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Domino Oracle

Domino Oracle

When doing a Domino reading calculation the Oracle answers the question. The shuffled dominoes provide an answer. Depending on what you are seeking to know, a different type of reading may be used. The basic Domino reading has been around since ancient times. For each of us in our current era, guidance is always welcome. Get your free online Domino Oracle reading today!

An alternate name for divination by Domino is Cleromancy. With this type of Oracle, it is usual to ask a very specific question. The Domino Oracle calculator can be used as a guide in helping you to resolve concerns.

Domino has been used as a tool for divination since ancient times. As with many forms of divination, this one begins with the Chinese and has become popular in the West as well. This is one of the older forms of fortune-telling.



Many people look to Dominoes only as a game. There are not many people who realize that they are also an excellent tool for divination. As with any tool that uses numbers is possible to interpret those numbers to provide information about a person’s life.

While the practice of using dominoes for divination is present in many cultures the interpretations will vary widely. One reader may see almost nothing and another may see dire consequences. Different reading systems will produce somewhat different results but the purpose should be to empower the user.

A daily reading would look strictly at the day and help you plan your day. Past, present, and future reading will examine the events that have touched your past, are affecting the present, and will affect the future. There are also four-course readings, relationship readings, attainment readings, and a coming year reading.

The coming year reading reveals items that will affect your life monthly over the next year. Dominoes may be seen more than once in this reading and a particular Domino may be the primary influence over the year.

When we are seeking guidance this may be a quick and easy way to gain information that will help us solve concerns. The current domino set contains 28 possible combinations including the blank tiles.

While different cultures and systems may interpret these differently they still work in a manner designed to provide an answer to your question. Dreaming of Dominoes

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