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Finding Love As A Diplomat: 5 Ways

5 Ways For Finding Love As A Diplomat

Moving from one country to the other is a situation almost all diplomats have to live with throughout their careers. This makes finding love as a diplomat very challenging as you virtually have a dangerous place to stay. The sad thing is some fewer people would want to be in a long-distance relationship.


However, diplomats still hope to find love with a bit of proactiveness, being open, and taking concrete steps to achieve it. If you are a single diplomat, here are ways to find love and the options you have to choose from.


1. Get Involved With Activities of your Foreign Office

As a single diplomat, you don’t have to restrict yourself to particular events organized by the foreign office but open your tentacles and attend most of them. Several other diplomats and staff come together during such events, of which some may be singles.


This can be a great platform to meet your Mr. Right. You can make friends by socializing and getting to know others well at such events. Your friendship can open the door to romance and love for you.


2. Mingle With the Singles at Your Office

Other employees at your foreign office may be looking for love. So since you are single, you have to mingle. No matter their professional status, you can find love within.

Don’t isolate yourself. Join them for trips and dinner. During your free time, have a chat with those you find interesting. One thing may lead to another, which may pave the way for you to find true love.

Finding Love As A Diplomat Cannot Be Easy

3. You Can Find Love among the Locals

As I said in the intro, you must be open in your search for love. Don’t restrict yourself to only your colleagues and other employees at the foreign office. You can also look outside. When looking outside, you still have to be open, don’t only look for people of your nationality, you can also look at the locals. There are well-educated, well-traveled people with cultural diversities in the locals you candidate.

4. Be on the Grounds

You have to be on the grounds to find love among the locals. But this cannot happen in a vacuum. You need to find ways to relate with the local people, especially in the professional environment you want to date.

You need to take part in local events organized by the embassy. During the events, look through, and you may find someone who meets your requirement.

5. Single Diplomats from other Countries

In diplomacy, countries coordinate with other countries to protect their interest. As a diplomat, you may have to meet other diplomats in your host countries on diplomacy issues or at an end-of-year soiree. Through such meetings, you can find love. Finding love in another diplomat is one of the best ways to find love.

Since you are both diplomats, you understand your profession well and share common interests. You can empathize with one another in the best way.

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