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December 30 Famous Birthdays

December 30 Famous Birthdays

Famous people born on DECEMBER 30 are goal oriented. As a Capricorn, they are professionals. They will spend the time and make the compromises necessary to get the job done. They see the bigger picture and realize that retirement is always closer than we think. So they prepare for it while they are young.


They are a diligent personality. Change doesn’t seem to bother them as much as some other people. they have the ability to face fear and most critical situations with a clear mind.


Famous celebrities born on December 30 are happy individuals who are emotionally stable. When it comes to fitness, they are on top of things. But sometimes, they don’t eat right.


They should be aware that certain foods have different effects on their moods. So they need to eat more of them when they are feeling down and out but not over do it. What’s good for them could turn into something that is bad for them too.

Famous people born on DECEMBER 30th have worked hard to have the things they do. They take life seriously but they live it up. It’s almost impossible for them to unwind let alone take a vacation. But they may find that emotionally, a break could be what they need. This famous Capricorn is usually strong and caring.

December 30 Famous Birthday Personality Traits

30 December Good Traits:

  • Focused
  • Sensible
  • Stable
  • Determined
  • Patient
  • Strong
  • Loyal
  • Leader
  • Spontaneous
  • Communicative

30 December Bad Traits:

  •  Indulgent
  • Selfish
  • Disinterested
  • Moody
  • Over-Emotional

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December 30 Famous Birthday Personalities

Adrian Chirtea, 1996, Pop Singer
Adriana Figueroa, 1992, YouTube Star
AJ Pierzynski, 1976, Baseball Player
AJ Rebollo, 1992, Guitarist
Akosua Busia, 1966, Movie Actress
Al Smith, 1873, Politician
Alain Chapel, 1937, Chef
Alan M. Holman, 1904, Football Coach
Alan Pownall, 1986, Pop Singer
Albert Prigodich, 1998, YouTube Star
Alessandro Piccinini, 1566, Composer
Alexa Dellanos, 1993, Instagram Star
Alexa Feser, 1979, Pop Singer
Alfred Einstein, 1880,
Ali Al-Habsi, 1981, Soccer Player
Andra Day, 1984, Pop Singer
Andrea Tantaros, 1978, News Anchor
Andy Gruenebaum, 1982, Soccer Player
Andy Lassner, 1966, TV Producer
Andy Stewart, 1933, Folk Singer
Angus Stuart, 1983, DJ

Anna Wood, 1985, TV Actress
Arons Bogolubovs, 1938, MMA Fighter
Asa Griggs Candler, 1851, Entrepreneur
Ashley Bashioum, 1983, Soap Opera Actress
Ato Boldon, 1973, Runner
Austin Osman Spare, 1886, Painter
Barksdale Hamlett Jr., 1908, War Hero
Barrie McKay, 1994, Soccer Player
Barry Alvarez, 1946, Football Coach
Barry Greenstein, 1954,
Beatrice Fang, 1990, TV Actress
Beauford Delaney, 1901, Painter
Beautybabe149, 1996, YouTube Star
Ben Lucas, 1987, Rugby Player
Ben Robinson, 1980, Chef
Ben Talley, 1992, Vine Star
Bennett Miller, 1966, Director
Berkay Sahin, 1981, Pop Singer
Bernard Barrow, 1927, TV Actor
december 30 famous birthdaysBert Parks, 1914, TV Actor
Bill Kazmaier, 1953, Bodybuilder
Billy Kearney, 1993, YouTube Star
Bo Diddley, 1928, R&B Singer
Boubacar Barry, 1979, Soccer Player
Brittany Myers, 1996, Illustrator
Brooke Eden, 1988, Country Singer
Burt Myers, 1975, Race Car Driver
Caity Lotz, 1986, TV Actress
Cami Li, 1986, Model
Camila Giorgi, 1991, Tennis Player
Carmen Dickman, 1990, Reality Star
Carol Reed, 1906, Director
Caroline Lunny, 1990, Model
Carson Wentz, 1992, Football Player

Casey Lawrence, 1993, YouTube Star
Catherine Taber, 1979, Voice Actor
Celia Walden, 1975, Novelist
Charlie Bassett, 1931, Astronaut
Charlie Ebersol, 1982, TV Producer
Charlie Nicholas, 1961, Soccer Player
Cheri Samba, 1956, Painter
Chris Mack, 1969, Basketball Coach
Chris Shivers, 1978, Bull Rider
Chris Vance, 1971, TV Actor
Christian Williams, 1990, Model
Christina Chandler, 1990, Dancer
CJ Wilcox, 1990, Basketball Player
Clive Bunker, 1946, Drummer
Concetta Tomei, 1945, Stage Actress
CS Lee, 1971, TV Actor
Dan James Rodo, 1991, YouTube Star
Daniel Amokachi, 1972, Soccer Player
Daniel Barry, 1953, Astronaut
Daniel Sunjata, 1971, TV Actor

Danil Ishutin, 1989, eSports Player
Darcy Cole, 1998, Family Member
Darrin Huss, 1965, Pop Singer
Dathan Ritzenhein, 1982, Runner
Dave England, 1969, Snowboarder
David Bedford, 1949, Runner
David Yang, 1994, Rapper
Davy Jones, 1945, Pop Singer
Dawan Landry, 1982, Football Player
Debbie Dickinson, 1957, Model
Del Shannon, 1934, Rock Singer
DJ Mbenga, 1980, Basketball Player
DJ Zinhle, 1983, DJ
Dylan Doherty, 1995, YouTube Star
Eddie Edwards, 1983, Wrestler
Eliza Dushku, 1980, Movie Actress
Ellie Goulding, 1986, Pop Singer
Erica Canchola, 1996, YouTube Star
Faye Marsay, 1986, Movie Actress
Francis Benali, 1968, Soccer Player
Frans Bauer, 1973, Pop Singer
Fraser Doherty, 1988, Entrepreneur
Fred Lorenzen, 1934, Race Car Driver
Fred Ward, 1942, Movie Actor
Gareth Delve, 1982, Rugby Player
Geary Francis Eppley, 1895, Teacher
Giancarlo Parimango, 1994, YouTube Star
Gina Beck, 1981, Stage Actress
Glenn Robbins, 1957, Comedian
Gordon Banks, 1937, Soccer Player
Grace Germinder, 2004, Model
Grant Balfour, 1977, Baseball Player
Hannah Reid, 1989, Pop Singer
Harvey Smith, 1966, Game Designer
Heidi Fleiss, 1965,
Helge Ingstad, 1899, Explorer
Henry Cho, 1962, Comedian
Henry Hynoski, 1988, Football Player
Hideki Tojo, 1884, Politician
Ian A. Hunt, 1968, Director
Ian MacNaughton, 1925, Director
Isaac Smith, 1988, Australian Rules Footballer
It’sJustNick, 1999, YouTube Star
Jack Lord, 1920, TV Actor
Jaida-Iman Benjamin, 1994, Movie Actress
Jake Cuenca, 1987, TV Actor
James Burrows, 1940, Director
Jamie Follese, 1991, Drummer
Jane Langton, 1922, Children’s Author
Janet Mills, 1947, Politician
Jason Behr, 1973, TV Actor
Jason Dottley, 1980, TV Actor
Jason Molina, 1973, Rock Singer
Jay Kay, 1969, Jazz Singer
Jeanette Nolan, 1911, TV Actress
Jedidiah Duggar, 1998, Reality Star
Jeff Lynne, 1947, Rock Singer
Jeff Thomason, 1969, Football Player
Jena Sims, 1988, Model
Jeremiah Duggar, 1998, Reality Star
Jerry Coyne, 1949, Scientist
Jessica Springsteen, 1991, Horse Jockey
Jillian Harris, 1979, TV Show Host
Jim Flaherty, 1949, Politician
Jimmy Alapag, 1977, Basketball Player
Jo Van Fleet, 1914, Movie Actress
Joanna Pacula, 1957, Movie Actress
Joe Root, 1990, Cricket Player
John Garet Stoker, 1991, TV Actor
John Hartford, 1937, Songwriter
John MacMurray, 1958, Trumpet Player
John Milne, 1850, Scientist
John Orozco, 1992, Gymnast
Jon Theodore, 1973, Drummer
Jon Theodore, 1973, Drummer
Jonas Jablonskis, 1860, Scientist
Jonathon Douglass, 1981, Gospel Singer
Jonnie Edwards, 1989, Family Member
Jorge Zamacona, 1959, Screenwriter
Joseph Bologna, 1934, TV Actor
Joseph Hilbe, 1944, Philosopher
Josh Sussman, 1983, TV Actor
Joshua Harris, 1974, Religious Leader
Joshua Hong, 1995, Pop Singer
Juan Jose Lobato, 1988, Cyclist
Jukka Backlund, 1982, Pianist
Julian Woodrow, 1996, Pop Singer
Justin Combs, 1993, Family Member
Katie Gavin, 1992, Pop Singer
Keith Davis, 1978, Football Player
Kekuta Manneh, 1994, Soccer Player
Kelli Finglass, 1965, Cheerleader
Kenyon Martin, 1977, Basketball Player
Kerry Collins, 1972, Football Player
Kevin Long, 1966, Baseball Manager
Kevin Systrom, 1983, Entrepreneur
Kiana Bauzon, 1997, Vine Star
Kim Taehyung, 1995, Pop Singer
Kirsty-Leigh Porter, 1988, TV Actress
Krishane, 1993, Reggae Singer
Kristin Kreuk, 1982, TV Actress
Laila Ali, 1977, Boxer
Larry Gross, 1953, Screenwriter
LeBron James, 1984, Basketball Player
Leila Goldkuhl, 1991, Model
Leon Jackson, 1988, Pop Singer
Lewis Dawkins, 1995, YouTube Star
Lina Kuduzovic, 2002, Pop Singer
Lloyd Kaufman, 1945, Director
Loan Chabanol, 1982, Model
Louis Falk, 1935, Religious Leader
Lucy Punch, 1977, Movie Actress
Mackenzie Davis, 2002, Star
Macon McCalman, 1932, Movie Actor
Makali Aizue, 1977, Rugby Player
Malcolm Kelly, 1986, Football Player
Manuel Aaron, 1935, Chess Player
Marc Sleen, 1922, Cartoonist
Marcelo Diaz, 1986, Soccer Player
Marissa Hermer, 1981, Entrepreneur
Marius Moga, 1981, Composer
Martti Vainio, 1950, Runner
Marty Meehan, 1956, Politician
Marvin Musquin, 1989, Motorcycle Racer
Mary Miller, 1952, Teacher
Matt Lauer, 1957, TV Show Host
Meaghan Mackey, 1995, YouTube Star
Mel Renfro, 1941, Football Player
Melissa Fay Greene, 1952, Non-Fiction Author
Meredith Monroe, 1968, TV Actress
Meredith Vieira, 1953, TV Show Host
Mia Kang, 1988, Model
Michael Burns, 1947, TV Actor
Michael Eric Reid, 1992, TV Actor
Michael Grimm, 1979, Blues Singer
Michael Hsiao, 1990, YouTube Star
Michael Nesmith, 1942, Rock Singer
Monica Hargrove, 1982, Runner
Nay Babii, 1990, Model
Nick Osipczak, 1984, MMA Fighter
Nick Symmonds, 1983, Runner
Nicolette Pierini, 2003, Movie Actress
Nikita Scherbak, 1995, Hockey Player
Noel Paul Stookey, 1937, Pop Singer
Noel Torres, 1987, Pop Singer
Noel Whelan, 1974, Soccer Player
Paras Crown Prince of Nepal, 1971, Royalty
Patricia Kalember, 1957, TV Actress
Patti Smith, 1946, Punk Singer
Paul Bowles, 1910, Composer
Paul Soliai, 1983, Football Player
Paul Wallace, 1971, Rugby Player
Peppi Marchello, 1944, Rock Singer
Peter Brant II, 1993, Family Member
Phillips Idowu, 1978, Triple Jumper
Quaddy Goon, 2003, Rapper
Ray Copeland, 1914, Criminal
Red Rhodes, 1930, Guitarist
Robbie Gould, 1981, Football Player
Robert Prosky, 1930, Movie Actor
Robert Quine, 1942, Guitarist
Roberta Pupi, 1988, YouTube Star
Ron Mustafa, 1989, TV Actor
Rudyard Kipling, 1865, Poet
Russ Tamblyn, 1934, Movie Actor
Ryan Hemphill, 1981, Race Car Driver
Ryan Sheckler, 1989, Skateboarder
Ryleigh Vertes, 1995, Family Member
Sabeer Bhatia, 1968, Entrepreneur
Sage Thompson, 2002, Gymnast
Sam Daniel, 1998, YouTube Star
Sandy Beales, 1991, Bassist
Sandy Koufax, 1935, Baseball Player
Savannah Miller, 1980, Fashion Designer
Scott Chipperfield, 1975, Soccer Player
Sean Cw Johnson, 1978, TV Actor
Sean Gallagher, 1985, Baseball Player
Sean Hannity, 1961, Radio Host
Seraph Sun, 1988, TV Actress
Shane McConkey, 1969, Skier
Sheryl Lee Ralph, 1956, TV Actress
Silda Wall Spitzer, 1957, Political Wife
Sister Bliss, 1970, Pianist
Sixx Orange, 2001, TV Actress
Skeeter Davis, 1931, Country Singer
Skypercane, 1995, YouTube Star
Sol Saks, 1910, Screenwriter
Sophie Ward, 1964, Movie Actress
Stan Tracey, 1926, Pianist
Stef Lang, 1988, Pop Singer
Stephen Leacock, 1869, Novelist
Steve Mix, 1947, Basketball Coach
Steve Nguyen, 1985, Movie Actor
Steven Smith, 1958, Astronaut
Stevie Baggs, 1981, Football Player
Suzy Bogguss, 1956, Country Singer
Tara Wallace, 1982, Reality Star
Tengku Djan Ley, 1976, Race Car Driver
Theodor Fontane, 1819, Novelist
Thirunavukkarasu Kumaran, 1975, Cricket Player
Thomas D, 1968, Rapper
Thomas Walkup, 1992, Basketball Player
Tiger Woods, 1975, Golfer
Tim Lopez, 1980, Guitarist
Tony Carreira, 1963, Pop Singer
Tony George, 1959, Entrepreneur
Tony Sciuto, 1952, Songwriter
Tory Kittles, 1975, TV Actor
Tracey Ullman, 1959, Comedian
Trey Edmunds, 1994, Football Player
Tyler Carter, 1991, Rock Singer
Tyrese Gibson, 1978, R&B Singer
Tyrone Willingham, 1953, Football Coach
uFoneTV, 1996, YouTube Star
Umm Kulthum, 1898, World Music Singer
Wesley Schultz, 1982, Folk Singer
Yelawolf, 1979, Rapper


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