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How To Tell If You Have Diabetes 2?

How To Tell If You Have Diabetes 2?

There is so much talk about diabetes 2. However many people would not know they have it unless they knew some indicators to look for first. Here are a few that may give you a sign your are pre-diabetic or already diabetic.

Diabetes type 2 has become very much talked about in many countries throughout the world. One of the most alarming facts is that this condition is becoming the norm in adults.

It is even appearing in young children who previously would only be diagnosed with diabetes type 1! You see normally type 2 diabetes does not begin until the late 20’s or early to mid-30’s.

Here are some strong indicators you may be pre-diabetic, verging on becoming one or already diabetic (type 2).

diabetes 2

Symptoms That You Have Diabetes

#1. Drinking Too Much Of Fluids


You have started drinking copious amounts of liquids. Enough is never enough! You may have some trouble swallowing too and generally speaking you are always thirsty, more than ever before! This is a sign of diabetes mellitus. In other words your pancreas in not performing well and you have too much sugar in your pancreas.

Along with this constant thirst will be a very dry mouth, unpleasant since it will not go away at times, hence your need to constantly drink fluids.

#2. Fungal Infections

You suddenly find you get more fungal infections. Worse still they just will not go away. When you get diabetes you get excess yeast. Any infections take longer to heal even with treatment. You may notice visible fungal infections on your toe nails.

Presence of fungal infections around your genital area. This is common place and unfortunately signifies the potential of diabetes if it comes with increased thirst.

#3. Mood Swings

mood swings

Due to the sugar imbalance diabetes can cause quite severe mood swings. You will find if diagnosed with it you have to eat every so many hours going forward.

#4. Frequent Urination

You may find yourself urinating more often. Of course this will also have increased with the increased intake of fluids but you will notice this!

#5. Headaches

This is probably due to the imbalance of sugars. Remember that with diabetes 2 your sugars may go up or down. Some people get more of one than the other, others get both types.

#6. Tiredness & Weakness


Normal exercise will seem a real effort and you will suddenly find yourself unusually tired a lot of the time. Probably you will end up sleeping but if you don’t drink and eat in this period it will make things worse!

#7. Irritability

Due to all of this going on in your system and mind, you may find yourself more short tempered all of a sudden. Others will not know and until you know you will just think you are “crabby” for some reason.

#8. Foggy headed

Perhaps you are normally very mentally astute, a quick thinker. You may find your thinking blurred and even your vision!


Sudden pangs in your hands or feet or numbness that you did not have before.

saladSo what do you do if you have one or several of these, combined with a burgeoning stomach and waist line, well you get to a general doctor. He will be able to take your blood sugar level, your cholesterol, your salt levels. All of these are important for a diabetes 2 person going forward. They all have to be managed not just sugar levels.

Diabetes Risk Level

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If he diagnoses you with diabetes 2, it is not the end of the world. You can live with it and much more easily than say a mental health disease. There are now even cases whereby people have totally reversed their diabetes 2 with diet and exercise. So you have hope and better still it may motivate you to start living a healthy life, on more putting it off because now you have a real incentive:-)

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