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Leo December 2020 Monthly Horoscope Predictions

Leo Monthly Horoscope for December 2020

December 2020 Leo Horoscope predicts that there will be significant transformations to your life due to the impact of the eclipses.

The Solar Eclipse of the 14th requires you to make changes to your personal looks and personality itself. Financial strategies and investment methods are in for a major overhaul. All the obstructions to money flow will be removed and your outlook towards wealth will see radical alterations.


The Lunar Eclipse of the 30th will impact your spiritual beliefs, love relationships and ingenuity. If you are not inclined towards spirituality, you will be forced to find your religious and spiritual inclinations. It is important that Leo personality should not give too much importance to visions and perceptions.

Leo December 2020 Horoscope

Leo Love and Relationship Horoscope

Leo compatibility with your spouse will be more stable this month. The position of Mars will help love life and relationship will be harmonious. Passion will take over after the 16th. Love relationships are available in plenty for singles. You should be prepared to express your feelings freely.


Leo Family Horoscope Predictions

2020 monthly horoscope is delightful for family happiness. You can expect family members to support your growth. The family environment will be genial and celebratory. This will have a positive effect on the activities of the children. Family expenses also will be satisfactory and within the stipulated budget.


Leo Health Predictions

Leo 2020 predictions are quite favorable for your well-being. No major health problems are expected and minor ones will require minimum medical help. Cleansing of the body through detoxification procedures will further help your fitness. You should not forget about regular exercise and healthy diet plans to stay in shape.


Leo Career Horoscope

2020 Leo Horoscope for professionals presents a pleasant scenario. You will be able to accomplish your projects easily. Relationships with colleagues and the management will be extremely cordial. Social contacts will help your career prospects. The only precaution you should take is that you should not abuse your authority.

Leo Finance Horoscope

2020 December predictions for Leo zodiac foretells that you have to make very important financial decisions. There may be alterations in your investment plans and change of financial consultants is likely. You should be prepared to face minor losses. All risky investments should be avoided for the time being.

Leo Education Horoscope

December astrology 2020 for Leo sun sign predictions suggest educational growth will be stunted by negative planetary aspects. Even hard work will not help you to shine in your academic career. Engineering students will not be able to keep pace with their studies.

Arts and crafts students fail to master their studies. Those taking competitive examinations will have to supplement their efforts with more hard work.

Leo Travel Horoscope

December 2020 horoscope for Leo star sign is not hopeful about travel plans. Even business and professional journeys will not be gainful. The most affected are the people in the entertainment industry. Their trips will end up in financial losses. Even trips abroad are bound to be useless. It is necessary that you should take up only unavoidable journeys.

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