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Japanese Blood Type Test

Japanese Astrology – Blood Type Test

Take this Japanese blood type test to analyze your personality. How can you improve your strengths for 2017? This personality test gives you a report on what kind of a person you are. It is very similar to how the common astrology works.


You will be shown your temperament. Are you nervous, hasty, angry, and prone to irritability? Your blood type personality report is deeper than your star signs as it is within your blood that you can see the prediction of how you best fit into all life circumstances.


Karl Landsteiner, an Austrian scientist, was the first person to have been given credit for discovering the different blood types in the year 1900. After that numerous articles and theories were written on the subject.


Reports were given on the subject, but by the 1930’s this theory began to fade out. Too many people in power agreed that it was not scientific enough. However, it wasn’t until the 1970s that this theory of blood type and personality was revived again.


Blood Group and Characteristics

Masahiko Nomi wrote a boon on the subject and it quickly became popular. This influenced people to find out how different blood types held the same group of certain characteristics. Employers of large corporations in Japan began to divide their employees into different blood type groups to have the most chances of success in different areas of the business. It proved very reliable. It became a common interview question when applying for a job, “What is your blood type?”

This Japanese astrology blood type is a popular way of predicting a person’s personality. In Japan, it is so common that if someone were to not know what their blood type was, it would be very unusual. Though, it is quite common that most Americans do not know what their blood type is.

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The Western apes of Western astrology have no mention of blood type, yet the Japanese have discovered that blood type is just as much more than your birthday or star sign.

The blood type groups are given names, to sum up what kind of person each blood type may represent the most. These are the names:

  • Type O: Japanese Name: The Warrior
  • Type A: Japanese Name: The Farmer
  • Type B: Japanese Name: The Hunter
  • Type AB: Japanese Name: The Humanist

Discover yourself even further with this analysis of your blood type.

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