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July 25 Famous Birthdays

July 25 Famous Birthdays

Famous people born on JULY 25 are Leos who are pretty awesome. They are truly interesting and uncommonly smart. Yes… they could be described as the geek or nerdy Lion. Needless to say they have a world of knowledge and they have a need to share.

With what they know and who they know, they could have a job anywhere. Typically, they want a profession and relationship that will allow them to be who they are and without many restrictions or ceilings.


Additionally, famous people born on July 25 look for an occupation that will pay them according to their skills and experience. However, they do not save as much as they should. They often find that their friends and family will come to them for financial support when they shouldn’t be.

It’s their generous nature that others are taking advantage of. So they need to be careful and keep some for themselves. Generally, someone born on this day will want to start a family early in life. So with that in mind, they may need to find their soul mate and get hitched.


Famous people born on July 25th are Leos with a bit of a mystery. They’ve proven to be a generous person but perhaps could be more concerned with self. Generally, they can hold a grudge, which could adversely affect their health.


July 25 Famous Birthday Personality Traits

25 July Good Traits:

  • Focused
  • Skilled
  • Systematic
  • Detailed
  • Intuitive
  • Responsible
  • Vigilant
  • Doting
  • Alluring

25 July Bad Traits:

  • Distant
  • Private
  • Cagey
  • Unsure
  • Injudicious

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July 25 Famous Birthday Personalities

Aaron Fontaine, 1988, Soap Opera Actor
Adolph Herseth, 1921, Trumpet Player
Adrienne Janic, 1974, TV Show Host
Ahtyba Rubin, 1986, Football Player
Alaksandar Milinkievic, 1947, Politician
Alex Presley, 1985, Baseball Player
Alex Schlopy, 1992, Skier
Alexei Filippenko, 1958, Scientist
Alfredo Casella, 1883, Composer
Ali Asgar, 1966, TV Actor
Ali Carter, 1979, Snooker Player
Allan Loeb, 1969, Screenwriter
Alvin Kamara, 1995, Football Player
Amel Carla, 2001, TV Actress
Amos W. Barber, 1861, Politician
Andrei Vasilevskiy, 1994, Hockey Player
Andrew Caldwell, 1989, Movie Actor
Anna Chudoba, 1978, Reality Star
Anne Applebaum, 1964, Journalist

Anthony Stokes, 1988, Soccer Player
Anthony Tyler Quinn, 1962, TV Actor
Anton Stephans, 1970, Pop Singer
Arthur Balfour, 1848, World Leader
August Schellenberg, 1936, TV Actor
Bantu Holomisa, 1955, Politician
Barbara Harris, 1935, Movie Actress
Barbara Meier, 1986, Model
Benji Blakeway, 1990, Bassist
Billy Hardwick, 1941, Bowler
Billy Wagner, 1971, Baseball Player
Bob Franke, 1947, Folk Singer
Bobbie Eakes, 1961, TV Actress
Brad Renfro, 1982, Movie Actor

Brandon Davies, 1991, Basketball Player
Brandon McManus, 1991, Football Player
Brian Blade, 1970, Drummer
Brian Lees, 1953, Politician
Bryan Cogman, 1979, Screenwriter
ButterMeQueasy, 1998, YouTube Star
Carole Samaha, 1972, Pop Singer
Caroline Hirons, 1969, Blogger
Charles Major, 1856, Novelist
Charmion King, 1925, TV Actress
Cheyenne Woods, 1990, Golfer
Chloe Annett, 1971, TV Actress
Chris Turner, 1973, Memoirist
Christina Smith, 1809, Non-Fiction Author
Christine Chen, 1968, Journalist
Christine Quinn, 1966, Politician

Cleo Toms, 1996, YouTube Star
Conor Casey, 1981, Soccer Player
Conor Kennedy, 1994, Family Member
Corey Graham, 1985, Football Player
Damien Wright, 1975, Cricket Player
Danababy, 1997, Vine Star
Dani Filth, 1973, Metal Singer
Dani Filth, 1973, Metal Singer
Daniel Bursch, 1957, Astronaut
Danny Bilson, 1956, Screenwriter
Darren Star, 1961, Screenwriter
David Brazil, 1969,
David Denman, 1973, TV Actor
DB Woodside, 1969, TV Actor
Dean Marlowe, 1992, Football Player
Denman Maroney, 1949, Pianist
Dimpy Mahajan, 1985, Model
Dmitri Klebanov, 1907, Composer
Dolphy, 1928, Comedian
Don Ellis, 1934, Trumpet Player

Donna Theodore, 1941, Stage Actress
Doug Drabek, 1962, Baseball Player
Doug Marrone, 1964, Football Coach
Ed Dickson, 1987, Football Player
Eduardo Herrera, 1988, Soccer Player
Eduardo Souto de Moura, 1952, Architect
Edward Gold, 1936, Composer
Edwin Goh, 1994, Movie Actor
Ela Velden, 1992, TV Actress
Elias Canetti, 1905, Novelist
Emma Horan, 1998, YouTube Star
Emmett Till, 1941,
Eran Thomson, 1959, Screenwriter
Eran Zahavi, 1987, Soccer Player
Eric Wisely, 1984, MMA Fighter
Estelle Getty, 1923, TV Actress
Evan Era, 1986, YouTube Star
Evgeni Nabokov, 1975, Hockey Player
Fernando, 1987, Soccer Player
Frances Arnold, 1956, Scientist
Francis Garnier, 1839, Explorer
Frank Church, 1924, Politician
Frank J. Sprague, 1857, Inventor
Frank Roessler, 1979, Reality Star
Fraser West, 1984, Drummer
Gareth Thomas, 1974, Rugby Player
Gary Braid, 1960, Rugby Player
Gavrilo Princip, 1894, Criminal
Geoffrey Zakarian, 1959, Chef
George Dickerson, 1933, Movie Actor
George S. Rentz, 1882, War Hero
Gina Darling, 1989, Model
Glenn Murcutt, 1936, Architect
Gunther, 1967, Pop Singer
Harold Peary, 1908, Movie Actor
Hartbeat, 1989, YouTube Star
Hayden Huff, 1999, Cheerleader
Heather Marks, 1988, Model
Heinrich Gebhard, 1878, Pianist
Henry Knox, 1750, Politician
Huang Wenyong, 1952, Movie Actor
Hugo Rodallega, 1985, Soccer Player
Hulk, 1986, Soccer Player
Illeana Douglas, 1965, Movie Actress
Iman Abdulmajid, 1955, Model
Isiah Leggett, 1944, Politician
J Ryan, 1999, Pop Singer
J Warren Kerrigan, 1879, Movie Actor
Jaafar Jackson, 1996, Family Member
Jaako Saarilouma, 1967, TV Show Host
Jack Gilford, 1908, Stage Actor
Jake Schatz, 1990, Rugby Player
Jake Shakeshaft, 1995, Pop Singer
Jameel McClain, 1985, Football Player
James Lafferty, 1985, TV Actor
Jamie Hill Fuller, 1983, TV Actress
Jane Frank, 1918, Painter
Jane Hamsher, 1959, Blogger
Jason Dundas, 1982, TV Show Host
Jason Harris Katz, 1969, Game Show Host
Jason Marin, 1974, Voice Actor
Javier Culson, 1984, Hurdler
Jax Jones, 1987, Music Producer
Jay Prince, 1993, Rapper
Jay R. Ferguson, 1974, TV Actor
Jay Zeamer Jr., 1918, War Hero
Jeffrey Wellfare, 1988, Rock Singer
Jenna Smith, 1988, Basketball Player
Jeremy Rompala, 1989, Guitarist
Jerry Paris, 1925, TV Actor
Jessi Malay, 1986, Pop Singer
Jill Sobo, 1996, YouTube Star
Jillian Clare, 1992, Soap Opera Actress
JNasty720, 1990, YouTube Star
John Grant, 1968, Rock Singer
John Robinson, 1935, Football Coach
Johnny Hodges, 1907, Saxophonist
Jon Crosby, 1976, Guitarist
Jordan Lukaku, 1994, Soccer Player
Joseph Delaney, 1945, Novelist
Jovica Tasevski Eternijan, 1976, Poet
Juan Pablo Di Pace, 1979, Director
Julia Silva, 2005, YouTube Star
Juwany Roman, 1999, Star
Kalani Miller, 1987,
Katherine Kelly Lang, 1961, Soap Opera Actress
Katherine Kelly Lang, 1961, Soap Opera Actress
Keith Houchen, 1960, Soccer Player
Ken Tobias, 1945, Folk Singer
Kevin Kouzmanoff, 1981, Baseball Player
Kevin McCall, 1985, Rapper
Kevin Phillips, 1973, Soccer Player
Kyla La Grange, 1986, Pop Singer
Kyson Facer, 1998, YouTube Star
Larry Sherry, 1935, Baseball Player
Lenny Platt, 1984, TV Actor
Leslie Scalapino, 1944, Poet
Lil June, 1993, Rapper
Lil Phat, 1992, Rapper
Linsey Godfrey, 1988, Soap Opera Actress
Louis Bacon, 1956, Entrepreneur
Louise Brown, 1978,
Luke Gazdic, 1989, Hockey Player
Lynda Lemay, 1966, World Music Singer
Lynne Frederick, 1954, Movie Actress
Mac Lethal, 1981, Rapper
Magdalena Forsberg, 1967, Skier
Manny Charlton, 1941, Guitarist
Margaret Cabourn-Smith, 1975, Comedian
Margarita Magana, 1979, TV Actress
Maris Martinsons, 1960, Director
Mary Louise Boehm, 1924, Pianist
Mason Cook, 2000, Movie Actor
Mathew Dumba, 1994, Hockey Player
Matt Harold, 1984, Soccer Player
Matt LeBlanc, 1967, TV Actor
Matthew Pagan, 1993, Pop Singer
Maxfield Parrish, 1870, Illustrator
Meg Donnelly, 2001, TV Actress
Mel Kiper Jr., 1960, Sportscaster
Melodee Morita, 1991, Director
Mia Amber Davis, 1974, Model
Michael Welch, 1987, TV Actor
Mike Andrew, 2000, Star
Mike Holloway, 1976, Reality Star
Mikey Dollaz, 1990, Rapper
Mimi Ikonn, 1986, YouTube Star
Nan Grey, 1918, Movie Actress
Nate Thurmond, 1941, Basketball Player
Nelson Piquet Jr., 1985, Race Car Driver
Nick Major, 1991, Instagram Star
Nick Matthew, 1980, Squash Player
Noel Callahan, 1989, TV Actor
Noel Murphy, 1961, Comedian
Nolan Smith, 1988, Basketball Player
Pablo Brooks, 2002, YouTube Star
Paulinho, 1988, Soccer Player
Pete Rodriguez, 1940, Football Coach
Pierce Gagnon, 2005, TV Actor
Preston Bailey, 2000, TV Actor
Prince Devitt, 1981, Wrestler
Princess Maria-Olympia, 1996, Royalty
Rahul Mahajan, 1975, Reality Star
Randall Bewley, 1955, Guitarist
Reefat Binsattar, 1974, Chess Player
Regina Blandon, 1990, TV Actress
Ricardo Lopez, 1966, Boxer
Richard Colburn, 1970, Drummer
Richie Chance, 1983, TV Actor
Rita Marley, 1946, Reggae Singer
Robert Zoellick, 1953, Politician
Roger Clinton Jr., 1956, Family Member
Roger Creager, 1971, Country Singer
Ron Southern, 1930, Entrepreneur
Rosalind Franklin, 1920, Scientist
Ruth Krauss, 1901, Poet
Ryan-Lee Johnson, 1990, YouTube Star
S Clay Wilson, 1971, Cartoonist
Santiago Casilla, 1980, Baseball Player
Santiago Gonzalez, 1818, Politician
Sarah Geronimo, 1988, Pop Singer
Scott Shannon, 1947, DJ
Scott Waldrom, 1980, Rugby Player
Seth Joseph, 1995, YouTube Star
Sevdalin Minchev, 1974, Weight Lifter
Shaadow Sefiroth, 1992, Vine Star
Shantel VanSanten, 1985, TV Actress
Sir Nolan, 1990, Film Producer
Skylar Dayne, 1996, YouTube Star
Smylez, 1992, Rapper
Sneakbo, 1992, Rapper
Soo Ae, 1979, Movie Actress
Stephen Downey, 1839, Politician
Steve Goodman, 1948, Folk Singer
Stew Morrill, 1952, Basketball Coach
Tera Patrick, 1978,
Thurston Moore, 1958, Guitarist
Tim Olstad, 1989, Pop Singer
Tommy Walton, 1962, Chef
Toni Duggan, 1991, Soccer Player
Tony Vincent, 1973, Stage Actor
Trae Waynes, 1992, Football Player
Uncle Murda, 1980, Rapper
Verdine White, 1951, Bassist
Wakaso Mubarak, 1990, Soccer Player
Walter Brennan, 1894, Movie Actor
Walter Payton, 1954, Football Player
Wendy Raquel Robinson, 1967, TV Actress
Woody Strode, 1914, Football Player
Yuichi Komano, 1981, Soccer Player
Yvonne Printemps, 1894, Movie Actress
Zachary Robinson, 1991, Drummer


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