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December 31 Famous Birthdays

December 31 Famous Birthdays

Famous people born on DECEMBER 31 are Capricorn who have the capability of being great. As a leader, they may have traveled to many places and seen a lot of things. Seeing the world means more to them than just site seeing. It provides them with a world of knowledge and can give them a new perception on life.


As they have a lot to offer, people want to spend time and converse with them. So naturally, they’re invited to all the parties and events. They know how to make people think, laugh and to make their businesses grow.


When it comes to love and friendships, famous celebrities born on December 31 may have a wide range of relationships. It’s not easy at first to let people into their heart, but once they have gained their trust, they typically are in it for the long haul. Needless to say, they are reliable, generous and caring.


Famous people born on DECEMBER 31st have this youthful attitude. But underneath those smiles, they are a serious person. They work very hard and their achievements are a reflection of their dedication. As a lover, they’re likely to be conventional Capricorn. They like to date and become friends first.

December 31 Famous Birthday Personality Traits

31 December Good Traits:

  • Funny
  • Playful
  • Responsible
  • Protective
  • Organized
  • Practical
  • Sensible
  • Mature
  • Inventive
  • Instinctive
  • Determined
  • Enthusiastic

31 December Bad Traits:

  • Controlling
  • Dull
  • Boring
  • Over Systematic
  • Impractical
  • Insecure

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December 31 Famous Birthday Personalities

Aarava, 1995, Twitch Star
Adam Barr, 1976, Screenwriter
Adam Chanler-Berat, 1986, Stage Actor
AG Milkha Singh, 1941, Cricket Player
Ahmad Mohammad hasher al Maktoum, 1963, Sports Shooter
Alex Ferguson, 1941, Soccer Coach
Alex Kouvatsos, 1989, Guitarist
Alex Salmond, 1954, Politician
Alex Thorne, 2001, Voice Actor
Alvaro Antoli, 1994, Instagram Star
Amber Katelyn Beale, 1994, YouTube Star
Amy Cure, 1992, Cyclist
Amy Miller, 1980, Comedian
Anamika Mishra, 1989, Young Adult Author
Andre Kagwa Rwisereka, 1949, Politician
Andreas Vesalius, 1514, Scientist
Andrew Taggart, 1989, DJ

Andy Summers, 1942, Rock Singer
Angelico Vieira, 1982, Pop Singer
Anna Fantastic, 1973, Pop Singer
Anth Melo, 1992, Rapper
Anthony Hopkins, 1937, Movie Actor
Arlyn Phoenix, 1944, Family Member
Atje Keulen-Deelstra, 1938, Speed Skater
Auguste Tremont, 1892, Sculptor
Bailey McKnight, 1999, YouTube Star
Barbara Carrera, 1945, Movie Actress
Bayani, 1994, YouTube Star
Bebe Neuwirth, 1958, TV Actress
Ben Kingsley, 1943, Movie Actor
Beth Levine, 1914, Fashion Designer
Bill Lucas, 1924, Architect
Bo Rinehart, 1981, Guitarist
Bob Bryar, 1979, Drummer
Bob Shaw, 1931, Novelist
Brad Sweet, 1985, Race Car Driver
Bradley Dack, 1993, Soccer Player
december 31 famous birthdaysBrent Barry, 1971, Basketball Player
Brock Ashby, 1993, Pop Singer
Bronson Pelletier, 1986, Movie Actor
Brooklyn McKnight, 1999, YouTube Star
Bryan Hamilton, 1946, Soccer Player
Bryce Avary, 1982, Rock Singer
Burton Cummings, 1947, Pop Singer
Calvin Zola, 1984, Soccer Player
Candice Craig, 1988, Pop Singer
Caroline Bryan, 1979, Family Member
Catherine Britt, 1984, Country Singer
Chandra West, 1970, Movie Actress
Charles A. Coffin, 1844, Entrepreneur
Charles Cornwallis, 1738, War Hero
Charles Edward Stuart, 1720, Royalty
Charlie Gardiner, 1904, Hockey Player
Charlie Major, 1954, Country Singer
Chino Mmg, 1996, Instagram Star
Chris Don, 1992, Vine Star

Chris Niosi, 1988, Animator
Chris Reitsma, 1977, Baseball Player
Chris Terrio, 1976, Screenwriter
Clayton Morris, 1976, TV Show Host
Colleen Dominguez, 1969, Sportscaster
Connie Willis, 1945, Novelist
Corey Crawford, 1984, Hockey Player
Craig Gordon, 1982, Soccer Player
Craig Wayne Boyd, 1978, Country Singer
Curtis Harrison, 1978, TV Actor
Dalton Hawk, 1995, Instagram Star
Dan Willis, 1967, Young Adult Author
Danny McNamara, 1970, Rock Singer
David Walker, 1939, Business Executive
Deniz Cakir, 1980, Movie Actress
Diane von Furstenberg, 1946, Fashion Designer
Diego Sanchez, 1981, MMA Fighter
Don Diamont, 1962, TV Actor
Don James, 1932, Football Coach
Donald Trump Jr., 1977, Business Executive

Donna Summer, 1948, Pop Singer
Edward Bunker, 1933, Screenwriter
Elaine Cassidy, 1979, Movie Actress
Elin Tvedt, 1973, TV Show Host
Elizabeth Arden, 1878, Entrepreneur
Elizabeth Norment, 1952, TV Actress
Emil Graae, 1997, Instagram Star
Emilie Le Pennec, 1987, Gymnast
Emma Frain, 1987, Model
Erich Bergen, 1985, TV Actor
Esteban Loaiza, 1971, Baseball Player
Eugene Myers, 1953, Scientist
Francisco Garcia, 1981, Basketball Player
Frank Marshall Davis, 1905, Activist
Gabby Douglas, 1995, Gymnast
Gary Epper, 1944, Movie Actor
Geoff Marsh, 1958, Cricket Player
George Marshall, 1880, War Hero
George Meade, 1815, War Hero
George Schlatter, 1932, TV Producer
Gerry Dee, 1968, Comedian
Gina Kim, 1973, Director
Giovanni Pascoli, 1855, Poet
Gong Li, 1965, Movie Actress
Gregory Coupet, 1972, Soccer Player
Guly do Prado, 1981, Soccer Player
Gunilla Persson, 1958, Model
Guy Mollet, 1905, Politician
Harbhajan Mann, 1965, World Music Singer
Heath Farwell, 1981, Football Player
Heath Shuler, 1971, Politician
Heather McCartney, 1962, Photographer
Helen Lee, 1977, Fashion Designer
Henri Matisse, 1869, Painter
Horacio Quiroga, 1878, Playwright
Hugh McElhenny, 1928, Football Player
Inge Auerbacher, 1934, Memoirist
Jacques Cartier, 1491, Explorer
Jaime Escalante, 1930, Teacher
Jake Langdon, 2001, Dancer
James Remar, 1953, TV Actor
Jamie Keyes, 1984, Wrestler
Jan Jorgensen, 1987, Badminton Player
Jan Smit, 1985, Pop Singer
Jane Badler, 1953, TV Actress
Jaqueline Carvalho, 1983, Volleyball Player
Jared Odrick, 1987, Football Player
Jason Campbell, 1981, Football Player
Jason Dale, 1988, Hockey Player
Jeff Flake, 1962, Politician
Jenna Compono, 1992, Reality Star
Jennifer Higdon, 1962, Composer
Jesse Huerta, 1982, Pop Singer
Jessica Clements, 1993, YouTube Star
Jessica Lee Keller, 1992, Movie Actress
Jimmy Haslip, 1951, Bassist
Joan McCracken, 1917, Stage Actress
Joanna Johnson, 1961, Soap Opera Actress
Joe Craig, 1981, Children’s Author
Joe McIntyre, 1972, Pop Singer
John Allen Muhammad, 1960, Criminal
John Denver, 1943, Folk Singer
John Kirby, 1908, Bassist
John Longmire, 1970, Soccer Coach
John T. Thompson, 1860, Entrepreneur
John Wes Townley, 1989, Race Car Driver
Jonah Jones, 1909, Trumpet Player
Jonah Pschl, 1999, YouTube Star
Jonathan Horton, 1985, Gymnast
Jordan Banjo, 1992, Dancer
Jule Styne, 1905, Songwriter
Jules Dalou, 1838, Sculptor
Julian Frener, 1996, YouTube Star
Julian Stone, 1962, Soap Opera Actor
Junot Diaz, 1968, Novelist
Karen Kavett, 1990, YouTube Star
Kayla Ann, 1994, Instagram Star
Kazu Makino, 1969, Rock Singer
Keenan Shick, 2001, Musical.ly Star
Kelvin Herrera, 1989, Baseball Player
Kenny Roberts, 1951, Motorcycle Racer
Kenny Sebastian, 1990, Comedian
Kikkan Randall, 1982, Skier
Kim Hudson, 1973, Lawyer
King Kelly, 1857, Baseball Player
Kodi Brown, 1994, YouTube Star
Lakshmi Tatma, 2005,
Lance Reddick, 1962, TV Actor
Larisa Borza, 1989, Pop Singer
Laurel Burch, 1945, Entrepreneur
Lauren Drain Kagan, 1985, Model
Laxman Sivaramakrishnan, 1965, Cricket Player
LilCammo93, 1993, YouTube Star
Lindsay Rhodes, 1976, Sportscaster
Lisa Joyner, 1966, TV Show Host
Lisa Lillien, 1969, Entrepreneur
Lisa Valastro, 1974, Reality Star
Lizz Robinett, 1994, YouTube Star
Lowri Turner, 1964, TV Show Host
Lucho Fernandez, 1984, TV Actor
Luke Schenscher, 1982, Basketball Player
Mahmoud Shafik, 1997, YouTube Star
Malcolm Hebden, 1939, Soap Opera Actor
Marcus Adoro, 1971, Guitarist
Marissa Dattoli, 1991, Pop Singer
Marta Hazas, 1977, TV Actress
Martin Stone, 1981, Wrestler
Matilda Devries, 2003, Pop Singer
Matthew Capiccioni, 1980, Wrestler
Matthew Hoggard, 1976, Cricket Player
Matthew Pavlich, 1981, Australian Rules Footballer
Max Bowden, 1994, TV Actor
Meagan Pastorchik, 1991, Model
Mia Cottet, 1968, Movie Actress
Micah Hyde, 1990, Football Player
Michael Hedges, 1953, Guitarist
Michael McDonald, 1964, TV Actor
Mohammed Rabiu, 1989, Soccer Player
Nate Freiman, 1986, Baseball Player
Neil Paterson, 1915, Screenwriter
Neil Ross, 1944, Voice Actor
Nicholas Sparks, 1965, Novelist
Nina Li, 1961, Movie Actress
Noelle Stevenson, 1991, Comic Book Artist
Odetta, 1930, Folk Singer
Odunlade Adekola, 1978, Movie Actor
Ola Rapace, 1971, Movie Actor
Patrick Chan, 1990, Figure Skater
Paul Rodriguez Jr., 1984, Skateboarder
Paul Westerberg, 1959, Rock Singer
Paula Barbieri, 1966, Model
Percy Lewis, 1927, Boxer
Pete Quaife, 1943, Bassist
Peter Williams, 1957, TV Actor
Phill Kline, 1959, Politician
Piotr Orzechowski, 1990, Pianist
Prabhu Ganesan, 1956, Movie Actor
Priscilla Shirer, 1974, Religious Author
Psy, 1977, Pop Singer
Raugi Yu, 1963, TV Actor
RawBeautyKristi, 1987, YouTube Star
Rebecca Rigg, 1967, Movie Actor
Rex Allen, 1920, TV Actor
Rhys Williams, 1897, Movie Actor
Richie McCaw, 1980, Rugby Player
Rick Aguilera, 1961, Baseball Player
Ricky Whittle, 1981, TV Actor
Rita Keane, 1922, World Music Singer
Rita Lee, 1947, Rock Singer
Ronald Belisario, 1982, Baseball Player
Ronaldo Del Carmen, 1959, Director
Rosalind Cash, 1938, Soap Opera Actress
Ryan Blaney, 1993, Race Car Driver
Ryder Fieri, 2005, Family Member
SA Wardega, 1989, YouTube Star
Salman, 1935, Royalty
Sam Faiers, 1990, Model
Sam Ragan, 1915, Poet
Samantha Sadoff, 1997, TV Actress
Samuel Gerena, 1978, Reggae Singer
Sandra Itzel, 1993, TV Actress
Sandy Jardine, 1948, Soccer Player
Sarah Croce, 1983, YouTube Star
Sarah Miles, 1941, Movie Actress
Saxon Trainor, 1969, TV Actress
Scott Ian, 1963, Guitarist
Scott Manley, 1972, YouTube Star
Scott Nichol, 1974, Hockey Player
Sean S. Cunningham, 1941, Director
Selma Burke, 1900, Sculptor
Sevara Nazarkhan, 1978, Folk Singer
Seydou Doumbia, 1987, Soccer Player
Sharon Disney, 1936, Family Member
Sheryl Leach, 1952, TV Producer
Simon Wiesenthal, 1908, War Hero
Sine, 1928, Cartoonist
SKabeche, 1994, YouTube Star
Stanley Forman Reed, 1884, Supreme Court Justice
Stephen Hibbert, 1956, Movie Actor
Steve Bruce, 1960, Soccer Player
Steve Wolfe, 1978,
Tasker H. Bliss, 1853, War Hero
Taylor Hackford, 1944, Director
Tess Jaray, 1937, Teacher
Thelma Madrigal, 1984, TV Actress
Theodoros Stamos, 1922, Painter
Theresa Harris, 1906, Movie Actress
Thom Russo, 1969, Music Producer
Thomas Bramwell Welch, 1825, Entrepreneur
Thomas Gansch, 1975, Trumpet Player
Tim Considine, 1940, TV Actor
Tim Matheson, 1947, Movie Actor
Tom Hamilton, 1951, Bassist
Tony Kanaan, 1974, Race Car Driver
Tyrone Corbin, 1962, Basketball Coach
Val Kilmer, 1959, Movie Actor
Valentina Vargas, 1964, Movie Actress
Veronique Cloutier, 1974, Radio Host
Vincas Kudirka, 1858, Poet
Vince Kidd, 1989, Pop Singer
William Durbin, 1953, Teacher
Yosef Ben-Jochannan, 1918, Historian
Zachary Piona, 1992, Vine Star
Zahra Bani, 1979, Javelin Thrower
Zebb Dempster, 1996, TV Actor


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