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March 27 Famous Birthdays

March 27 Famous Birthdays

Famous people born on March 27th are an independent, self-made and resourceful Aries. They are pretty sure of themselves and some may be envious of their abilities. Basically, they love being home. But there are times when they feel the need to branch out and do something totally outside the box.

If you share your birthday with March 27 born famous people, you love your family but could be guilty of loving them too much as you tend to stick your nose in their business. They love you but wish you could just support their decisions. As a lover, famous March 27 people need to look for someone much like themselves. They require a partner who is active and smart but are not in a rush to get married.


Famous March 27th celebrities have goals and plans to be someone who is prosperous beyond average means. They are a beast when it comes to being on the grill or even in the kitchen. Food has a way of bringing people together and making them feel better.


Famous people born on March 27 have a way of persuading people to think as themselves. Sometimes, the life of an Aries can be hectic and stressful. They would prefer a quite evening at home or a noisy night out. They dance to their own beat. Those with a March 27 birthday, love to cook.


March 27th Famous Birthday Personality Traits

27th March Good Traits:

  • Self Reliant
  • Adventurous
  • Successful
  • Secure
  • Flexible
  • Loyal
  • Persuasive

27th March Bad Traits:

  • Brash
  • Aggressive
  • Arrogant
  • Judgmental
  • Busybody

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March 27th Famous Birthday Personalities

Adam Ashley-Cooper, 1984, Rugby Player
Ade Adepitan, 1973, Paralympian
Adrian Rawlins, 1958, Movie Actor
Ai Qing, 1910, Poet
Akhil Kumar, 1981, Boxer
Alan Revill, 1923, Cricket Player
Alejandra Espinoza, 1987, Model
Alfred Victor Devigny, 1797, Poet
Alison Carroll, 1985, Model
Alphacat, 1982, YouTube Star
Amira Willighagen, 2004, Pop Singer
Amy Walsh, 1987, Soap Opera Actress
Andrea Lowell, 1983, Model
Andrew Farriss, 1959, Rock Singer
Anne Ramsey, 1929, Movie Actress
Anthony Lewis, 1927, Journalist
Art Evans, 1942, Movie Actor
Asia Dee, 1992, Model
Atsuto Uchida, 1988, Soccer Player
Austin Pendleton, 1940, Movie Actor
Beba Selimovic, 1939, Folk Singer
Ben Franks, 1984, Rugby Player
Ben Koldyke, 1971, TV Actor
Ben Richards, 1972, TV Actor
Ben Webster, 1909, Saxophonist

Benji Travis, 1984, YouTube Star
Bernard Curry, 1974, Soap Opera Actor
Betty Miller, 1925, Movie Actress
Bianca Casady, 1982, Folk Singer
BJ Forbes, 1998, Movie Actor
Blake Mciver Ewing, 1985, TV Actor
Bradley Schatz, 1998, Reality Star
Bradley Soileau, 1986, Model
Brandon Nimmo, 1993, Baseball Player
Brenda Song, 1988, TV Actress
Budd Schulberg, 1914, Screenwriter
Buster Posey, 1987, Baseball Player
Caitlin Upton, 1989, Model
Cale Yarborough, 1939, Race Car Driver
Carl Barks, 1901, Cartoonist
Carl Lachmund, 1853, Pianist
Caroline Williams, 1957, Movie Actress
Caroline Winberg, 1985, Model
Cathy Guetta, 1963, Family Member
Cesare Cremonini, 1980, Pop Singer
Chad Larose, 1982, Hockey Player
Charlie Allen, 1955, Fashion Designer
Charlie Haas, 1972, Wrestler
Charly Alberti, 1963, Drummer
Chris McCarron, 1955, Horse Jockey
Christine Sydelko, 1994, Vine Star
Clive Rowe, 1964, TV Actor
Craig Wayans, 1976, Film Producer
Dan Bull, 1986, Rapper
Dana Stabenow, 1952, Novelist
Daniel Ferrell, 1998, YouTube Star
Dara Hayes, 1993, DJ
Dave Koz, 1963, Saxophonist
David Coulthard, 1971, Race Car Driver
David Janssen, 1931, TV Actor
David L. Norton, 1930, Philosopher
David Navara, 1985, Chess Player
David Osborne, 1964, Politician
Delano Edwards, 1994, YouTube Star
DeMarko Gage, 1993, Vine Star
Demi Rose Mawby, 1995, Instagram Star
Dick King-Smith, 1922, Children’s Author
Don Wildman, 1961, TV Show Host
Dustin Byfuglien, 1985, Hockey Player
Edward Steichen, 1879, Photographer
Effa Manley, 1897, Sports Executive
Elizabeth Mitchell, 1970, TV Actress
Ellery Hanley, 1961, Rugby Player
Emma Davis, 1986, Triathlete

Emma Maembong, 1992, TV Actress
Eric Buyse, 1940, Soccer Player
Erich Heller, 1911, Philosopher
Erik Meldik, 1986, YouTube Star
Ernest Eastman, 1927, Politician
Eva Simons, 1985, Pop Singer
Ferde Grofe, 1892, Composer
Fergie, 1975, Pop Singer
Francie Swift, 1969, TV Actress
Frank O’hara, 1926, Poet
Frank O’hara, 1926, Poet
Gay Blackstone, 1952, Magician
George Giffen, 1859, Cricket Player
George Whitelock, 1986, Rugby Player
Georgia Lee, 1949, Director
Gia Ventola, 1980, Fashion Designer
Giovanni Battista Grassi, 1854, Scientist
Glenn Carter, 1964, Stage Actor
Gloria Swanson, 1899, Movie Actress
Greg Puciato, 1980, Rock Singer
Halle Bailey, 2000, YouTube Star
Harold Nicholas, 1921, Dancer
Heiki Vilep, 1960, Children’s Author
Heinrich Mann, 1871, Novelist
Henry Royce, 1863, Entrepreneur
Henry Sims, 1990, Basketball Player
Hideko Takamine, 1924, Movie Actress

Hiroshi Kawashima, 1970, Boxer
Holliday Grainger, 1988, Movie Actress
Irem Derici, 1987, Pop Singer
Ivan Gasparovic, 1941, World Leader
Ivan Rabuzin, 1921, Painter
Jack Ejercito, 1990, Instagram Star
JackFrostMiner, 1998, YouTube Star
Jackie Chambers, 1964, Guitarist
Jaime Navarro, 1967, Baseball Player
James Madison Sr., 1723, Family Member
James Steadman, 1818, Politician
Janis Martin, 1940, Country Singer
Jann Arden, 1962, Pop Singer
Jason Narvy, 1974, TV Actor
JB Jennings, 1974, Politician
Jeanette Jennings, 1966, Reality Star
Jennie Jenkins, 1988, YouTube Star
Jerry Lacy, 1936, TV Actor
Jesse Brown, 1944, War Hero
JesserTheLazer, 1999, YouTube Star
Jessie J, 1988, Pop Singer
Jimi Heselden, 1948, Entrepreneur
JJ Lin, 1981, Pop Singer
John Robinson Pierce, 1910, Engineer
Johnny Copeland, 1937, Blues Singer
Jon Paul Steuer, 1984, TV Actor
Jordi Whitworth, 1995, Pop Singer
Jose Antonio Monroig, 1998, World Music Singer
Joseph Harryfowler Connick Sr., 1926, Lawyer
Joshua King, 1996, YouNow Star
Juca Viapri, 1992, Vine Star
Judith Leiber, 1921, Fashion Designer
Jules Olitski, 1922, Painter
Julia Alvarez, 1950, Poet
Julian Glover, 1935, Movie Actor
June Wilkinson, 1940, Model
Junior Galette, 1988, Football Player
Junior Lake, 1990, Baseball Player
Kanchi Singh, 1996, TV Actress
Kathleen Scott, 1878, Sculptor
Ken Climo, 1968,
Kendra Scott, 1974, Fashion Designer
Kenneth Slessor, 1901, Poet
Kenny Doughty, 1975, Stage Actor
Kevin Corrigan, 1969, TV Actor
Kimbra, 1990, Pop Singer
Kinsey Schofield, 1985, TV Show Host
Kirsten Collins, 1994, Pop Singer
Kkcomics, 1995, YouTube Star
Kriss Turner, 1974, Screenwriter
Laura Critchley, 1984, Rock Singer
Lee Ji-hoon, 1979, Pop Singer
Leroy Carr, 1905, Blues Singer
Liddy Holloway, 1947, Soap Opera Actress
Lilzlife, 2003, YouTube Star
Lola Van Vorst, 1988, Model
London On Da Track, 1991, Music Producer
Louis Simpson, 1923, Poet
Louise Brealey, 1979, TV Actress
Ludwig Mies, 1886, Architect
Ludwig Mies van der Rohe, 1886, Architect
Mac Bohonnon, 1995, Skier
Madeleine Moon, 1950, Politician
Malia Jones, 1977, Model
Manny Torres, 1995, Pop Singer
Manuel Neuer, 1986, Soccer Player
Marc Muniesa, 1992, Soccer Player
Maria Rasputin, 1898, Memoirist
Maria Schneider, 1952, Movie Actress
Mariah Carey, 1970, Pop Singer
Mariano Rajoy, 1955, World Leader
Marie Under, 1883, Poet
Mark Allen Baker, 1957, Novelist
Mark Beswick, 1995, TV Actor
Mark Comer, 1996, Metal Singer
Martin Ceballos, 1991, Bassist
Matt Harvey, 1989, Baseball Player
Matt Hobden, 1993, Cricket Player
Maud Gage Baum, 1861, Family Member
Maya Tritt, 2002, YouTube Star
Michael Cuddyer, 1979, Baseball Player
Michael Harney, 1956, TV Actor
Michael O’Leary, 1958, Soap Opera Actor
Michael York, 1942, Movie Actor
Michel Guerard, 1933, Chef
Mike Capaldi, 1990, Skateboarder
Mike Curtis, 1943, Football Player
Miles Higson, 1993, Soap Opera Actor
Miller Huggins, 1879, Baseball Player
Mitchell Moffit, 1988, YouTube Star
Monica Geuze, 1995, DJ
Monica Gueze, 1995, YouTube Star
Moudud Ahmed, 1988, Politician
Mstislav Rostropovich, 1927, Cellist
Nana Attakora, 1989, Soccer Player
Nancy Fuller, 1949, Chef
Natalia Sanchez, 1990, TV Actress
Natasha Calis, 1999, TV Actress
Nathan Fillion, 1971, TV Actor
Nathaniel Currier, 1813, Entrepreneur
Nicolas N’Koulou, 1990, Soccer Player
Noah Benardout, 1995, Pop Singer
Nobuko Miyamoto, 1945, Movie Actress
Otto Wallach, 1847, Scientist
Pascale Machaalani, 1964, World Music Singer
Patricia Wrede, 1953, Novelist
Paul Abisheganaden, 1914, Composer
Paul McCullough, 1883, Screenwriter
Pauley Perrette, 1969, TV Actress
Peewee Russell, 1906, Saxophonist
Philippe Bianconi, 1960, Pianist
Polina Gagarina, 1987, Pop Singer
Quentin Tarantino, 1963, Director
Quincy Stewart, 1978, Football Player
Ram Charan, 1985, Movie Actor
Randall Cunningham, 1963, Football Player
Raymond Oliver, 1909, Chef
Renato Russo, 1960, Punk Singer
Rene Fonck, 1894, Pilot
Renee Forte, 1987, MMA Fighter
Robert Campbell Reeve, 1902, Pilot
Robert Guerrero, 1983, Boxer
Robert Lockwood Jr., 1915, Guitarist
Rosabell Laurenti Sellers, 1996, TV Actress
Ross Mcnae, 1987, Bassist
Ryan Finley, 1991, Soccer Player
Ryan Joyce, 1981, Magician
Sabrina Seara, 1985, TV Actress
Sahan Dosova, 1879,
Sandra Choi, 1969, Fashion Designer
Sandra Hess, 1968, Movie Actress
Sarah Vaughan, 1924, Jazz Singer
Scott Selwood, 1990, Rugby Player
Skee Lo, 1975, Rapper
Sophie Nelisse, 2000, Movie Actress
Steve Shull, 1958, Football Player
Stuart Edge, 1989, YouTube Star
Tak Matsumoto, 1961, Guitarist
Talisa Soto, 1967, Model
Taylor Atelian, 1995, TV Actress
Taylor Humphries, 1980, Rock Singer
Tehmeena Afzal, 1982, Model
Thomas Sullivan, 1947, Movie Actor
Thorne Smith, 1892, Novelist
Tia Fuller, 1976, Saxophonist
Tigerlily, 1992, DJ
Tim Shaw, 1984, Football Player
Tony Banks, 1950, Composer
Tracey Magee, 1969, News Anchor
Val Ramos, 1958, Guitarist
Vicki Gunvalson, 1962, Reality Star
Victor Bailey, 1960, Bassist
Victor Vito, 1987, Rugby Player
Wilhelm Rontgen, 1845, Scientist
William Lescaze, 1896, Architect
Xavier Villaurrutia, 1903, Playwright
Xuxa, 1963, TV Actress
Zaraah Abrahams, 1987, TV Actress


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