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Gemini Man And Virgo Woman Love Compatibility

Love Compatibility Between Gemini Man Virgo Woman

Can Gemini men and Virgo women have a successful relationship that is compatible mentally, emotionally and sexually? The Gemini Man and Virgo Woman have the same sun sign ruler, Mercury. But there is still a lot of effort needed to make the love compatibility last.

Communication and intellect will attract these two zodiac lovers closer together but before too long, you both can be getting on each other’s last nerves.


Gemini Man Virgo Woman Compatibility – Pros

The Virgo Woman is a very devoted person. She will devote her love to one partner but she might also devote most of her time to her to work. None the less, it is the Gemini Man’s vast communication skills that will attract the Virgo Woman at first. These Gemini man and Virgo woman will spend lots of time talking and will not often find time for anything else.


The Virgo female makes for a passionate lover and she is willing to show the Gemini Man her best in the bed room, but might be offended if he tries to include any sort of fantasy.

Virgo Women have a knack for being organized. Gemini Men’s lack of organization with first interest the Virgo Woman, but soon she might realize the disorganization is due to some immature characteristics of the Gemini.


Good thing that both the Gemini Man Virgo woman relationship is that they are very flexible and able to adjust to change. The Virgo isn’t as flexible as air, but she won’t be dominating either.

gemini man virgo woman love compatibility
Not Always A Good Match Thanks To Your Difference Of Opinions On Most Matters

Gemini Man And Virgo Woman Relationship – Cons

The Virgo woman is a loyal friend and will make for a good listener. The only problem for the Gemini Man is that the Virgo Woman might not be able to keep up with his flow of thought. She likes to take her time and ponder things, so she might not see his point of view right away. This can become very annoying to the Gemini male and he will be the first one to become very bored with a Gemini Virgo relationship.


There will be aspects about both the Gemini and Virgo match that will attract the two together. But soon as they start to discover their true self. The Gemini Man is bound to become very frustrated and bored with the Virgo Woman while she will find his disorganization and wandering ways very boyish. She has no problem sharing her opinion with him which will often scare the Gemini Man away.

The Virgo female has a critical side. This characteristic ties into her ability to take a bit longer to analyze a situation before reacting. When the Virgo Woman tries to give her positive feedback to the Gemini Man, he might find offense when his actions are only part of what makes him a Gemini. His lack of organization will often scare the her, if not first interest her, because of the Virgo zodiac tendency to be a perfectionist.

It’s a good think that the Gemini Man is capable of being very independent and able to entertain himself because the Virgo Woman is so passionate about her work that she might be the one who doesn’t have enough time for him.

Her loyalty will make a reliable campaign for any man, but that man must be willing to let his Virgo Woman go to do her own thing. since their zodiac compatibility isn’t too great, the Gemini Virgo pair will need to work on their relationship to make it work.


Gemini is an air sign that is mutable and Virgo is an earth sign that is mutable by nature. The Gemini man Virgo woman compatibility gets a TWO Hearts love rating.

If the Gemini Man and Virgo Woman are able to put their differences aside and focus on their excellent communication and intellectual skills, then there might be a small chance in heaven that these two star signs can make it into a long lasting relationship.

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