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December 29 Famous Birthdays

December 29 Famous Birthdays

Famous people born on DECEMBER 29 are a Capricorn who firmly believe in what they do. They are selfless. However they do not give to get it back. They do it to help others in need. In doing this, their peers look up to them with respect and admiration.


They have dreams of a better nation and do their small part to provide resources for change. When it comes to their friends and loved ones, they will not tolerate immature behavior from adults or betrayal. Famous December 29 celebrities also realize that not everyone will be happy for them and their success although they say that they are.


As a lover, they put a lot into the relationship but sometimes, they do too much. Having put a lot of themselves into the relationship, they have a tendency to be overprotective and give their trust too freely. This could definitely make things more complex and troubling.


Famous people born on DECEMBER 29th have no time for stupidity. They help people by making them stronger as they are intuitive to their needs. Most people like them and find them interesting. Being controlled by how they feel, they should avoid depression.

December 29 Famous Birthday Personality Traits

29 December Good Traits:

  • Intuitive
  • Smart
  • Interesting
  • Open
  • Idealistic
  • Spiritual
  • Enthusiastic
  • Practical
  • Serious
  • Compromising

29 December Bad Traits:

  • Suspicious
  • Naïve
  • Jealous
  • Indecisive
  • Unpredictable

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December 29 Famous Birthday Personalities

Abdel Rahmanelabdnudi, 1938, Poet
Abraham Desomer, 1884, War Hero
Adam Waithe, 1995, YouTube Star
Agnes Szavay, 1988, Tennis Player
Aimee Richardson, 1997, TV Actress
AJ Fike, 1980, Race Car Driver
Alan Branch, 1984, Football Player
Alan David, 1941, TV Actor
Albert Pike, 1809, War Hero
Aled Jones, 1970, Rock Singer
Alex Eling, 1997, TV Actor
Alexa Ray Joel, 1985, Pianist
Alexander Parkes, 1813, Scientist
Alexandra Kamp, 1966, Movie Actress
Alexis Kirk, 1936, Fashion Designer
Ali Abunimah, 1971, Journalist
Ali Hillis, 1978, Movie Actress
Alison Brie, 1982, TV Actress

Allan McNish, 1969, Race Car Driver
Alves Redol, 1911, Novelist
Andreas Kotelnik, 1977, Boxer
Andrew Johnson, 1808, US President
Andrew Wenger, 1990, Soccer Player
Andy Wachowski, 1967, Director
Angela Scanlon, 1983, TV Show Host
Angelo Taylor, 1978, Runner
Anton Nel, 1961, Pianist
Ardis Grace, 1994, Vine Star
Asa Packer, 1805, Entrepreneur
Ashleigh Banfield, 1967, Journalist
August Kitzberg, 1855, Playwright
Authentik, 1996, YouTube Star
Barbara Steele, 1937, Movie Actress
Barry Wilmore, 1962, Astronaut
Bart Berman, 1938, Pianist
Bernard Cribbins, 1928, TV Actor
Bill Aucoin, 1943, Music Producer
Billy Mitchell, 1879, War Hero
Billy Tipton, 1914, Pianist
december 29 famous birthdaysBrad Grey, 1957, Entrepreneur
Brad Hodge, 1974, Cricket Player
Braden Allenby, 1950, Scientist
Brady Smith, 1971, Movie Actor
Brittany Ann Ryan, 1985, Model
Brookelynn Elizabeth, 1998, Instagram Star
Bruce Beutler, 1957, Scientist
Bryan Dexter Holland, 1965, Rock Singer
Cameron Rozier, 1998, YouNow Star
Carl Ludwig, 1816, Scientist
Carl Paulson, 1970, Golfer
Charles Goodyear, 1800, Entrepreneur
Charles L. Harness, 1915, Novelist
Charles Macintosh, 1766, Entrepreneur
Charlotte Riley, 1981, Movie Actress
Cheikh Anta Diop, 1923, Politician
Chris Barnes, 1966, Metal Singer
Chris Creveling, 1986, Speed Skater
Christen Press, 1988, Soccer Player
Claire Dodd, 1911, Movie Actress

Clara Khoury, 1976, Movie Actress
Clarence Swensen, 1917, Movie Actor
Cody Wise, 1995, Pop Singer
Courtney Lapresi, 1986, Reality Star
Cozy Powell, 1947, Drummer
Cyrina Fiallo, 1991, TV Actress
Dallas Austin, 1970, Music Producer
Dan Crary, 1939, Guitarist
Daniel J. Layton, 1989, YouTube Star
Danilo Perez, 1965, Pianist
Danny McBride, 1976, Comedian
Darius Reynaud, 1984, Football Player
Dave Pelzer, 1960, Memoirist
David Fumero, 1972, TV Actor
Dean Cohen, 1994, DJ
Denis Walker, 1933, Politician
Dennis McCoy, 1966, BMX Rider
Dereck Chisora, 1983, Boxer
Derrick Ross, 1983, Football Player
Devon White, 1962, Baseball Player

Diego Luna, 1979, Movie Actor
Dieter Thomas Heck, 1937, TV Show Host
Doug Powell, 1962, Teacher
Dylan Lee, 1997, Model
Dylan Minnette, 1996, TV Actor
Dyllan Murray, 1998, Pop Singer
Ed Autry, 1954, Radio Host
Ed Bruce, 1939, Country Singer
Elizabeth Petrovna, 1709, Royalty
Emory Parnell, 1892, Movie Actor
Eric Berry, 1988, Football Player
Ericka Dunlap, 1981, Model
Evan Seinfeld, 1967, Guitarist
Gelsey Kirkland, 1952, Dancer
George Colligan, 1969, Pianist
George Parros, 1979, Hockey Player
George Reid, 1988, Music Producer
Gilbert Adair, 1944, Poet
Gillian Norris, 1978, Dancer
Glen Phillips, 1970, Rock Singer
Graciano Rocchigiani, 1963, Boxer
Graciela Beltran, 1974, World Music Singer
Hal Martin, 1985, Race Car Driver
Harry Dowda, 1922, Football Player
Heather French Henry, 1974, Fashion Designer
Iain De Caestecker, 1987, TV Actor
Inga Swenson, 1932, TV Actress
Isabella Canepa, 2004, Model
itsbambii, 1998, Instagram Star
Jack Wilson, 1977, Baseball Player
Jacky Chisholm, 1948, Gospel Singer
Jacqueline West, 1979, Children’s Author
Jamal Johnson-Hinds, 1984, YouTube Star
James Roache, 1985, Soap Opera Actor
Jane Levy, 1989, TV Actress
Janet Layug, 1988, Model
Jaret Wright, 1975, Baseball Player
Jason Kreis, 1972, Soccer Player
Jason Perry, 1969, Pop Singer
Jason Snelling, 1983, Football Player
Jason-Shane Scott, 1976, TV Actor
Jeffrey L Gurian, 1956, Screenwriter
Jeffrey Potee, 1993, Model
Jennifer Ehle, 1969, TV Actress
Jess Willard, 1881, Boxer
Jessica Andrews, 1983, Country Singer
Jim Reid, 1961, Rock Singer
Jimmy Hines, 1903, Golfer
Joachim Haraldsen, 1992, YouTube Star
Jody Lavender, 1979, Race Car Driver
Joe Lovano, 1952, Saxophonist
Joe Vitale, 1953, Self-Help Author
Jon Polito, 1950, TV Actor
Jon Voight, 1938, Movie Actor
Jordan Clark, 1991, Dancer
Joseph Haule, 1975, Rapper
Joseph Randle, 1991, Football Player
Joyce Hill, 1925, Baseball Player
Jude Law, 1972, Movie Actor
Judy Blair, 1948, Jazz Singer
Jules Bledsoe, 1897, Stage Actor
Justin Roberts, 1979, TV Show Host
Kat Bjelland, 1963, Punk Singer
Kate Ford, 1976, Soap Opera Actress
Kate Schmidt, 1953, Javelin Thrower
Katherine Moennig, 1977, TV Actress
Katie Blair, 1987, Model
Kei Nishikori, 1989, Tennis Player
Kelsey Grimm, 1989, Pop Singer
Kevin Weisman, 1970, TV Actor
Kieron Dyer, 1978, Soccer Player
Klaus Fuchs, 1911, Criminal
Kristel Fulgar, 1994, TV Actress
LaToya London, 1978, Pop Singer
Laura Vierra, 1988, Rock Singer
Laura Zocca, 1994, YouTube Star
Laveranues Coles, 1977, Football Player
Lee Hwi-jae, 1972, TV Show Host
Left Brain, 1989, Rapper
Leonhard Lapin, 1947, Pop Artist
Leonor Varela, 1972, Movie Actress
Lister Hill, 1894, Politician
London Mckuffey, 1995, Guitarist
Lucas Santos, 2000, TV Actor
Lynniah Herron, 1996, Pop Singer
Marco Antonio Solis, 1959, Pop Singer
Maria Dizzia, 1974, TV Actress
Marianne Faithfull, 1946, Pop Singer
Marie-Clementine Anuarite Nengapeta, 1939, Religious Leader
Mark Madden, 1960, TV Show Host
Marmaduke Barton, 1865, Pianist
Marnix Licht, 1987, YouTube Star
Martin Offiah, 1966, Rugby Player
Mary Tyler Moore, 1936, TV Actress
Matt Murphy, 1927, Guitarist
Matthew Berry, 1969, Journalist
Maumoon Abdul Gayoom, 1937, World Leader
Meena Dimian, 1981, Comedian
Mekhi Phifer, 1974, TV Actor
Michael Cudlitz, 1964, TV Actor
Michaela Kocianova, 1988, Model
Mike Budenholzer, 1971, Basketball Coach
Mitchy Collins, 1987, Folk Singer
Mitchy Slick, 1974, Rapper
Molly Bang, 1943, Illustrator
Morgan Lambert, 1999, TV Actress
Mr Vegas, 1974, World Music Singer
Nancy Currie, 1958, Astronaut
Naomi Sequeira, 1994, TV Actress
Natalia Jiménez, 1981, Pop Singer
Nick Merico, 1995, TV Actor
Nicola Foti, 1984, YouTube Star
Nudah, 1997, YouTube Star
O’Neil Bell, 1974, Boxer
Oscar Williams, 1900, Poet
Pablo Casals, 1876, Cellist
Paris Berelc, 1998, Gymnast
Patricia Clarkson, 1959, Movie Actress
Patrick Fischler, 1969, TV Actor
Patsy Ramsey, 1956, Family Member
Paul Rudnick, 1957, Playwright
Paula Poundstone, 1959, Comedian
Pearl Modiadie, 1987, TV Show Host
Peter Robinson, 1948, Politician
Pimp C, 1973, Rapper
Polly Allen, 2001, TV Actress
Pulkit Samrat, 1983, TV Actor
Quxxn, 1987, YouTube Star
Rachael SSG, 2002, YouTube Star
Rajesh Khanna, 1942, Movie Actor
Ray Nitschke, 1936, Football Player
Renan Oliveira, 1989, Soccer Player
Richard Atwater, 1892, Children’s Author
Richie Sexson, 1974, Baseball Player
Rick Danko, 1942, Rock Singer
Robert Popwell, 1946, Guitarist
Robert Ruark, 1915, Novelist
Ross Lynch, 1995, TV Actor
Rynn Lim, 1978, Pop Singer
Sammy Small, 1999, Dancer
Sandra Nelson, 1964, TV Actress
Sarah Colonna, 1974, Comedian
Savannah Phillips, 2010, Royalty
Seamus Davey-Fitzpatrick, 1998, Movie Actor
Sean Payton, 1963, Football Coach
Sean Weatherspoon, 1987, Football Player
Sebastian Mikael, 1990, Pop Singer
Shanti Winiger, 1989, YouTube Star
Shaun Suisham, 1981, Football Player
Shawn Hatosy, 1975, Movie Actor
Shireen Crutchfield, 1970, TV Actress
Slim Jimmy, 1993, Rapper
Stanley Williams, 1953, Criminal
Steve Kaufman, 1960, Sculptor
Steve Williams, 1963,
Steven Caulker, 1991, Soccer Player
Susie Garrett, 1929, TV Actress
Syed Kirmani, 1949, Cricket Player
TCTNGaming, 1996, YouTube Star
Ted Danson, 1947, TV Actor
Theo Epstein, 1973, Entrepreneur
Thomas Bach, 1953, Fencer
Thomas Banks, 1735, Sculptor
Thomas Lubanga, 1960, Criminal
TJ Hunt, 1994, YouTube Star
Tom Bradley, 1917, Politician
Tom Doyle, 1985, Bassist
Tom Moutchi, 1992, Instagram Star
Tori Anderson, 1988, TV Actress
Travis Benjamin, 1989, Football Player
Twinkle Khanna, 1974, Movie Actress
Valentina Ferragni, 1992, Instagram Star
Viveca Lindfors, 1920, Movie Actress
Wayne Huizenga, 1937, Entrepreneur
William Gaddis, 1922, Novelist
Womesh Chunder Bonnerjee, 1844, Politician
Yam Kim-fai, 1912, Opera Singer
Young Marqus, 1999, Rapper
Yu Phoenix, 1988, Guitarist
Yvonne Elliman, 1951, Pop Singer
Zainul Abedin, 1914, Painter


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