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Ideal Waist To Hip Ratio Calculator

Ideal Waist To Hip Ratio Calculator

The purpose of the waist to hip ratio calculation is to determine if this ratio is correct when you look at the proportions of your body. If the ratio is out of whack it may mean that you are obese and this is a situation that needs to be controlled. Any major changes should be discussed with your physician and/or nutritionist.

The Waist To Hip Ratio Test is an excellent tool for finding a guideline as to what is appropriate for you.The ideal waist to hip ratio is tool that helps one to know what their waist to hip ratio is. This can be a very effective method of discovering how much body fat you have, preventing obesity and the related illnesses that can occur.

We would all like to be completely fit and appropriately active. But there is a limit at which our body fat becomes excessive and we reach the level of obesity. Being obese can wreak havoc on our health and many of the issues that may develop are silent killers. The standards are determined based on research and surveys conducted over many different case studies. The measure of the waist to hip ratio can be used as a guide.

The physician’s advice is also advisable before undertaking any type of extreme measure. Both diet and exercise programs should be approved by your physician and your nutritionist. Some of the health related issues involved with obesity are diabetes, hypertension and stress related illnesses that can become extremely serious if not treated promptly and appropriately. The Waist To Hip Ratio is simply one of the many potential risks that should be assessed.

We have a little help for the current times with this test. This is in many ways a good thing as it will hopefully help to decrease the costs of medical care going forward. There are some who feel there should be penalties for those who do not take basic preventative care such as good diet and moderate exercise.

The waist to hip ratio (WHR) is one of the methods of determining your probability of suffering from coronary heart disease. Knowing the waist to hip ratio also assists you to know if excess fat is stored around your hips making your obese and more prone to not only heart disease but other serious illnesses. Of course the tool is not the final answer to your concerns but it does serve as a guide.

Before you do anything beyond very small changes you should consult your physician and a nutritionist. If for example you wanted to drop a soda a day from your life and replace it with a bottle of water this is fine but if you chose to go on a carbohydrate free diet this should be discussed with your physician because it is extreme.

Ideal Waist Hip Ratio

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