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December 9 Famous Birthdays

December 9 Famous Birthdays

Famous people born on DECEMBER 9 can be a combative Sagittarius but most certainly they are not shocked at most things that people say or do. With this comes flexibility and the know how to change a negative situation into a positive and lively one.


Normally though they like to be in their own company. Dealing with people can be somewhat trying sometimes but they do share your life with special people. They’re no stranger to making compromises to help other people.


Confidence is something that is not lacking in their life. They strive for the best and typically, they deliver. They work hard and they play harder. They find adventure in places that are unexplored and unimaginable to others.


When it comes to their health, the famous celebrities of December 9 are rarely sick. They take care of themselves and eat right. They keep stress and weight in check with the right exercises. With this attitude, they will likely live a long life.

Famous people born on DECEMBER 9th are Sagittarius who are forthright optimists. These birthday characteristics are valuable assets to have personally and professionally. They need excitement and stimulation so they like to compete. They should choose a career based on those traits.

December 9 Famous Birthday Personality Traits

9 December Good Traits:

  • Bold
  • Poised
  • Kind
  • Truthful
  • Competitive
  • Attractive
  • Spiritual
  • Selfless
  • Experimentative
  • Disciplined

9 December Bad Traits:

  • Aggressive
  • Restless
  • Fidgety
  • Unreliable
  • Rash
  • Isolated
  • Conceited
  • Arrogant

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December 9 Famous Birthday Personalities

Adam Collin, 1984, Soccer Player
Adam Rifkin, 1966, Director
Aiman Afiff, 1995, Instagram Star
Al Baker, 1956, Football Player
Alejandro Nones, 1986, TV Actor
Alex Kruk, 1977, Photographer
Alexi Blue, 1997, Pop Singer
Allison Smith, 1969, TV Actress
AllSilenced, 1993, YouTube Star
Almost Alex, 2000, Vine Star
Amanda Kinert, 1997, Dancer
Andre Akpan, 1987, Soccer Player
Andrew P. Ordon, 1950, Doctor
Ann Hood, 1956, Novelist
Annalise Braakensiek, 1972, TV Actress
Antonio Devries, 1967, Family Member
Antony Alda, 1956, Movie Actor
Aron Baynes, 1986, Basketball Player
Ashleigh Brewer, 1990, Soap Opera Actress

Ashley Grimes, 1986, Soccer Player
Ashley Harris, 1993, Soccer Player
Barbara Palacios, 1963, Model
Barly Baruti, 1959, Comic Book Author
Beau Bridges, 1941, Movie Actor
Benjamin Foulois, 1879, War Hero
Bill Hartack, 1932, Horse Jockey
Billy Bremmer, 1942, Soccer Player
Billy Bremner, 1942, Soccer Player
Billy Edd Wheeler, 1932, Composer
Bob Hawke, 1929, World Leader
Bob Oconnor, 1944, Politician
Booba, 1976, Rapper
Brad Teague, 1947, Race Car Driver
Brent Price, 1968, Basketball Player
Brian Bell, 1968, Guitarist
Brian Pruett, 1992, Baseball Player
Broderick Crawford, 1911, Movie Actor
Brojen Das, 1927, Swimmer
Bruce Rondon, 1990, Baseball Player
Bruce Wiegner, 1988, Pop Singer
Bruno Gissoni, 1986, Soap Opera Actor
december 9 famous birthdaysBuck Henry, 1930, Screenwriter
BucketPlanks, 1999, YouTube Star
Caleb Ryan, 1991, Pop Singer
Camoflauge, 1981, Rapper
Canibus, 1974, Rapper
Carol Dempster, 1901, Movie Actress
Cathy Dingman, 1970, Wrestler
Charles R Jonas, 1904, Politician
Charlie Casely-Hayford, 1982, Fashion Designer
Chen Hao, 1979, TV Actress
Choi Minho, 1991, Pop Singer
Christopher Stanley, 1959, Movie Actor
Cliff Hagan, 1931, Basketball Player
Cody Kennedy, 1991, Movie Actress
Crystal Shannon, 1997, YouTube Star
Dakota Gonzalez, 1994, Basketball Player
Dalton Trumbo, 1905, Screenwriter
Danny Ward, 1990, Soccer Player
David Akers, 1974, Football Player

David Harsent, 1942, Poet
David Higgins, 1961, Screenwriter
David Kersh, 1970, Country Singer
Daylon McCutcheon, 1976, Football Player
Deacon Jones, 1938, Football Player
Dean Sheremet, 1980, Movie Actor
Deji Olatunji, 1996, YouTube Star
Denarius Moore, 1988, Football Player
Denis Glover, 1912, Poet
Dia Mirza, 1981, Model
Dick Butkus, 1942, Football Player
Dick Van Patten, 1928, TV Actor
Dina Merrill, 1925, Movie Actress
Donald Byrd, 1932, Trumpet Player
Donny Osmond, 1957, TV Actor
Douglas Fairbanks Jr., 1909, Movie Actor
Duke Slater, 1898, Football Player
Elchuiucal, 1997, YouTube Star
Elle Evans, 1989, Model
Emjay, 1974, Pop Singer
Emma Catherine, 1998, YouTube Star

Emmett Kelly, 1898, Comedian
Eric Bledsoe, 1989, Basketball Player
Ernest Gellner, 1925, Philosopher
Eugenia Lemos, 1985, Reality Star
FaZe Barker, 1994, YouTube Star
Felicity Huffman, 1962, TV Actress
Frances Reid, 1914, Soap Opera Actress
Francis H. Case, 1896, Politician
Frankie Zulferino, 1990, Pop Singer
Fritz Haber, 1868, Scientist
Gaston Gaudio, 1978, Tennis Player
Gemma Frisius, 1508, Mathematician
Gerald Henderson Jr., 1987, Basketball Player
Gerard Sekoto, 1913, Painter
Gioconda Belli, 1948, Poet
Grace Hopper, 1906, Scientist
Hannah Hospital, 1995, YouTube Star
Hannes Kolehmainen, 1889, Runner
Hayley McQueen, 1979, Sportscaster
Hermione Gingold, 1897, Stage Actress
Hikaru Nakamura, 1987, Chess Player
Imogen Heap, 1977, Pop Singer
Isabella Miller, 2002, Figure Skater
Jakob Dylan, 1969, Rock Singer
Jakob Stubley, 1999, Vine Star
Jane Fallon, 1960, Novelist
Jane Hanson, 1955, TV Show Host
Jean Claude Juncker, 1954, Politician
Jean de Brunhoff, 1899, Children’s Author
Jean Mermoz, 1901, Pilot
Jeff Swampy Marsh, 1960, Screenwriter
Jeremy Hummel, 1973, Drummer
Jermaine Beckford, 1983, Soccer Player
Jesse Metcalfe, 1978, TV Actor
Jessie Hill, 1932, Blues Singer
Jim Finn, 1976, Football Player
Jim Haslett, 1955, Football Coach
Joan Armatrading, 1950, Pop Singer
Joe Kelley, 1871, Baseball Player
Joe Lando, 1961, TV Actor
Joel Tyrrell, 1989, Bassist
Joey Beltran, 1981, MMA Fighter
Johannes B. Kerner, 1964, TV Show Host
John Cassavetes, 1929, TV Actor
John Macallan Swan, 1846, Painter
John Malkovich, 1953, Movie Actor
John Milton, 1608, Poet
John Paragon, 1954, Screenwriter
John Willie, 1902, Photographer
Johnny Ward, 1983, Entrepreneur
Jolene Purdy, 1983, TV Actress
Jon Wilde, 1981, Journalist
Joshua Bell, 1967, Violinist
Joshua Sasse, 1987, TV Actor
Joyce Redman, 1918, Movie Actress
Judi Dench, 1934, Movie Actress
Judy Joo, 1974, Chef
Junior Wells, 1934, Blues Singer
Justin Hopwood, 1988, Model
Justin Shearer, 1980, Reality Star
Kara DioGuardi, 1970, Songwriter
Kate Smurthwaite, 1975, Comedian
Kelly Oubre Jr., 1995, Basketball Player
Kendall Vertes, 2002, Dancer
Kenny Vance, 1943, Pop Singer
Keri-Anne Payne, 1987, Swimmer
Kevin Daniels, 1976, TV Actor
Kirk Douglas, 1916, Movie Actor
Kirsten Gillibrand, 1966, Politician
Kirsten Michelle, 1994, YouTube Star
Kristina Urribarres, 1989, YouTube Star
Kurt Angle, 1968, Wrestler
Kwadwo Asamoah, 1988, Soccer Player
Laken James Spurlock, 2006, Family Member
Lance Krall, 1970, Comedian
Langston Galloway, 1991, Basketball Player
Larry Emdur, 1964, TV Show Host
Lauren Babic, 1990, Metal Singer
Lee-Ann Liebenberg, 1982, Instagram Star
Leon Hall, 1984, Football Player
Leonie Adams, 1899, Poet
Leslie Carrara-Rudolph, 1962, TV Actress
Lily Pebbles, 1987, YouTube Star
Lindsey Evans, 1989, Model
Lori Greiner, 1969, Entrepreneur
Louise Cliffe, 1986, Model
Luisa Bradshaw-White, 1975, TV Actress
Maksim Bahdanovic, 1891, Poet
Malik Muhammad Arif, 1948, Journalist
Mardy Fish, 1981, Tennis Player
Margaret Hamilton, 1902, Movie Actress
Mario Cantone, 1959, Comedian
Mark Leech, 1985, Soccer Player
Mark McMorris, 1993, Snowboarder
Mark Riddell, 1981, Rugby Player
Mary Downing Hahn, 1937, Young Adult Author
Mary Fallin, 1954, Politician
Mary Scott, 1921, TV Actress
Mat Latos, 1987, Baseball Player
McKayla Maroney, 1995, Gymnast
Mervyn Davies, 1946, Rugby Player
Michael Dorn, 1952, TV Actor
Michael Foster, 1964, Drummer
Michael Nouri, 1945, TV Actor
Mika Dela Cruz, 1998, TV Actress
Milan Lalkovic, 1992, Soccer Player
Morton Downey Jr., 1932, TV Show Host
Mykayla Skinner, 1996, Gymnast
Nau, 2002, YouTube Star
Neil Innes, 1944, Comedian
Nic Neufeld, 2001, Pop Singer
Nick Bruel, 1978, Children’s Author
Ochikeron, 1979, YouTube Star
Olivia Lufkin, 1979, Rock Singer
Olivia Swinton, 2003, Stage Actress
Paul Cordebard, 1988, Guitarist
Paul Landers, 1964, Guitarist
Paulo Borges, 1995, YouTube Star
Percy Kahn, 1880, Composer
Petr Nedved, 1971, Hockey Player
Phil Bryant, 1954, Politician
PnB Rock, 1991, Rapper
Princess Masako, 1963, Royalty
Priya Gill, 1977, Movie Actress
Rachel Heller, 1985, Model
Rahat Fateh-ali Khan, 1973, World Music Singer
Raja Gosnell, 1958, Director
Redd Foxx, 1922, TV Actor
Reiko Aylesworth, 1972, TV Actress
Rene Hoppe, 1976, Bobsledder
Robert Kirk, 1644, Novelist
Ryan Grant, 1982, Football Player
Sam Carr, 1995, YouTube Star
Samijo Grace, 2009, Reality Star
Samuel Danielsson, 1991, YouTube Star
Santiago Silva, 1980, Soccer Player
Sarah Roberts, 1974, Politician
Sarah Smith, 1947, Novelist
Sarai Jones, 1997, YouTube Star
Sean Durkin, 1981, Director
Sean Grandillo, 1992, Stage Actor
Shayne Graham, 1977, Football Player
Shera Kerienski, 1992, YouTube Star
Simon Helberg, 1980, TV Actor
Sona Gasparian, 1985, YouTube Star
Sonia Gandhi, 1946, Political Wife
Stacey Jackson, 1968, Pop Singer
Stanislav Nedkov, 1981, MMA Fighter
Steve Owens, 1947, Football Player
Steve Taylor, 1957, Rock Singer
Steven Holl, 1947, Architect
SungWon Cho, 1990, Voice Actor
Susanna Moore, 1945, Memoirist
Sylvia, 1956, Country Singer
Tara Perry, 1985, TV Actress
Tim Moore, 1887, TV Actor
Tip O’neill Jr., 1912, Politician
Toby Huss, 1966, TV Actor
Todd Edwards, 1972, Music Producer
Tom Daschle, 1947, Politician
Tom Kite, 1949, Golfer
Tomas Blanco, 1896, Non-Fiction Author
Tomy Drissi, 1958, Race Car Driver
Tony Batista, 1973, Baseball Player
Tony Hinkle, 1899, Basketball Coach
Tony Vick, 1969, Reality Star
Travis Birt, 1981, Cricket Player
Tre Cool, 1972, Drummer
Vecepia Towery, 1965, Reality Star
Waris Hussein, 1938, Director
William Lipscomb, 1919, Scientist
William Servat, 1978, Rugby Player


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