, YouTube Star
Jaclyn Davies, 1994, Family Member
Jake Borelli, 1991, TV Actor
James Banks, 1990, eSports Player
James Yun, 1981, Wrestler
Jan Lauwereyns, 1969, Poet
Jane Cox, 1952, Soap Opera Actress
Jaroslav Halak, 1985, Hockey Player
JB Brubaker, 1984, Guitarist
Jean Rondeau, 1946, Race Car Driver
Jenna Andrews, 1986, Pop Singer
Jerome Charyn, 1937, Novelist
Jim Jones, 1931, Criminal
Jim Shoulders, 1928,
Joe Johnston, 1950, Director
Joe Louis, 1914, Boxer
Joe Mason, 1991, Soccer Player
Joe Meinwieser, 1988, Tattoo Artist
John Anderson, 1965, Sportscaster
John Kasich, 1952, Politician

John Paul White, 1973, Rock Singer
John Roseboro, 1933, Baseball Player
John Ryan Murphy, 1991, Baseball Player
Johnnie Wright, 1914, Country Singer
Johnny Logan, 1954, Pop Singer
Jose Rijo, 1965, Baseball Player
Joseph Attieh, 1986, Pop Singer
Josh Papalii, 1992, Rugby Player
Justin Rosenstein, 1983, Entrepreneur
Kaleidow, 1996, YouTube Star
Kathleen Jamie, 1962, Poet
Kathleen Neal Cleaver, 1945, Family Member
Katie Thistleton, 1989, TV Show Host
Kayla Brianna, 1993, R&B Singer
Ken Darby, 1909, Composer
Killer Karl Krupp, 1934, Wrestler
Kirk Thornton, 1956, Voice Actor
Klaire De Lys, 1991, YouTube Star
Koji Suzuki, 1957, Novelist
Kris Versteeg, 1986, Hockey Player
krNfx, 1989, YouTube Star
Lance Crouther, 1962, Movie Actor
Lari Michelle White, 1965, Country Singer
Lena Dunham, 1986, TV Actress
Leo Taylor, 1901, Baseball Player
Leon Wagner, 1934, Baseball Player
Lia SevenPerfectAngels, 2004, YouTube Star
Lillian Adams, 1922, Movie Actress
Liss Jones, 1990, Pop Singer
Lou Marini, 1945, Saxophonist
Lucille Starr, 1938, Country Singer
Luke Shayler, 1993, YouTube Star
Maddy Whitby, 1991, TV Actress
Mae Laborde, 1909, TV Actress
Manfredo Fest, 1936, Pianist
Mar Roxas, 1957, Politician
Maria Theresa, 1717, Royalty
Mark Heap, 1957, TV Actor
Mark Stone, 1992, Hockey Player
Marv Wolfman, 1946, Comic Book Author
Mary Walsh, 1952, Comedian
Mary Wells, 1943, Rock Singer
Mason Cutler, 1993, Movie Actor
Matheus Sales, 1995, Soccer Player
Matt Carter, 1981, Race Car Driver
Matt Doyle, 1987, Stage Actor
Matt Greene, 1983, Hockey Player
Matthew Kreuzer, 1989, Australian Rules Footballer
Matthew Leone, 1981, Bassist
Megan Colarossi, 1975, TV Show Host
Melanie Thornton, 1967, Pop Singer
Michael Monaghan, 1980, Rugby Player
Mickey Madden, 1979, Bassist
Mika Abdalla, 2000, TV Actress
Mika Vukona, 1982, Basketball Player
Mike Bibby, 1978, Basketball Player
Mike Gravel, 1930, Politician
Mike Martz, 1951, Football Coach
Mike River, 1998, Pop Singer
Misha Gabriel, 1987, Dancer
Mohsen Yeganeh, 1985, World Music Singer
Monique Truong, 1968, Novelist
Natalie Cassidy, 1983, TV Actress
Natalie Massenet, 1965, Entrepreneur
Niaz Murshed, 1966, Chess Player
Nicole Barber-Lane, 1973, Soap Opera Actress
Nikos Aliagas, 1969, TV Show Host
Nino Schurter, 1986, Cyclist
Ole Worm, 1588, Scientist
Oliver Bell, 2004, TV Actor
Oscar Howe, 1915, Painter
Paul James, 1982, Rugby Player
Paul Klengel, 1854, Violinist
Paul McDermott, 1962, Comedian
Paul Tibbitt, 1968, TV Producer
Paulo Avelino, 1988, TV Actor
Pavel Jozef Safarik, 1795, Non-Fiction Author
Pearl Thusi, 1988, TV Show Host
Peter Beadle, 1972, Soccer Player
PK Subban, 1989, Hockey Player
Pope Pius IX, 1792, Religious Leader
Punit Malhotra, 1982, Director
Pusha T, 1977, Rapper
Quad Webb-Lunceford, 1980, Reality Star
Rain Paris, 1993, YouTube Star
Randolph, 1994, Rapper
Rich Bickle, 1961, Race Car Driver
Ritchie Valens, 1941, Rock Singer
Rob Johnston, 1981, Vine Star
Robert Pattinson, 1986, Movie Actor
Roman Lochmann, 1999, YouTube Star
Romelu Lukaku, 1993, Soccer Player
Ronnie Coleman, 1964, Bodybuilder
Ryan Piers Williams, 1981, Movie Actor
Ryan Sill, 1994, Pop Singer
Saby Kamalich, 1939, Movie Actress
Sam Anderson, 1945, TV Actor
Samantha Morton, 1977, Movie Actress
Sara Decosta-Hayes, 1977, Hockey Player
Sara Larsson, 1979, Soccer Player
Scott Morrison, 1968, Politician
Sean Mac, 1982, DJ
Sebastiao Jose Carvalho, 1699, Politician
Senta Berger, 1941, Movie Actress
Sharon Sayles Belton, 1951, Politician
Shaun Phillips, 1981, Football Player
Sheila Jeffreys, 1948, Activist
Siobhan Fallon Hogan, 1961, Movie Actress
Sohai Ali Abro, 1994, TV Actress
Sonja Zietlow, 1968, TV Show Host
Stella Rimington, 1935, Novelist
Stephanie Davis, 1991, Model
Stephen Colbert, 1964, TV Show Host
Stephen R. Donaldson, 1947, Novelist
Stephen Young, 1931, TV Actor
Stevie Wonder, 1950, R&B Singer
Sunny Leone, 1981,
Tasmin Little, 1965, Violinist
Tatted Up Holly, 1990, Model
Tatyana Carter, 1999, R&B Singer
Taylor Cammarata, 1995, Hockey Player
Tedi Papavrami, 1971, Violinist
TheHyperCraft, 1999, YouTube Star
Thievy Bifouma, 1992, Soccer Player
Thomas Gann, 1867, Explorer
Tim Pigott-Smith, 1946, TV Actor
Tom Cotton, 1977, Politician
Tom Danielson, 1978, Cyclist
Tom Verica, 1964, TV Actor
Tony Renis, 1938, Composer
Travis Zajac, 1985, Hockey Player
Twaimz, 1995, Vine Star
Tyler Polak, 1992, Soccer Player
Tyrann Mathieu, 1992, Football Player
Vincent Pontare, 1980, Pop Singer
Vladimir Dzhanibekov, 1942, Astronaut
Waneta Hoyt, 1946, Criminal
William R. Tolbert, 1913, Politician
Willy Gonzalez, 1961, World Music Singer
Witold Pilecki, 1901, War Hero
Yaya Toure, 1983, Soccer Player
Zoe Wanamaker, 1949, Movie Actress


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