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June 15 Famous Birthdays

June 15 Famous Birthdays

Famous people born on JUNE 15 were probably the class clown as they love a good joke or prank. As a Gemini, they are also likely to be picky and find it hard to come to a decision. Or maybe it’s because they can empathize with both parties and they want to be fair when having to choose between two favorable sides.


On the other hand, they are not so experienced when it comes to love. So, someone may mistake their openness for weakness. However, they are quite capable of making logical decisions based on someone’s trials and errors. They have a tendency of throwing themselves into their work and this can lead to them being overly emotional or to have mood swings.


When it comes right down to it, they like their freedom and this could have both good and negative effects on your personal and business relationships. Other than stress, they are healthy individuals who eat the right foods and get plenty of exercise.

Famous people born on June 15th can be understanding. They are positive individualists. The perfect partnerships endorses famous Gemini’s need for freedom. They take pride in their work. They set standards that are inclined to keep them looking and feeling good.


June 15th Famous Birthday Personality Traits

15 June Good Traits:

  • Amusing
  • Understanding
  • Open
  • Approachable
  • Gifted
  • Communicative
  • Enthusiastic

15 June Bad Traits:

  • Stressed
  • Glum
  • Indecisive
  • Lazy
  • Timid
  • Lethargic

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June 15 Famous Birthday Personalities

Abdur Razzak, 1982, Cricket Player
Abraham Attah, 2001, Movie Actor
Ada de la Cruz, 1986, Model
Adam Rapp, 1968, Playwright
Adam Seward, 1982, Football Player
Alessandro Casillo, 1996, Pop Singer
Alice Englert, 1994, Movie Actress
Ally Serigne, 1999, Dancer
Almudena Cid Tostado, 1980, Gymnast
Amanda Jane Cooper, 1988, Movie Actress
Amber Coffman, 1984, Rock Singer
Amos Sawyer, 1945, Politician
Amy Clampitt, 1920, Poet
Ana Castillo, 1953, Novelist
Andy Pettitte, 1972, Baseball Player
Angela Tosheva, 1961, Pianist
Anna Hazare, 1937, Civil Rights Leader
Arkimed Lushaj, 1986, World Music Singer
Arthur Sissis, 1995, Race Car Driver
Ashlie Walker, 1976, Family Member
Aurora Aksnes, 1996, Pop Singer
Ayman al-Zawahiri, 1951, Criminal
Bardo Ellens, 1992, YouTube Star
Bayley, 1989, Wrestler
Beatrice Vendramin, 2000, TV Actress
Belinda Lee, 1935, Movie Actress
Ben Taylor, 1989, Vine Star
Bianna Golodryga, 1978, News Anchor
Bif Naked, 1971, Pop Singer
Billy Williams, 1938, Baseball Player

Bob McDonnell, 1954, Politician
Bob Wian, 1914, Entrepreneur
Boone Jenner, 1993, Hockey Player
Brad Armstrong, 1961, Wrestler
Brad Gillis, 1957, Guitarist
Brad Walsh, 1982, Pop Singer
BrendenPlayz, 1995, Twitch Star
Brett Hundley, 1993, Football Player
Brian Jacques, 1939, Novelist
Brian Reid, 1970, Soccer Player
Bryan Clauson, 1989, Race Car Driver
Cara Zavaleta, 1980, Model
Carl Thomas, 1972, R&B Singer
Carla Azar, 1972, Drummer
Carolina Marin, 1993, Badminton Player
Chelsie Padley, 1991, TV Actress
Chloe Dao, 1972, Fashion Designer
Chris Morris, 1962, TV Show Host
Christopher Castile, 1980, TV Actor
Chuck Palumbo, 1971, Wrestler
Chuckie Keeton, 1993, Football Player
Cicely Hamilton, 1872, Playwright
Clare Cunningham, 1977, Swimmer
Cliff Pennington, 1984, Baseball Player
june-15-famous-birthdaysClifford J. Levy, 1967, Journalist
Cody Lovaas, 1998, Rock Singer
Cody Saintgnue, 1993, TV Actor
Courteney Cox, 1964, TV Actress
Cristopher Toselli, 1988, Soccer Player
Dakota Culkin, 1978, Family Member
Dam Funk, 1971, DJ
Dan Jancevski, 1981, Hockey Player
Dan Paris, 1973, Soap Opera Actor
Dana Bash, 1971, News Anchor
Dani Cimorelli, 2000, Pop Singer
Daniel Pinchbeck, 1966, Philosopher
Danielle Lineker, 1979, Model
Danny Disastr, 1994, Rock Singer
David Rose, 1910, Composer
David Wilson, 1991, Football Player
Davide Rovelli, 1989, YouTube Star
Dean Bowditch, 1986, Soccer Player
Dee Grande DeGeneres, 1998, YouTube Star
Demis Roussos, 1946, Pop Singer
Derek Anderson, 1983, Football Player
Derek Hart, 1989, eSports Player
Derek Walker, 1929, Architect
Destiny Jones, 1994, Family Member
Dickerson Ross, 1989, Bodybuilder
Dino Zambas, 1985, YouTube Star
Doe Deere, 1981, Business Executive
Doug Harris, 1919,
Dusty Baker, 1949, Baseball Manager

Eduardo Nunez, 1987, Baseball Player
Eduards Berklavs, 1914, Politician
Edvard Grieg, 1843, Composer
Edward Tarr, 1936, Trumpet Player
Eileen Davidson, 1959, Soap Opera Actress
El Chino Ántrax, 1980, Criminal
Eli Mayfield, 1991, Rock Singer
Elizabeth Reaser, 1975, TV Actress
Ella Wahlestedt, 1996, Movie Actress
Elmar Lohk, 1901, Architect
Emma Snowsill, 1981, Triathlete
Erik Erikson, 1902, Scientist
Erland Josephson, 1923, Movie Actor
Erroll Garner, 1923, Pianist
Evelin Molander, 1995, YouTube Star
Fourzer0seven, 1990, YouTube Star
Francois Tombalbaye, 1918, Teacher
Francois-Xavier Garneau, 1809, Poet
Galilea La Salvia, 2003, TV Actress
Garrett Watts, 1989, Vine Star

Gary Liddle, 1986, Soccer Player
Gary Lightbody, 1976, Rock Singer
Geko, 1997, Rapper
George Starbuck, 1931, Poet
Gotthard Gunther, 1900, Philosopher
Greg Vaughan, 1973, TV Actor
Hachim Mastour, 1998, Soccer Player
Hala Sedki, 1961, Movie Actress
Hank Von Helvete, 1972, Punk Singer
Harry Langdon, 1884, Movie Actor
Harry Nilsson, 1941, Pop Singer
Harry Watts, 1826,
Hayden Kaiser, 1990, Drummer
Hedda Hjortsberg, 1777, Dancer
Helen Hunt, 1963, Movie Actress
Herbert A. Simon, 1916, Economist
Herbert Chitepo, 1923, Politician
Herschell Gordon Lewis, 1929, Director
Hugh P. Harris, 1909, War Hero
Hugo Pratt, 1927, Cartoonist
Hussein Fahmy, 1935, Movie Actor
Ibn-e-insha, 1927, Poet
Ice Cube, 1969, Rapper
Idalis DeLeon, 1966, TV Actress
Inna Ryskal, 1944, Volleyball Player
Isaiah Morgan, 2006, Dancer
Jack Horner, 1946, Scientist
Jacob Whetton, 1991, Field Hockey Player
Jake Busey, 1971, Movie Actor
Jake Elmore, 1987, Baseball Player
Jake Locker, 1988, Football Player
Jaki Byard, 1922, Pianist
James Maloney, 1986, Rugby Player
James Robertson Justice, 1907, TV Actor
Jamie Hehner, 1986, Reality Star
Jan Bechtum, 1958, Guitarist
Jason Agnew, 1978, TV Show Host
Jason Dair, 1974, Soccer Player
Jason Lyons, 1970, Race Car Driver
Jason Robert Keef, 1982, YouTube Star
Jay Ajayi, 1993, Football Player
Jim Belushi, 1954, TV Actor
Jim Belushi, 1954, TV Actor
Jim Hanks, 1961, Voice Actor
Jim Varney, 1949, Movie Actor
Joe Bailey, 1986, Reality Star
Joe Clark, 1939, Politician
Joe Stevenson, 1982, MMA Fighter
John Fenn, 1917, Scientist
John Redwood, 1951, Politician
Johnny Hallyday, 1943, Rock Singer
Jordi Vilasuso, 1981, TV Actor
Josh Lindblom, 1987, Baseball Player
Judy Pace, 1942, TV Show Host
Julia Fischer, 1983, Pianist
Julie Hagerty, 1955, Movie Actress
Justin Fletcher, 1970, TV Show Host
Justin Gerhard, 1984, YouTube Star
Justin Leonard, 1972, Golfer
Kaemor, 1996, Rapper
Kara Janx, 1976, Fashion Designer
Karolyne Day, 2002, Cheerleader
Katia Kiriakoudi, 1995, YouTube Star
KeepCalmAndBlushOn, 1991, YouTube Star
Kelly Carlin-McCall, 1963, Screenwriter
Ken Fletcher, 1940, Tennis Player
Kevin Faulk, 1976, Football Player
Kobayashi Issa, 1763, Poet
Kristoff St. John, 1966, Soap Opera Actor
Kwon Soonyoung, 1996, Choreographer
Lady Jaydee, 1979, Rapper
Lance Parrish, 1956, Baseball Player
Leah Remini, 1970, TV Actress
Lee Purcell, 1947, Movie Actress
Leli Hernandez, 1995, Instagram Star
Leon Payne, 1917, Country Singer
Les Wicks, 1955, Poet
Lewis Hawkins, 1993, Soccer Player
Lisa McCall, 1969, Dancer
Lon Fuller, 1902, Philosopher
Luke Hodge, 1984, Australian Rules Footballer
Luke Howell, 1994, Pop Singer
M3RKMUS1C, 1995, YouTube Star
Mackenzie Skapski, 1994, Hockey Player
Madison Kocian, 1997, Gymnast
Malvina Hoffman, 1885, Sculptor
Marcel Pronovost, 1930, Hockey Player
Marcus Hahnemann, 1972, Soccer Player
Margaret Abbott, 1876, Golfer
Mario Cuomo, 1932, Politician
Mario Vazquez, 1977, Pop Singer
Mark Williams, 1989, YouTube Star
Martin Kayongo-Mutumba, 1985, Soccer Player
Maurice Schwartz, 1889, Director
Mel Giedroyc, 1968, TV Actress
Meri Wilson, 1949, Pop Singer
Michael Dinner, 1953, Screenwriter
Michael Duggar, 2011, Family Member
Michael Laudrup, 1964, Soccer Player
Mickey Katz, 1909, Comedian
Midenistis, 1984, Rapper
Miguel Mendez, 1930, Novelist
Mike Delany, 1982, Rugby Player
Mike Denver, 1980, Country Singer
Mike Holmgren, 1948, Football Coach
Mike Rudd, 1945, Rock Singer
Miriam Defensor Santiago, 1945, Lawyer
Mo Udall, 1922, Politician
Mohamed Salah, 1992, Soccer Player
Monica Culpepper, 1970, Reality Star
Morris K. Udall, 1922, Politician
Muzaffer Tema, 1919, Movie Actor
Nadine Coyle, 1985, Pop Singer
Naguib Sawiris, 1954, Entrepreneur
Natasha Smoot, 1990, Reality Star
Neal Adams, 1941, Comic Book Artist
Neil Patrick Harris, 1973, TV Actor
Nevena Bozovic, 1994, Pop Singer
Nicholas Laws, 1995, YouTube Star
Noddy Holder, 1946, Rock Singer
North West, 2013, Family Member
Oliver Kahn, 1969, Soccer Player
Patrick Ianni, 1985, Soccer Player
Peter Kennaugh, 1989, Cyclist
Peter Norman, 1942, Runner
Peter Polansky, 1988, Tennis Player
Pia Miranda, 1973, Movie Actress
Polly Draper, 1955, TV Actress
Rachel Antonoff, 1981, Fashion Designer
Rachel Covey, 1998, Movie Actress
Rachel Jackson, 1767, Political Wife
Ramiro Mendoza, 1972, Baseball Player
Richard Grenville, 1542, Politician
Richard James Morrison, 1795, Scientist
Rick Rosenthal, 1949, Director
Robin Curtis, 1956, Movie Actress
Roger Springer, 1962, Country Singer
Rory Clewlow, 1986, Guitarist
Rose Dix, 1988, YouTube Star
Ruben Aguirre, 1934, TV Actor
Rupert Hill, 1978, Soap Opera Actor
Russell Hitchcock, 1949, Pop Singer
Salka Viertel, 1889, Screenwriter
Sam Giancana, 1908, Criminal
Sam Sniderman, 1920, Entrepreneur
Santiago Talledo, 1989, TV Actor
Sarah Andersen, 1992, Cartoonist
Saul Steinberg, 1914, Cartoonist
Scott Bomar, 1974, Composer
Scott Norton, 1961, Wrestler
Scott Rockenfield, 1963, Drummer
Shaniece Hairston, 1993, Model
Simon Callow, 1949, Movie Actor
Sione Fua, 1988, Football Player
Skyler Stone, 1979, TV Actor
Stephen Lloyd, 1957, Politician
Steve Koren, 1966, Screenwriter
Steve Walsh, 1951, Rock Singer
Stjepan Hauser, 1986, Cellist
Stoya, 1986,
Susan Buffett, 1932, Family Member
Sven Ruygrok, 1991, Movie Actor
Taja Barber, 1996, DJ
Taylor Morgan, 1991, Blogger
Taylor Williamson, 1986, Comedian
Teddy Tamgho, 1989, Triple Jumper
Terri Gibbs, 1954, Country Singer
Thomas H. Weller, 1915, Doctor
Thomas Mitchell, 1792, Explorer
Tim Lincecum, 1984, Baseball Player
Tony Clark, 1972, Baseball Player
Vicki Genfan, 1959, Guitarist
Wade Boggs, 1958, Baseball Player
Wallace Wade, 1892, Football Coach
Waylon Jennings, 1937, Country Singer
Wayne Sermon, 1984, Guitarist
Wilbert Awdry, 1911, Novelist
Wilbert Awdry, 1911, Novelist
William Carlile, 1862, Politician
William Dean Martin, 1981, Guitarist
William Gollan, 1885, Politician
William Levada, 1936, Religious Leader
William McFee, 1881, Novelist
William Snow, 1960, TV Actor
Willie Allen, 1980, Race Car Driver
WolfieRaps, 1993, YouTube Star
Xaviera Hollander, 1943,
Xi Jinping, 1953, World Leader
Zac Rinaldo, 1990, Hockey Player
Zeke Thomas, 1988, DJ
Zubaida Tharwat, 1940, Movie Actress


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