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Mayan Galactic Tone 7: Uuc – Reflection

Mayan Name: Uuc

Maya Day Number: Seven – Resonant

Alternative Galactic Tone Name: Reflection, Mystical Power

Important Keywords:

Keywords they should meditate on are reflection, balance, meditation, awareness, spirituality, connection, and relationships.


Position In Mayan Numerology

The seventh Mayan galactic number is called Mystical Power or Reflection. It is also known as Uuc and is a “resonant tone” and the tone of attunement and inspiration.The seventh Mayan galactic number is called Mystical Power or Reflection.

The seven brings with it deep thought. It opens up the veil between human life and the spiritual world through concentration and a belief that the two exist side by side.


Positive Traits

The Maya galactic tone Seven people enjoy their solitude and quiet. They are very spiritual by nature and will sit for hours to think about life and all the mysteries in it. They are most likely introverts and love to be off by themselves.


They are very intellectual loners who live life mostly in their minds. They ponder about spiritual matters and the answers to the mysteries of life. They seek out spiritual truths in their everyday lives.


The Mayan Day Number 7 people may not do well-being micro-managed at work because they question authority. They are most happy working by themselves. They will give up a life of everyday worries in favor of a life of quiet and solitude.

They want to have time to ponder and explore the mysteries of life. They love to be near nature as it is a calming energy that makes it easy for them to think.

They are perfectionists and they expect those they work with to be perfectionists as well. They are good friends despite the fact that their demeanor makes them appear to be aloof and distant.

Negative Traits

People born under Mayan galactic tone seven can be loners. They can become so overwhelmed with the practical side of life that they fall into depression and start using drugs and alcohol as a means of escape.

Their love of isolation makes it difficult for them to get close to people. They have a hard time forming relationships and friendships. Though they love their solitude, there are times where they feel loneliness. Spending so much time alone can cause them to lose their compassion and patience for others.

One of their challenges in life is to balance their desire to be alone with forming meaningful relationships with others. Because of the distance that they hold from people, many will think they are eccentric and stand offish. They will never feel as if they truly know them.

They can be stubborn when others try to get them to see a different way of life. Their high intellect will have them looking down at others if they feel they are not up to their level. They must remember that just because others see the world differently does not make them less intelligent. Their lesson is to learn to accept themselves for who they are.

In this world full of extroverts, people who are more introverted may feel ostracized. The Maya day number 7 should feel confident in who they are without the need to try and validate themselves to others.

Their insight into the spirit world and keen intellect is a gift. It serves as a connection from the spirits so they may spread their wisdom in order to help uplift humanity.

Uuc / Reflection Days

The energy of the reflection days are good for pondering the mysteries of life. If you haven’t connected to your spirituality in a while, now is the time to meditate on your spiritual beliefs. Use the energy to connect with other people and appreciate human connection and interaction.

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