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Hag Dream Meaning

What Does a Hag Dream Mean in Reality? Interpretation and Symbolism

Seeing a Hag in Your Dream: Meaning and Symbolism

Seeing a hag in your dream is a sign that you should listen to the older wise women in your life because they know how best to live life. It is also a sign that an experienced woman in your life will help you navigate feminine traits you are unfamiliar with.


Dreaming of hags means that you need to work on your life. Through wisdom and strength, you will make decisions that are good for you and the people close to you. Negatively, this dream is a sign that someone close to you is working against you. It might be a loved one, friend, colleague, or acquittance.

Negatively, dreaming of a hag might be a sign that someone feminine is in charge of your life. It might be your mother, sister, wife, aunt, grandmother, or partner. Ensure that you have control of your life. This way, you will be better placed to make decisions good for you.


The hag dream symbol symbolizes nurturance. You are nurturing and caring. You are considerate of other people’s needs, and people appreciate your kindness and generosity.

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