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December 8 Famous Birthdays

December 8 Famous Birthdays

Famous people born on DECEMBER 8 are known to be Sagittarius who are obedient and bullheaded at the same time. This can leave people with some raised eyebrows. However, they know how to bring people back down to earth.


But when it comes to money, famous December 8 celebrities love spending it. Spending too much though has a way of bringing their spirits down and those same friends have to cheer them up. They work hard to achieve the status and the bank account balance that they have taken care to build up.


As a career option, they could be useful in the lines of legal work or expression. If they have entertained the idea of running for office, they should go with it. This could be a promising profession for them.


On the other hand, famous people born on December 8 could get involved in the arts or film, television or journalism. They have their choice of things to do… it’s up to them. They are likely to excel at what they want to do.

Famous people born on DECEMBER 8th are Sagittarius who confuse their friends. One day they are aggressive; then the next, they are shy. Additionally, they are likely to fall in love at the drop of a hat. Still, they have problems with being faithful.

December 8 Famous Birthday Personality Traits

8 December Good Traits:

  • Happy
  • Loving
  • Honest
  • Communicative
  • Resolute
  • Attractive
  • Aspiring
  • Ambitious
  • Interactive
  • Social
  • Joyful

8 December Bad Traits:

  • Stubborn
  • Submissive
  • Extreme
  • Indecisive
  • Conceited
  • Boastful

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December 8 Famous Birthday Personalities

Aaron Jakubenko, 1989, TV Actor
Abbas Al-Noury, 1952, TV Actor
Adam Koralik, 1986, YouTube Star
Albert Gleizes, 1881, Painter
Albert Von Lecoq, 1860, Explorer
Alesia Glidewell, 1978, Voice Actor
Alex McMurtry, 1996, Gymnast
Alfredo Aceves, 1982, Baseball Player
Ali Bongo, 1929, Magician
Aliyah Kolf, 1999, Pop Singer
Amir Khan, 1986, Boxer
Amy Vachal, 1988, Pop Singer
Ana Alvarado, 1988, YouTube Star
Anastasia Rizikov, 1998, Pianist
Andrea Garcia, 1975, Model
Andrew Nicholson, 1989, Basketball Player
Anita Martinez, 1925, Politician
Ann Coulter, 1961, Novelist

AnnaSophia Robb, 1993, Movie Actress
Anne Froelick, 1913, Screenwriter
Antonio Esfandiari, 1978, Magician
Ants Oras, 1900, Playwright
Aristide Maillol, 1861, Sculptor
Arne Naess Jr., 1937, Mountain Climber
Athena Bass, 1964, Drummer
Azra Akin, 1981, Model
Badr Hari, 1984, Boxer
Barry Foster, 1968, Football Player
Barry McKenna, 1987, Guitarist
Behdad Salimi, 1989, Weight Lifter
Ben Mikaelsen, 1952, Children’s Author
Benjamin Rein Brady, 2009, Family Member
Bert Hinkler, 1892, Pilot
Bertie Higgins, 1944, Country Singer
Bill Bryson, 1951, Novelist
Bill Green, 1940, Basketball Player
Billy Hufsey, 1958, TV Actor
Bird McIntyre, 1958, Pop Singer
december 8 famous birthdaysBlondiewondie, 1997, Twitch Star
Bob Arum, 1931, Entrepreneur
Bob Beswick, 1984, Rugby Player
Bob Love, 1942, Basketball Player
Bobby Elliott, 1941, Drummer
Brandt Snedeker, 1980, Golfer
Brendan Burke, 1988, Hockey Player
Brett Ambler, 1984, Stage Actor
Bushwick Bill, 1966, Rapper
Bushwick Bill, 1966, Rapper
Charles Murphy, 1862, Politician
Charlie Anderson, 1981, Football Player
Chigusa Nagayo, 1964, Wrestler
Chloe Morton, 1997, YouTube Star
Chrisette Michele, 1982, R&B Singer
Christian Wilhelmsson, 1979, Soccer Player
CJ Stevens, 1927, Poet
Clarice Alves, 1988, Family Member
Corentin Huard, 1995, Model
Corey Taylor, 1973, Metal Singer

Cristian Castro, 1974, Pop Singer
Damaris Phillips, 1980, Chef
Dan Hartman, 1950, Soul Singer
Dan Lewis, 1996, Pop Singer
Dan Pinto, 1960, Drummer
Daniel Gow, 1993, Guitarist
Dariush Mehrjui, 1939, Director
DasBoSchitt, 1983, YouTube Star
David Amerson, 1991, Football Player
David Carradine, 1936, Movie Actor
David Harewood, 1965, TV Actor
David Martinez, 1981, Race Car Driver
David Shreibman, 1988, Dancer
David Solway, 1941, Poet
Dayl Cronin, 1993, Pop Singer
Deborra-Lee Furness, 1955, Movie Actress
DeeDee Trotter, 1982, Runner
Delmore Schwartz, 1913, Poet
Diana Korkunova, 1996, Model
Diego Rivera, 1886, Painter
Dominic Monaghan, 1976, Movie Actor

Dov Tiefenbach, 1981, Movie Actor
Drew Doughty, 1989, Hockey Player
Duke Cunningham, 1941, Politician
Dwight Howard, 1985, Basketball Player
Dylan Holland, 1994, Pop Singer
Easy Mo Bee, 1965, Music Producer
EC Segar, 1894, Cartoonist
Edwin Cardona, 1992, Soccer Player
Eli Whitney, 1765, Entrepreneur
Elihu Burritt, 1810, Politician
Elizabeth Daryush, 1887, Poet
Elizabeth Grace, 1997, Rock Singer
Elsa Benitez, 1977, Model
Emma Green Tregaro, 1984, High Jumper
Enzo Amore, 1986, Wrestler
Ernest Beaux, 1881, Entrepreneur
Ernest Lehman, 1915, Screenwriter
EthGoesBOOM, 1994, YouTube Star
Etienne Garde, 1978, eSports Player
Fher Olvera, 1959, Guitarist
Flip Wilson, 1933, TV Actor
Floyd Tillman, 1914, Country Singer
Francesca Inaudi, 1977, Movie Actress
Francis Huster, 1947, Movie Actor
Frederic Piquionne, 1978, Soccer Player
Gabriel Vilhena, 1996, YouTube Star
Geoff Hurst, 1941, Soccer Player
George Rogers, 1958, Football Player
Georges Melies, 1861, Director
Georgi Efremov, 1932, Scientist
Gerard de Villiers, 1929, Novelist
Grapeapplesauce, 1994, YouTube Star
Greg Howe, 1963, Guitarist
Gregg Allman, 1947, Rock Singer
Hamit Altintop, 1982, Soccer Player
Hannah Ware, 1982, TV Actress
Harold Hongju Koh, 1954, Lawyer
Heather Maltman, 1985, Reality Star
Helen Owen, 1992, Instagram Star
Henry Timrod, 1828, Poet
Hervey Allen, 1889, Novelist
Hope Powell, 1966, Soccer Player
Ian Malone, 1974, War Hero
Ian Somerhalder, 1978, TV Actor
Ingrid Michaelson, 1979, Pop Singer
Irene Lentz, 1900, Fashion Designer
Jace Agolli, 1991, Reality Star
Jack Rowe, 1856, Baseball Player
James Brockman, 1886, Songwriter
James Francis, 1993, YouTube Star
James Galway, 1939, Flute Player
James Macarthur, 1937, TV Actor
James Tate, 1943, Poet
James Thurber, 1894, Cartoonist
Janice Robinson, 1967, R&B Singer
Jay Boy Adams, 1949, Folk Singer
Jean Garrigue, 1914, Poet
Jean Sibelius, 1865, Composer
Jean-Pierre Kemmer, 1923, Composer
Jeff George, 1967, Football Player
Jen Ledger, 1989, Drummer
Jennifer Grassman, 1984, Rock Singer
Jerry Butler, 1939, R&B Singer
Jessalynn Siwa, 1974, Reality Star
Jessica Ashley Deluge, 1989, Instagram Star
Jessica Tyler, 1993, TV Actress
Jim Morrison, 1943, Rock Singer
Jim Yong Kim, 1959, Politician
Jimmy Rave, 1982, Wrestler
Jimmy Smith, 1925, Pianist
Johann Maria Farina, 1685, Entrepreneur
Johannes Aavik, 1880, Teacher
John Banville, 1945, Novelist
John Kufuor, 1938, Politician
John Qualen, 1899, Movie Actor
John Rubinstein, 1946, TV Actor
Johnny Green, 1933, Basketball Player
Jolbert Cabrera, 1972, Baseball Player
Jordan Obita, 1993, Soccer Player
Jordon Ibe, 1995, Soccer Player
Josef Walcher, 1954, Skier
Josephine Ochoa, 1992, Model
Josh Donaldson, 1985, Baseball Player
Julia Robinson, 1919, Scientist
Julian Rachlin, 1974, Violinist
Junkie Xl, 1967, DJ
Kasim Sulton, 1955, Rock Singer
Katalin Karady, 1910, Movie Actress
Kate Voegele, 1986, Pop Singer
Katie Marshall, 2000, Opera Singer
Katie Stevens, 1992, Reality Star
Kazi Zainul Abedin, 1892, Poet
Kenneth Roberts, 1885, Novelist
Kevin Harvick, 1975, Race Car Driver
Kevin Ross, 1987, R&B Singer
Kim Basinger, 1953, Movie Actress
Kim Medcalf, 1973, TV Actress
Klaus Bausch, 1992, Instagram Star
Knine, 1992, Rapper
Lauren Luke, 1981, YouTube Star
Lauren Paul, 1986, Family Member
Lee J. Cobb, 1911, Movie Actor
Les Ferdinand, 1966, Soccer Player
Lim Guan Eng, 1960, Politician
Lisa Kelly, 1980, Reality Star
Lloyd Duffy, 1944, Horse Jockey
Lucian Freud, 1922, Painter
Lucio Colletti, 1924, Philosopher
MAHOTO, 1992, YouTube Star
Manuel Ponce, 1882, Composer
Mark Steyn, 1959, Novelist
Marshall Kirk, 1957, Novelist
Marty Friedman, 1962, Guitarist
Marty Raybon, 1959, Country Singer
Mary Catherine Bateson, 1939, Novelist
Mary Gordon, 1949, Novelist
Mary Queen of Scots, 1542, Royalty
Matt Adler, 1966, Movie Actor
Matthew Laborteaux, 1966, TV Actor
Matthias Schoenaerts, 1977, Movie Actor
Maximilian Schell, 1930, Movie Actor
Meagan Duhamel, 1985, Figure Skater
Michael Bowen, 1937, Sculptor
Michael Cole, 1968, TV Show Host
Michael Naumann, 1941, Politician
Mike Botts, 1944, Drummer
Mike Mussina, 1968, Baseball Player
Mike Ruiz, 1964, Photographer
Miles Thompson, 1990, Lacrosse Player
Nancy Meyers, 1949, Screenwriter
Naoyuki Kotani, 1981, MMA Fighter
Nathan East, 1955, Bassist
Neel Jani, 1983, Race Car Driver
Nellie Walker, 1874, Sculptor
Nia Kay, 2001, Rapper
Nic Puehse, 1997, Skateboarder
Nick Guillory, 1986, Blogger
Nick Nevern, 1980, TV Actor
Nick Thune, 1979, Comedian
Nick Zinner, 1974, Guitarist
Nicki Minaj, 1982, Rapper
Nikki Nicole, 1981, TV Show Host
Nina Vee, 2015, YouTube Star
Noelle Pikus-pace, 1982, Skeleton Racer
Nur Ameera Khan, 2000, YouTube Star
Parkash Singh Badal, 1927, Politician
Patrick Thompson, 1981, Guitarist
Pee Wee, 1988, World Music Singer
Peta Todd, 1986, Model
Peter Parfitt, 1936, Cricket Player
Phil Collen, 1957, Guitarist
Philip Rivers, 1981, Football Player
Raheem Sterling, 1994, Soccer Player
Ralph Santolla, 1967, Guitarist
Ramon Ayala, 1945, World Music Singer
Raymond Lam, 1979, Pop Singer
Reed Johnson, 1976, Baseball Player
Reginald E. Beauchamp, 1910, Sculptor
Ricardo Peralta, 1988, YouTube Star
Richard Fleischer, 1916, Director
Richard Llewellyn, 1906, Novelist
Richard Poon, 1973, Jazz Singer
Rick Baker, 1950, Makeup Artist
Robert Sternberg, 1949, Scientist
Roman Hill, 1987, Rapper
Ron Hansen, 1947, Essayist
Ross Lyons, 1984, Cricket Player
Rudolph Pariser, 1923, Scientist
Sam Hunt, 1984, Country Singer
Sam Kinison, 1953, Comedian
Sam Shields, 1987, Football Player
Sam Veness, 1993, Guitarist
Sammy Davis Jr., 1925, Pop Singer
Sebastien Chabal, 1977, Rugby Player
Serena Ryder, 1982, Pop Singer
Shanice Banton, 1992, TV Actress
Shannon Rose Lane, 1994, Instagram Star
Sharmila Tagore, 1944, Movie Actress
Signe Pierce, 1988, Pop Artist
Sinead O’Connor, 1966, Rock Singer
Sorapong Chatree, 1950, Movie Actor
St. George Littledale, 1851, Explorer
Stan Richards, 1930, Soap Opera Actor
Stephen Gomez, 1988, Bassist
Steve Elkington, 1962, Golfer
Steve Spangler, 1966, Non-Fiction Author
Stevo Zigon, 1926, TV Actor
Sugar Rodgers, 1989, Basketball Player
Szymon Kasprzyk, 1989, YouTube Star
Tanner Buchanan, 1998, TV Actor
Tasha Mac, 1989, Instagram Star
Teala Dunn, 1996, Movie Actress
Terence McDermott, 1951, Soccer Player
Teresa Weatherspoon, 1965, Basketball Player
Teri Hatcher, 1964, TV Actress
Thomas Cech, 1947, Scientist
Tim Paine, 1984, Cricket Player
Tom Barrett, 1953, Politician
Tony Aubin, 1907, Composer
Tony Mayberry, 1967, Football Player
Tristan Puehse, 1997, Skateboarder
Tylen Jacob Williams, 2001, TV Actor
Tyler Mane, 1966, Movie Actor
Utkarsh Ambudkar, 1983, Movie Actor
Vernon Wells, 1978, Baseball Player
Virginia Dobrich, 1983, Dancer
Vitor Liberato, 1990, YouTube Star
VY Mudimbe, 1941, Philosopher
Wendell Pierce, 1966, TV Actor
Wendi Deng Murdoch, 1968, Business Executive
Wifredo Lam, 1902, Sculptor
Will Conroy, 1982, Basketball Player
William C. Durant, 1861, Entrepreneur
William Henry O’Connell, 1859, Religious Leader
Zach McAllister, 1987, Baseball Player
Zoi Konstantopoulou, 1976, Politician


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