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Hydrophobia Dream Meaning

Dream About Hydrophobia – Meaning, Interpretation And Symbolism

A Dream About Hydrophobia and Its Meaning in Reality

Hydrophobia is the irrational or extreme fear of water. It comes about as a symptom of rabies in human beings. A dream about being afflicted by hydrophobia means that you should watch out for your enemies because they intend to bring you down. It might also be a sign of a change in business.

Dreaming of other people with hydrophobia is a sign that ungrateful people surround you. Do not worry too much about people who do not appreciate the good you do in their lives. This dream might also signify loss and death in the family.


Based on the hydrophobia dream analysis, dreaming of being bitten by a rabid animal signifies betrayal from someone close to you. Do not trust people blindly. Even your loved ones can betray your trust.

Dreaming of hydrophobia means that you are afraid to face your fears. It is also a message from your subconscious mind that you should embrace your emotions.

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