Thursday, October 6, 2022

Influence of Numerology on Pets

Animals and Numbers

Each of our animals is a gift from God and as such, choosing the correct name, and purchasing them at the correct time is indeed important. It matters not the type of animal we tend to take into our hearts. What matters is the numerical energies and vibrations that surround all of these beautiful creatures.

When we learn of the energies that surround our (at times) adopted animals, of which we have no choice due to our children bringing them home! We can then often understand ourselves more, for animals teach us mere ‘humans’ much. They heal, they guard and protect, yes a simple humble goose or chicken will warn us of any stranger approaching.

We have taken these creatures to feed, comfort, and take care of; in return, we are rewarded with an unbiased and forgiving love. It is up to us to give them the best that we can, and by this, choosing the correct name, and their date of birth can help them to live long and happy lives.

Many animals can be quite vicious when it comes to their owners; this applies to their personality which is found within their numerical vibrations. If you own some type of animal, they too are affected by the energies and vibrations which surround them. I personally, have had much experience regarding the ‘NUMBER’ and ‘NAME’ of a pet.

Personal Experience

For example, I owned many pets throughout my life, I owned two Guide Dogs, Golden Retrievers. One of these dogs, which I chose by their date of birth, when looking through his natal chart I saw immediately that at his 9th year a tragedy was looming. I checked many times to be certain, yet I could not remove these vibrations and transits, as his numbers were in place the day he was born. During his 9th year, everyone kept a very close eye upon my dog, but sadly he was taken by a snake bite and did not survive.

This was a devastating experience for myself and all concerned, as this beautiful dog was chosen for his wonderful ‘4’ nature and his moon placement, he protected all within his living quarters, yet spent most of his time playing and having fun. If a stranger approached he would not attack.

He would place himself between MYSELF and any stranger, I was always protected and guarded by my beautiful dog, yet I was unable to help Him when he needed it most. In honor of my beautiful dog, I hope all of you will realize the strong impact that numerology plays within the lives’ of our animals also. You may wonder why I chose this dog knowing that his life may well be taken earlier than expected. Simple really, I loved him the moment I lay eyes upon both of these beautiful creatures.

Pedigree and Your Pet

If your pet has a pedigree then this number is very important to the Numerologist, many details are gathered from this alone. The date of birth is important also, whether it is a cat, a bird, a fish or a snake, each is a pet, loved by someone or loved by all. Some may have very difficult temperaments, which suggests their numbers and vibrations are not particularly suited to the family or individual that owns them.

Some animals have been passed along to us from other’s that we know, or some we find wandering the streets, in these instances, it is impossible to know how they will grow and what their true personality will be. We can only give them time, training, love, and respect and hope we receive this in return. At all times your animal should be checked by a veterinary surgeon to keep them healthy. Animals are very wise indeed, but, they need us to survive, hence we do the very best that we can for them.

By supplying as much detail as you can we will reward you with a very detailed analysis of your pet. If it happens to be a pedigree this helps the numerologist to supply you with even greater detail.

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