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July 24 Famous Birthdays

July 24 Famous Birthdays

Famous people born on JULY 24 have great skills musically. They have the voice of an angel or they could be guilty of playing an instrument as if it was second nature to them. When it comes to broadcasting or the entertainment field as an occupation, they should have little or no problem entering or retaining a job in that industry.

If not that then perhaps a career in banking or trading would suit them. Famous July 24 celebrities are natural leaders. As a Leo with a birthday today, they are extremely business minded. Having a blissful career is likely only if they just apply themselves.


They seem to know how to come to an agreement with little effort to settle a dispute. As a friend, they seem to have some interesting relationships. Just be on the watch for their evil and bitter inner person. He or she can show up at the worst of times.


Famous people born on July 24th are responsible engineers. They usually take on the role of protecting their loved ones and do so happily. As a soul mate, they would hope to find someone similar to themselves and one who is highly physical.


July 24 Famous Birthday Personality Traits

24 July Good Traits:

  • Peacemaker
  • Devoted
  • Sensitive
  • Successful
  • Organized
  • Rational
  • Innovative

24 July Bad Traits:

  • Secretive
  • Misunderstood
  • Emotionless
  • Indulgent
  • Frivolous

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July 24 Famous Birthday Personalities

Aaron Elkins, 1935, Novelist
Adolphe Adam, 1803, Composer
Ahmed Sharif, 1992, Instagram Star
Ahrora, 1998, YouTube Star
Alan Curtis, 1909, Movie Actor
Alan Palomo, 1988, Pop Singer
Alberto Masferrer, 1868, Novelist
Alex Katz, 1927, Pop Artist
Alexandre Dumas, 1802, Novelist
Alexia Bosch, 1999, Pop Singer
Alexis Marie, 1995, Instagram Star
Alexis Mateo, 1979, Reality Star
Alice Ball, 1892, Scientist
Alphonse Mucha, 1860, Painter
Alphonse Mucha, 1860, Painter
Aman Dhaliwal, 1986, Movie Actor

Amelia Earhart, 1897, Pilot
Andrew Gaze, 1965, Basketball Player
Andy Irons, 1978, Surfer
Ann Nesby, 1955, R&B Singer
Anna Paquin, 1982, Movie Actress
Arden Belle, 1997, TV Actress
Aries Merritt, 1985, Runner
Aron Kader, 1974, Comedian
Artemis, 1993, Twitch Star
Arthur Boyd, 1920, Painter
Austin Miles Geter, 1991, Vine Star
Azim Premji, 1945, Entrepreneur
Barry Bonds, 1964, Baseball Player

Batty Fischer, 1877, Photographer
Bella Abzug, 1920, Politician
Bernard B. Brown, 1898, Composer
Billy Taylor, 1921, Pianist
Bindi Irwin, 1998, TV Actress
CapgunTom, 1992, YouTube Star
Carl-Michael Eide, 1974, Drummer
Carlos Fierro, 1994, Soccer Player
Charles McPherson, 1939, Saxophonist
Charlie Crist, 1956, Politician
Chief Dan George, 1899, Novelist
Chris Barrett, 1982, Director
Chris Lanzon, 2000, Pop Singer
Chris Llewellyn, 1984, Rock Singer
Chris Sarandon, 1942, Movie Actor

Christian Keyes, 1975, TV Actor
Christian Lemke, 1992, Vine Star
Claire Bryétt Andrew, 1997, TV Actress
Claire McCaskill, 1953, Politician
Cleo Rocos, 1962, TV Actress
Cleophus Prince Jr., 1967, Criminal
Coco-Jacinta Cherian, 1997, Soap Opera Actress
Daisy Shah, 1984, Movie Actress
Dan Hedaya, 1940, Movie Actor
Dan Inosanto, 1936, MMA Fighter
Dan White, 1982, Magician
Daniel Viglietti, 1939, Folk Singer
Daniele De Rossi, 1983, Soccer Player
Danny Dyer, 1977, TV Actor
Datone Jones, 1990, Football Player
Daveigh Chase, 1990, Voice Actor

David Payne, 1982, Hurdler
Desmond Bishop, 1984, Football Player
Dhani Lennevald, 1984, Pop Singer
Donte Whitner, 1985, Football Player
Doug Liman, 1965, Director
Doug Sanders, 1933, Golfer
Eddy Thrower, 1990, Drummer
Egon Ronay, 1915, Non-Fiction Author
Elisabeth Moss, 1982, TV Actress
Elise Crombez, 1982, Model
Emanuel Gandolfo, 1968, Magician
Emily Luther, 1992, Pop Singer
Emily Rickards, 1991, TV Actress
Eriana Blanco, 1981, Model
Eric Szmanda, 1975, TV Actor
Eugene Mirman, 1974, Comedian
FemSteph, 1988, Twitch Star
Fiona Reid, 1951, TV Actress
Francisco Solano Lopez, 1827, World Leader
Frank Mitchell, 1963, News Anchor
Frano Krsinic, 1897, Sculptor
Gallagher, 1946, Comedian
Garry Shider, 1953, Guitarist
Gary Gordon, 1990, Wrestler
Goutam Ghose, 1950, Director
Gus Van Sant, 1952, Director
Guy Savoy, 1953, Chef
Guy Severin, 1926, Scientist
Hajime Ohara, 1984, Wrestler
Han Seung-yeon, 1988, Pop Singer
Hannah Renee, 1997, YouTube Star
Harrison Afful, 1986, Soccer Player
Hayla Ghazal, 1995, YouTube Star
Isabelle Cornish, 1994, TV Actress
Iulia Vântur, 1980, TV Show Host
Ivan Tsikhan, 1976, Hammer Thrower
Jack Ocallahan, 1957, Hockey Player
Jacob Banks, 1991, R&B Singer
Jacqueline Brookes, 1930, Movie Actress
Jai McDowall, 1986, Rock Singer
Jamie Denbo, 1973, TV Actress
Jamie Langenbrunner, 1975, Hockey Player
Jarred Blakiston, 1991, TV Actor
Jason Delucia, 1969, MMA Fighter
Jay McGuiness, 1990, Pop Singer
Jean Webster, 1876, Novelist
Jeff Mauro, 1978, Chef
Jennifer Lopez, 1969, Pop Singer
Jerrod Niemann, 1979, Country Singer
Jessie Pitts, 1995, Pop Singer
Jett Eaton, 1998, Skateboarder
Jim Leighton, 1958, Soccer Player
Jim Wolf, 1969, Umpire
Jimmy Bellinger, 1990, TV Actor
Joanna Taylor, 1978, Soap Opera Actress
Joe McGann, 1958, TV Actor
Joe Mixon, 1996, Football Player
John Aniston, 1933, Soap Opera Actor
John Bryson, 1943, Politician
John George Haigh, 1909, Criminal
John Partridge, 1971, Soap Opera Actor
Johnny McDaid, 1976, Rock Singer
Johnny Wujek, 1979, Fashion Designer
Jon Duckworth, 1992, YouTube Star
Jon Faddis, 1953, Trumpet Player
Jorge Jesus, 1954, Soccer Player
Joseph Nicollet, 1786, Explorer
Jovan Belcher, 1987, Football Player
Juan Gomez, 1857, World Leader
Julia Bradbury, 1970, TV Show Host
Julie Graham, 1965, TV Actress
Julie Krone, 1963, Horse Jockey
Kadeem Hardison, 1965, TV Actor
Karl Malone, 1963, Basketball Player
Katja Martínez, 1995, TV Actress
Kellyn Acosta, 1995, Soccer Player
Kevin Butler, 1962, Football Player
Kristin Chenoweth, 1968, Stage Actress
KryozGaming, 1993, YouTube Star
Kyle Sanders, 1992, Movie Actor
Laura Fraser, 1976, TV Actress
Laura Leighton, 1968, TV Actress
Lauren Miller, 1982, Movie Actress
Lee Si-yeon, 1979, Movie Actress
Leo Arnaud, 1904, Composer
Leo Staar, 1986, TV Actor
Lindsay Broughton, 1989, Country Singer
Lisa Hochstein, 1982, Reality Star
Logan Grove, 1998, TV Actor
Logan Hill, 1975, Journalist
Lorraine Day, 1937, Non-Fiction Author
Lowell Yerex, 1895, Entrepreneur
Lowry Mays, 1935, Entrepreneur
Lucas Adams, 1993, TV Actor
Luka Magnotta, 1982, Criminal
Lynda Carter, 1951, TV Actress
Lynval Golding, 1951, Guitarist
Madeline Miller, 1978, Novelist
Madison Martine, 1996, YouTube Star
Manoj Kumar, 1937, Movie Actor
Mara Wilson, 1987, Movie Actress
Maria Casadevall, 1987, Soap Opera Actress
Mark Goddard, 1936, TV Actor
Martin Keown, 1966, Soccer Player
Matt Asiata, 1987, Football Player
Matt Biedel, 1975, TV Actor
Matt Peake, 1984, YouTube Star
Matthew Burnett, 1991, Music Producer
Maurkice Pouncey, 1989, Football Player
Megan Kroh, 1993, YouTube Star
Megan Park, 1986, TV Actress
Mehdi Mahdavikia, 1977, Soccer Player
Menna Shalabi, 1982, Movie Actress
Michael Jones, 1987, YouTube Star
Michael Richards, 1949, TV Actor
Michele Specht, 1973, TV Actress
Mikael Kingsbury, 1992, Skier
Mike Ginn, 1988, TV Actor
Mike Pouncey, 1989, Football Player
Mitch Grassi, 1992, Pop Singer
Natalia Rahman, 1982, Sports Shooter
Natalie Duran, 1991, Rock Climber
Natalie Tran, 1986, YouTube Star
Nathan Gerbe, 1987, Hockey Player
Nic Balthazar, 1964, Director
Nick Horton, 1999, Star
Pam Tillis, 1957, Country Singer
Pat Finn, 1956, Game Show Host
Patrice Bergeron, 1985, Hockey Player
Patrick Harvey, 1984, Soap Opera Actor
Patty Jenkins, 1971, Screenwriter
Paul Ben-Victor, 1965, TV Actor
Pedro Passos Coelho, 1964, World Leader
Peter Bart, 1932, TV Producer
Peter Serkin, 1947, Pianist
Peter Yates, 1929, Director
Peyton Knight, 1998, Model
Quinlan Terry, 1937, Architect
Rafer Alston, 1976, Basketball Player
Rashied Davis, 1979, Football Player
Rebecca Davies, 1977, Dancer
Rhys McCabe, 1992, Soccer Player
Richie Brockel, 1986, Football Player
Rick Fox, 1969, Basketball Player
Rickard Bergman, 1993, eSports Player
Ricky Ficarelli, 1993, YouTube Star
Rob James, 1978, Magician
Robert Graves, 1895, Poet
Robert Hays, 1947, Movie Actor
Robin Lehner, 1991, Hockey Player
Robin William Sievier, 1794, Sculptor
Rose Byrne, 1979, Movie Actress
Ruth Buzzi, 1936, Stage Actress
Saffron Barker, 2000, YouTube Star
Scott Van Slyke, 1986, Baseball Player
Shawn Weatherly, 1959, Model
Simon Bolivar, 1783, War Hero
Skylander Girl, 2006, YouTube Star
Stacey Castor, 1967, Criminal
Stasys Eidrigevicius, 1949, Illustrator
Stephen Williams, 1974, YouTube Star
Steve Grogan, 1953, Football Player
Steven Kopacz, 1984, Drummer
Summer Glau, 1981, TV Actress
Suzi Tse, 1986, YouTube Star
Taylor Ackerman, 1993, Dancer
Teagan Presley, 1985,
ThatKiddKuda, 1998, YouTube Star
TheHeatedMo, 1996, Twitch Star
Tiago Monteiro, 1976, Race Car Driver
Tom Denton, 1989, Soccer Player
Tord Overland Knudsen, 1982, Bassist
Torrie Wilson, 1975, Wrestler
Travis S. Taylor, 1968, Scientist
Trevor H. Jacques, 1956, Activist
Trevor Matthews, 1982, Film Producer
Trevor van Riemsdyk, 1991, Hockey Player
Trey Kostra, 1993, Dancer
Tyler Kyte, 1984, TV Actor
Vanessa Vanderstraaten, 1988, TV Actress
Vicentico, 1964, Rock Singer
Vugar Gashimov, 1986, Chess Player
Walt Bellamy, 1939, Basketball Player
William Gillette, 1853, Movie Actor
Wilma Smith, 1946, News Anchor
Wyza, 1984, YouTube Star
Zac Bell, 2000, Instagram Star
Zelda Fitzgerald, 1900, Painter


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