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Mayan Galactic Tone 9: Bolon – Patience

Mayan Name: Bolon

Maya Day Number: Nine – Solar

Alternative Galactic Tone Name: Patience, Greater Cycles

Important Keywords:

Keywords they should meditate on are harmony, humanity, completion, balance, leadership, compassion, and expression.


Position In Mayan Numerology

The ninth sign of the Mayan galactic numbers is Patience or Greater Cycles. It is known as the “solar tone”. It is also the tone of intention and realization.The ninth sign of the Mayan galactic numbers is Patience

The day of patience is a galactic tone that deals with giving back and elevating humanity. It is a compassionate tone that seeks to make humanity think past material gain and think about the well-being of others.


Positive Traits

People born under Maya day number nine energy are born leaders. People always assume they are in charge wherever they go, even if they’re not. They are very friendly and people are attracted to their charismatic personalities.


They are kind, generous and have a strong desire to help humanity. They are full of compassion and will go out of their way to help those that are less fortunate. They are true humanitarians.

Helping others is an important aspect of who they are. They will give freely of their time and whatever resources they have to help those in need. They will spend a good part of their life trying to achieve a better, more harmonious world.


As much as they love to give, they also love to gain. They are addicted to acquiring wealth. They are often workaholics. This puts them in conflict with the true nature of who they are. They will not be truly happy working any job just for material gain. They must pursue something they are passionate about or they will feel unfulfilled and empty.

The Mayan galactic tone 9 people love to start projects, but even more they love to see them completed. They will oversee all of the fine details of the project to make sure it is carried out to their high and exacting standards. They have the patience and determination to see things to completion as they feel everything they do is for the greatest good of all.

They are natural romantics who have no trouble attracting people with their personalities, but relationships are hard for them to maintain. They are more focused on their material gain and humanitarian efforts.

Negative Traits

The Mayan day number 9 give a lot of themselves, but sometimes it can be to the detriment of their own life. When they are feeling down they need to express that to their loved ones. They have no problem giving to others, but need to remember that it’s OK to be on the receiving end of giving.

They can be moody and suffer from depression. This makes it difficult to complete their work which depresses them even more. They feel that everything they do feels pointless once their negative mood sets in.

They may have a hard time in relationships because they have a tendency to end them too quickly. They don’t want to stick around through the tough times and will try to end it before things get too hard.

Their lesson in life is to learn to manage endings. Although they are good at seeing things through to the end, they don’t handle seeing endings well especially if they can’t see the final outcome. They would do well to handle several projects at once. That way when one project ends, they still have others to focus their attention on.

Bolon / Patience Days

The energy of this Maya galactic tone patience is good for focusing on how you would like to give back to humanity. It’s good to think of ways you can help those less fortunate than you. Spend time with your family and be thankful for the non material wealth that you share with those you love.

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