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Demons: Supernatural Beings And Their Existence

The Existence Of Demons In The World

Stories of demons have been around for thousands of years. Some of the oldest stories of these creatures come from the ancient Jewish people. However, other religions and cultures believe in and acknowledge the existence of demons to this day. While many exorcists still practice getting rid of demons today, some priests are still qualified to do it. It is mostly the Catholic subset of Christianity that performs exorcists to get rid of demons that may be possessing someone.

The definition of “demon” varies among cultures and religions. Some definitions of demons are any sort of humanoid or especially evil creature. Many monsters fall into this category of demons. In other cultures, a demon is like an especially irritated ghost. It is a soul of a person who went bad and decided to stay on earth after they died instead of going to Hell or its equivalent in other religions.

This article will focus on the Judeo-Christian definition of demons. This is the most commonly accepted idea of what these creatures really are, how they came to be, and what they can do to people and other living or nonliving things.

Judeo-Christian Definition Of Demons

Even within the Judeo-Christian religions, there are a few different theories on what demons actually are. One theory states that the creatures are like evil ghosts. They had gone bad before they died, and now they haunt the Earth, looking for a new body, whether it be a person or animal, to possess and do more bad deeds with.

These are the souls that should have gone to Hell when they died, or once were in Hell, but came back as demons instead of mere ghosts. This is a popular theory that the show Supernatural uses to explain where demons came from.

Another theory is that demons are the spirits of Nephilim. Nephilims are creatures that are half-angel and half-human. The biblical texts of Genesis and Enoch both mention the existence of Nephilim. Since these creatures were not fully human, they couldn’t go to Heaven or Hell when they died. Instead, their souls were stuck on Earth. Eventually, the conclusion is that they grew dark and craved for a new body, and they weren’t above possessing humans to do so.

Finally, another theory is that demons are really fallen angels. Many angels fell out of God’s grace when Lucifer left Heaven. They were condemned to hell. While they were still technically angels, they could have become evil in Hell, under Lucifer’s control. They could begin to break out of Hell and possess the bodies of humans.

These Creatures and Their Hate For Human Beings

It is said that these creatures crave the destruction of man. They wish to make the world sinful, more or less to avenge God for not allowing them into Heaven. They want to make chaos on Earth and in people’s lives in general. These creatures love discourse, and they will do whatever they can to make it.

While they can cause trouble by possessing someone and making them do evil deeds, they can also simply persuade someone to do something wrong without possessing them. It is believed that much havoc on Earth is caused by demons, from natural disasters to some mental disorders.

Luckily, there are many ways to protect yourself from demons, assuming that they exist. One of the best ways to throw a demon off of you is to simply pray for it. These creatures cannot stand to hear the word of God or a prayer to him, and this should be able to get rid of them. Also, the sign of the cross can make these creatures become fearful and flee from their host body. Blessed objects like holy water can also get the job done. In fact, many of these materials are used in professional exorcisms.

While many religions worldwide believe in demons and other evil spirits, there is no scientific proof that these creatures exist. However, with so many reports and stories of demons, it begs to ask the question:  are demons real or not?

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