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How To Cut Down On Sugar?

White Sugar Vs. Brown Sugar

Before we discuss on how to reduce the sugar intake gradually, it is worth pointing out that while white sugar has no nutritional value whatsoever. In fact it is detrimental to health whereas brown sugar or raw sugar is more unprocessed and healthier.

In addition there is also low GI or slow glucose releasing brown sugar varieties which gradually reduce sugar into the blood stream all at once. So having determined that there is a difference between brown sugar and white sugar, now let’s discuss why a person might want to cut down on the sugar.

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Why Should You Cut Down On Sugar?

  1. To lose weight since sugar is a major factor in gaining weight.
  2. Already diabetic or pre-diabetic. This means it is fairly urgent to cut down or cut out sugar consumption altogether. As mentioned earlier an easier alternative is to have low GI brown sugar

So whether it was one of the two reasons or just an excuse to live more healthily, what are the steps that a person can take to cut down on bad sugar or cut down on it overall.

Steps To Cut Down On Sugar

  1. Reduce the sugar gradually over a period of time, finally getting to zero sugar.
  2. Replacing sugar with either of the natural sugars like Stevia which is actually 300 times as a sweet as sugar.
  3. When it comes to wanting sugar substitute things such as sweet dried fruits or sweet vegetables, sweet peas or carrots. Sure they are not quite the same as the sugar you are used to but gradually you may be habit start to substitute them.
  4. Use saccharin in your coffee and tea. They tend to taste so sweet that you only need half to one tablet to make your cuppa taste sweet enough!
  5. Honey. Instead of sugar add honey to tea and coffee, you will need less of this than sugar since the honey dissolves. Using Manuka honey has additional benefits since it has medicinal qualities. It is even now being used in medicine to speed up the recovery of infections.
  6. Even if you don’t go without sugar entirely switch from unhealthy white sugar to brown sugar.
  7. One of the best options if you cannot eliminate sugar is to switch to the brown low GI sugar. As mentioned earlier this gradually releases sugar into your blood stream, to avoid sudden escalations in blood sugar levels.
  8. Juices. You can make them as sweet as you want. Often it is just the sensation that something sweet gives you. Therefore it is like tricking your mind and taste palette into thinking it is having the standard sweet foods – candies, real sugar, cake, and donuts, chocolate. After all of these contain high levels of sugar.

  9. Instead of sugar use Agave Nectar. This is really sweet and it is very good for avoiding a sudden sugar spike.
  10. When it comes to baking, molasses can be used instead of sugar as a natural, healthy alternative.

A final note on the process of either reducing sugar in your diet, switching to more healthy versions of sweet foods or replacing sugar with healthier alternatives, there is nothing wrong with a little sweetness in your diet. It really is a matter of moderation.

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