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Cusp Sign

Cusp Sign

When someone is born on the cusp between two signs it can be very difficult to determine their sun sign. This is because they may very well show traits from both signs. Some may fairly clearly show the attributes of one of the two signs and others may be a total mixture. If you need to know a little more about cusp astrology, try the cusp zodiac sign reader.

Get the Cusp Zodiac Reader. It lets you know which sign is dominant and what sun signs you are working with.Have you ever met someone who asked about their zodiac sign and discovered very quickly that it doesn’t seem to fit, or that their actual sun sign is something completely different from what you expected?

You may think they are lying about their sign, but they probably are not. It is much more likely that the person shows the characteristics of more than one sign. Again you do not believe that the person is trying to create this appearance deliberately.

Is this strange or is it your fault that you totally misjudged what you saw? This is not all that likely. It is much more probable that the individual in question is affected by cusp astrology and this is the explanation for your concern. Some individuals do indeed show aspects of two different zodiac signs.

This usually means that they have been born on the cusp. The breaking point between two zodiacs, a couple of days before one and a couple of days after the other will be the range of time involved. This can make it very difficult to discover a person’s sun sign. The horoscope itself or the interpretation may be slanted incorrectly because the person was born on the cusp.

Cusp SignThe best way to deal with this confusing situation is to do an analysis that is designed for those born on the cusp. If you do a Cusp Astrology Reading you can determine if you were born on the cusp. The reading will also indicate to you the two signs that are affecting your personality and your outward appearance.

If for example you are a Virgo but you slide into Libra; even though your birth date appears to be Virgo, you may very well have some Libra qualities. You may be a little more easy-going than the average Virgo in matters of organization.

Equally you will probably not have as difficult a time making a decision as the typical Libra. In our current era, it is always useful to know as much about ourselves as we can, and if you do happen to be cusp born it is best to know. The cusp sign zodiac reader will allow you to find this information quickly and easily.

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