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Eye Patch Dream Meaning

Meaning Of An Eye Patch Dream – Interpretation And Symbolism

What Is the Meaning of Seeing An Eye Patch Dream in Your Dream?

Wearing an eye patch in your dream means you have a problem accepting other people’s points of view. You always think you are right. Believing that you are always right will not get you far in life. You need to accept that other people’s opinions matter.

Dreaming of an eye patch signifies that you are one-sided in your thinking. Things must not go your way all the time. Learn to accommodate other people’s thoughts, ideas, opinions, and advice.


The eyepatch dream symbol might signify that you fail to see the truth about something in your waking life. You need to open your eyes and accept that things are not as they seem when you dream of eyepatches.

Seeing a dream of an eye patch symbolizes your wish to exploit others and get away with it. You need to be serious with your life. Watch how you interact with others. Do not ruin your relationships with people because you are obsessed with proving that you are superior to them.

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