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Incantation Dream Meaning

The Meaning of Incantation Dreams – Interpretation and Symbolism

Dream Interpretation: What Does Incantation Mean in Your Dream?

An incantation is a verbal spell. According to the incantation dream analysis, dreaming of being under an incantation spell signifies lacking control over your life. There is evil in your life, and you need to be careful. People are working against you. Identify your enemies and distance yourself from them.

Dreaming of resisting an incantation means that you will find wise ways of getting yourself out of trouble. You always know the right things to do to save yourself from humiliation. It also signifies that many people will admire how you live your life. You are honest and upright, and that brings out the best in you.


Making an incantation for someone in your waking life means you will achieve victory against your enemies. It might also be a sign that you are envious of someone who is doing better than you. Watch your enemies because they are everywhere.

Based on the incantation dream dictionary, dreaming of casting an incantation is a message from your subconscious mind that you should be ready for negative and positive changes. Change is inevitable; therefore, it must happen.

The magical incantation dream symbol means you will rekindle a friendship from your past. Your reunion with a former friend will bring joy, light, and happiness into your life.


Seeing  a dream of a woman performing incantations signifies financial difficulties that will soon manifest in your life. It also signifies that you should deal with your problems before they cause your fall.

A dream about making incantations symbolizes social connections you need to uphold and maintain. Treasure the people in your life who make you better.

According to the incantation dream symbolism, dreaming of incantations might be a sign that you will have something to do with occult matters in the future.

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