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Dragon Horoscope 2022 – Luck and Feng Shui Predictions!

Dragon Horoscope 2022 – A Look at the Year Ahead

The Year of the Black Water Tiger will rule over the Dragon in 2022. A better way to put it might be to say that the Tiger sign will try to have a heavy influence over Dragon-born people. Of course, Dragon-borns are known for being independent, which will fight with the Tiger’s influence. This can lead to some ups and downs in the Dragon 2022 horoscope. However, if a Dragon can stay focused on their goals, the year will go by quickly.


2022 Dragon Predictions For Love

Dragons who want their love life to flourish in 2022 need to pay extra special attention to their partner. This advice works regardless of what sign the Dragon is in a relationship with. The more attention a Dragon pays to their partner, the better their relationship is likely to be. If a Dragon puts their relationship on someone else, this can cause tension in the romance.


Single Dragons who want to find love can do so by signing up for more group events. The Year of the Tiger also brings forward many opportunities to meet new people. Trying new things is one of the best ways to increase luck in this area. Once a Dragon meets a new romantic partner, the same rules apply for Dragons who are already in relationships. Keep all romantic attention to one person for relationships to thrive. Spread around your affection to see your romances thrive suggests the 2022 Chinese horoscope.


Dragon 2022 Career Astrology

A Dragon’s career prospects in 2022 will entirely depend on their focus levels. The Year of the Tiger can be highly distracting for most Dragons. The more distracted a Dragon is at work, the less their supervisor will smile upon them. Work on strategies for staying focused.

Getting along well with your coworkers is another key to success, according to the Dragon 2022 horoscope. Teamwork will be essential. However, Dragons need to make sure to align themselves with coworkers who will help them stay on-task. This may mean not working with your friends at all times. In time, Dragons may forge new friendships with the coworkers they choose to work with.


Dragon 2022 Finance Forecasts

Like in their career, Dragons need to stay focused on their finances in 2022. Temptations are sure to come their way. This does not mean that Dragons cannot spend any money this year. Instead, Dragons need to plan carefully before they spend their hard-earned cash. They would do well to check all available offers before buying something to ensure they are getting the best deal. Doing this will go a long way to ensuring that the Dragon has money left to spend and save in 2023.

Dragon Family Predictions 2022

Chinese zodiac Dragons will be very busy with work in 2022, which is part of the reason why it is important to make sure to set aside time to spend with the family. Homelife may also be busy, as 2022 is a great time to take on home-related projects. These projects usually relate to home repair or improvement. Such busyness in all areas of life can lead to stressful situations. Dragons need to make sure their communication skills are top-notch if they want to avoid conflict.

As for pregnancy and raising children, the Dragon 2022 Chinese forecast predicts a pretty average year in all of those things. However, if a Dragon is planning on growing their family, it is best to access whether or not they actually have time for that. If not, it may be best to postpone.

Year of the Dragon Predictions for Health

Stress will be the Dragon’s main adversary in 2022. For this reason, it is best that a Dragon find some healthy activities to help them reduce their stress levels. Exercise and competitive sports are great outlets for stress. As a bonus, these activities can provide the Dragon with goals. Dragons love to be on top, so doing these things to be the best can work as a powerful motivator.

Dragon Social Life Changes

As previously mentioned, the Year of the Tiger provides new opportunities for people to meet. The more a Dragon goes out and tries new things, the more likely it will be to meet new people. While this is true for every year, there is a bonus in 2022. The 2022 Year of the Tiger horoscope predicts that someone a Dragon meets will help them with their goals and ambitions. This is most likely to be in the workplace but can also involve hobbies.

Dragons are also more likely to get closer to their coworkers in 2022. Whenever the opportunity comes up to work with partners or a team, it is best to do so. This will not only help you to become closer to your work-friends but also impress your supervisor.

Dragon 2022 Yearly Horoscopes

The Year of the Tiger is sure to make any Dragon’s life busier. However, the Tiger’s influence isn’t all bad. It also gives the Dragon an added boost of energy – just what they need to make it through the year ahead. Dragons need to stay focused at work and try to relax at home. It is also important to try to take a vacation this year. Traveling will bring relaxation to the Dragon’s soul. The distance of the traveling does not matter so much as the enjoyment of the trip.

Dragon 2022 Monthly Horoscopes

Since the Year of the Tiger is so busy for Dragons, let’s break down the year into months to make things a little easier. Below is a 202 monthly Chinese Dragon prediction for each month.

January 2022 gives Dragons plenty of energy to start the year off right. Use this to focus on your career and relationships.

February 2022 is the best time to take some time for yourself. This is the perfect time for a vacation or to work on hobbies.

March 2022 allows Dragons to focus again. Focusing on work and hobbies will bring the most satisfaction.

April 2022 has its ups and downs. Try to stay calm and go with the flow.

May 2022 brings the unexpected. Sometimes this can mean small obstacles, but it can also bring luck!

June 2022 is another good month to relax. Spend time with loves ones, work on hobbies, or go on a vacation.

July 2022 comes with an energy refill. The month will go by quickly, and Dragons are sure to be busy the entire time.

August 2022 is the best time to focus on all relationships. Some relationship repair might be necessary. Make sure others are not taking advantage of kindness.

September 2022 makes it difficult to focus at work. Try to get help from coworkers until motivation returns.

October 2022 turns the focus to family. Something new will happen at home; this could resolve a conflict or the beginning of a project.

November 2022 keeps the focus on family. Use this month to accomplish any household tasks. Spend time with the children in the family.

December 2022 lets the year end on a calm note. Use this time to relax or begin projects for the year ahead.

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Dragon 2022 Feng Shui Yearly Forecast & Horoscope

The 2022 Feng Shui forecasts suggest that the Dragon will fare very well in studies. This is a year when new business opportunities should be given a second thought.


The Year of the Tiger is bound to be a crazy time for any Dragon. Dragons are likely to be busy for most of the year. So long as they can remain focused and make time for their family and friends, the year should bring more positivity than anything else.

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