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Imitation Dream Meaning

Dream Meaning of Imitation – Interpretation and Symbolism

The Meaning Behind An Imitation Dream

Any form of imitation in your dream is a sign that you should stop living a fake life and be honest with yourself. Be open and legit so that people can trust you and your intentions. Lying too much will make people doubt your credibility.


Dreaming of the imitation of jewels means that people are talking ill about you because of your wayward behaviors. You need to reflect upon your life and change for the better. This dream also signifies that you will be disappointed and betrayed by someone you trust. End friendships that do not serve a purpose in your life.

Based on the imitation dream dictionary, dreaming of someone imitating you signifies being upset with someone close to you in your waking life. This person’s behaviors make you angry because they get you in trouble. You have done your best to help them, but they are reluctant to change for the better. No one will fault you for abandoning them after all you have done.

Seeing a dream of imitating others signifies appreciating other people’s leadership skills. Learn from them and become a good leader yourself. Be someone people can rely on.


Dreaming of imitation upsetting you symbolizes feeling uncomfortable in the company of a lot of people. You find it hard to be your true self when people are watching.

According to the imitation dream symbolism, someone imitating you in your dream is a sign that people look up to you. They admire you for your achievements and good personality. You are making a good impression on people; therefore, people want to be like you. Continue leaving a positive mark in people’s lives, and great blessings will manifest in your life.

The imitation dreams symbol urges you to appreciate the people who came before you and their wisdom.

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