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Heart Attack Risk Test

Heart Attack Risk

The Heart Attack Risk Analyzer provides some basic information about your risks of a heart attack as indicated by the information you provide. This information is analyzed and a probability of you being at risk is calculated.

There may even be some advice as to the preventative measures you may take. Especially if you do have a history in the family of heart issues the Heart Attack Risk Test can be very useful to you. It is free the analysis is clearly written and accurate.

Heart attack a very scary concept. What exactly is a heart attack? A heart attack occurs when a portion of the heart small muscle has insufficient blood to provide the oxygen required for the cells to survive. The lack of oxygen may cause the death of some of the muscle cells in the heart. If a large enough number of cells are affected this may cause almost instantaneous death.

If only a small section of the heart was affected then there is a good chance of total recovery. The more common causes of heart attack are an irregular blood supply which may be caused by a blockage in the heart or some other occurrence such as an incorrect rhythm in the heartbeat.

We are very fortunate when we have learned a great deal more about how heart attacks occur and how we may help those who have suffered such an event. We know now that there are some drugs that can assist in removing any clots to allow blood to flow more freely.

Today we have surgical methods of bypassing blocked arteries. And we are also fortunate to be much more aware of how to prevent heart attacks through care prior to such an unpleasant event. While it is possible to recover and recover well from a  heart attack it is better never to have one.

The Farmingham Heart Study has been an extremely valuable tool in providing a guide as to what preventative measures to take to eliminate or reduce heart attack risk. By controlling risk factors individuals can reduce the risk of heart attacks. The factors that have to be taken into consideration in calculating risk of suffering a heart attack are: age, gender, total cholesterol both good and bad blood pressure, diabetes, smoking and any ventricular abnormalities.

Each of these factors has to be taken into consideration not of them standalone and most can be alleviated by fairly simple expedients. To reduce risk of heart attack both diet and exercise are low cost and effective tools. If you are overweight losing weight is also a good idea. But if you are severely underweight this can also be a risk factor. We each of us owe it to ourselves to discover what we may do to maintain good health and avoid serious illnesses such as heart attack.

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