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Leo April 2020 Monthly Horoscope Predictions

Leo Monthly Horoscope for April 2020

April 2020 Leo Horoscope predicts a positive and profitable month. Career and external ambitions will be important. You can keep aside family affairs and emotional harmony for the time being. You are guided by the planetary strength in the upper half of your chart.


Horoscope 2020 predictions for Leo foretell that you have to harmonize personal ambitions with those of others. Planets are shifting from the western half to the eastern half this month. Others will play an important role in your progress. Social intelligence will be important to succeed. However, gradually Leo personality will have the independence to dictate things.

Leo April 2020 Horoscope

Leo Love and Relationship Horoscope

Leo compatibility is enhanced by the positive aspects of Mars and Venus. The same planets may induce conflicts in the relationship also. Preoccupation with the career may be a source of friction. In spite of all this, you can have good conjugal harmony. Singles will have many romantic possibilities in social gatherings. It is up to you to get into a loving partnership. You may find love in your circle of friends also.


Leo Family Horoscope Predictions

April 2020 horoscope predictions suggest emotional disturbances on the family front. There may be a sense of indifference regarding family relationships. Relationships within the family will not be pleasant and there may be serious differences between family members. However, you will pay attention to the maintenance and redecoration of the house.


Leo Health Predictions

2020 monthly predictions forecast drastic improvement in health due to good planetary aspects. The period after the 20th will be highly beneficial. There will be minor health problems initiated by Mercury and Sun. It helps to take enough rest and avoid overexertion. Only focus on important jobs.


Leo Career Horoscope

2020 Leo Horoscope predicts a good career month in April. Planetary aspects turn positive and you will reach the zenith of your career for the year. You will be rewarded for your past work. There will be promotions accompanied by increases in salary. All problems on the career front will be removed by the 20th. You can expect support from your colleagues and seniors at the workplace.

Leo Finance Horoscope

2020 April forecast for Leo sun sign foretells a turbulent period for finances during the first week. You tend to overspend on the requirements of home and family. The second and third weeks are encouraging money flow. Speculative investments yield good returns. As your financial intelligence improves, you will have no problem in achieving your monetary objectives.

Leo Education Horoscope

April astrology 2020 for Leo star sign students does not suggest promising times. You will be lazy and the drive to succeed will be lacking. Students will have to struggle hard to clear their examinations. Students of technology and higher studies will have to put in extra effort if they have to go forward.

Leo Travel Horoscope

April 2020 horoscope for Leo persons for travel does not augur well for travel. There will be inland and foreign trips for the promotion of business. The results will be pathetic. The possibility of health problems during travel exist. It is advisable to avoid unnecessary trips.

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