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December 26 Famous Birthdays

December 26 Famous Birthdays

Famous people born on DECEMBER 26 tend to be extremely active as a Capricorn. Sometimes, they do too much. They don’t like to follow rules and regulations however, they have a high level of functionality to attend to. It would seem that saying “no” is not something they are capable of.


To make things happen, they have to be creative and use other sources that they wouldn’t normally. They keep their  head up when it comes to finances. They are always looking for way to increase their earning potential.


As an entrepreneur, famous celebrities born on December 26 know there is no such thing as too much money. They also believe in giving back. As a friend, they remain close to their long time friends and their family who could be far away. They are actually the glue that keeps it all together.


On the other hand, when it comes to intimate relationships, they would rather just hang out by themselves. They have found love to be difficult to handle.

Famous people born on DECEMBER 26th are Capricorn who are loyal but rebellious. They will be going places and they have many projects on hand. If they could say “no,” they’d likely finish those they start. This can be as stressful as they find dating although others find their jokes funny.

December 26 Famous Birthday Personality Traits

26 December Good Traits:

  • Honest
  • Loyal
  • Ambitious
  • Responsible
  • Serious
  • Friendly
  • Moralistic
  • Resourceful
  • Funny
  • Conscientious
  • Creative

26 December Bad Traits:

  • Rebellious
  • Non-Conformist
  • Reserved
  • Proud
  • Insecure
  • Negative

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December 26 Famous Birthday Personalities

Aaron Ramsey, 1990, Soccer Player
Abdul Duke Fakir, 1935, Opera Singer
Adam Crouch, 1992, Vine Star
Adrian Newey, 1958, Scientist
Aksel Lund Svindal, 1982, Skier
Alain Baxter, 1973, Skier
Alan King, 1927, Movie Actor
Alex Schwazer, 1984, Race Walker
Alexander Wang, 1983, Fashion Designer
Alexis Adair, 2006, Dancer
Ana Burgos, 1967, Triathlete
Andre-Michel Schub, 1952, Pianist
Andrew McCollum, 1979, Entrepreneur
Andy Biersack, 1990, Rock Singer
Angela Vanity, 1996, YouTube Star
Anna Przybylska, 1978, Movie Actress

Ashley Cheatham, 1988, Reality Star
Ashley Ortega, 1998, TV Actress
Austin Corini, 1995, Guitarist
Barry Wood, 1942, Cricket Player
Beth Behrs, 1985, TV Actress
Bill Ayers, 1944, Politician
Bill Lawrence, 1968, Screenwriter
BjCanDive, 1992, YouTube Star
Bob Flanagan, 1952, Poet
Bob Hartman, 1949, Guitarist
Brad Swaile, 1976, Voice Actor
Brandon Scherff, 1991, Football Player
Brian Mills, 1971, Soccer Player
Brianna Fox, 1991, YouTube Star
Brien Taylor, 1971, Baseball Player
Butch Ballard, 1918, Drummer
Candy Crowley, 1948, News Anchor
Carl Baker, 1982, Soccer Player
Carlton Fisk, 1947, Baseball Player
Carol Rodriguez, 1985, Runner
Caroll Spinney, 1933, Puppeteer
december 26 famous birthdaysCatherine Coulter, 1942, Novelist
Cece Bell, 1970, Children’s Author
Cecile Bois, 1971, TV Actress
Chang Apana, 1871, Law Enforcement Officer
Charles Babbage, 1791, Scientist
Charles John Seghers, 1839, Religious Leader
Charlie Summers, 1959, Politician
Chris Borland, 1990, Football Player
Chris Chambliss, 1948, Baseball Player
Chris Daughtry, 1979, Rock Singer
Chris Gronkowski, 1986, Football Player
Chykie Brown, 1986, Football Player
Clint Bolick, 1957, Lawyer
Conor Mason, 1992, Rock Singer
Corbin Scott, 1989, YouTube Star
Dan Hornbuckle, 1980, MMA Fighter
Dana Alexa, 1989, Dancer
Danielle Cormack, 1970, TV Actress

Daquan from Staples, 1994, Vine Star
David Fitzgerald, 1964, Historian
David Holsinger, 1945, Composer
David Sedaris, 1956, Novelist
David Winkler, 1991, YouTube Star
Denis Cheryshev, 1990, Soccer Player
Denis Gifford, 1927, Cartoonist
Derek Mrdjenovich, 1994, Rock Singer
Dermot Murnaghan, 1957, News Anchor
Devin Brugman, 1990, Instagram Star
Donald Moffat, 1930, Movie Actor
Ed Stafford, 1975, Explorer
Eddie Farrell, 1901, Baseball Player
Eden Sher, 1991, TV Actress
Edward Prescott, 1940, Economist
Elena Udrea, 1973, Politician
Elisha Cook Jr., 1903, Movie Actor
Emma Brown, 1985, Model
Emma Forrest, 1977, Journalist
Eric van Tok, 1988, YouTube Star

Ernst Moritz Arndt, 1769, Poet
Esteban Fuertes, 1972, Soccer Player
Etien Velikonja, 1988, Soccer Player
Evan Bayh, 1955, Politician
Francisco Zuniga, 1912, Sculptor
Frank Broyles, 1924, Football Coach
Frank Caruso, 1911, Criminal
Frankie Donjae, 1989, Vine Star
Fred Schepisi, 1939, Director
Friedrich Reinhold Kreutzwald, 1803, Novelist
George Dewey, 1837, War Hero
Georgia Hirst, 1994, TV Actress
Ghada Ragab, 1979, World Music Singer
Graham Shiels, 1970, TV Actor
Gray Davis, 1942, Politician
Guy Barker, 1957, Trumpet Player
Guy Landry Edi, 1988, Basketball Player
Guylain Ndumbu-Nsungu, 1982, Soccer Player
Henry Miller, 1891, Autobiographer
Hobbie Stuart, 1990, YouTube Star
Holly Samantha, 1991, YouTube Star
Hugo Lloris, 1986, Soccer Player
Inch, 1994, Rapper
Ira Newborn, 1949, Composer
Isac Elliot, 2000, Pop Singer
Jade Thirlwall, 1992, Pop Singer
James Kottak, 1962, Drummer
James Mercer, 1970, Guitarist
Jane Lapotaire, 1944, TV Actress
Jared Leto, 1971, Movie Actor
Jarrett Payton, 1980, Football Player
Jason Dunn, 1982, Punk Singer
Jason Gunn, 1968, TV Show Host
Jay Farrar, 1966, Country Singer
Jay Glazer, 1969, Journalist
Jean Toomer, 1894, Novelist
Jennica Garcia, 1989, TV Actress
Jerome Le Banner, 1972, Boxer
Jesus T. Peralta, 1932, Playwright
John Scofield, 1951, Guitarist
John Walsh, 1945, TV Show Host
Jon Bellion, 1990, Rapper
Jonathan Barnes, 1942, Non-Fiction Author
Jose Ayala, 1993, YouTube Star
Jose Horacio Gomez, 1951, Religious Leader
Josh Beech, 1986, Folk Singer
Joshua Miller, 1974, Movie Actor
Julianna White, 1988, Model
Julie Dawn Olsen, 1986, YouTube Star
Kamal Elshennawi, 1921, Movie Actor
Kashif, 1959, R&B Singer
Katherine Creag, 1973, News Anchor
Keenan MacWilliam, 1989, TV Actress
Keith Taylor, 1946, Novelist
Kendra C. Johnson, 1976, TV Actress
Kit Harington, 1986, TV Actor
Koryn Hawthorne, 1997, Soul Singer
Lacey Claire, 1996, Model
Lars Ulrich, 1963, Drummer
Laura Angelica Rojas Hernandez, 1975, Politician
Leonard Peters, 1981, Rugby Player
Leonel Fernandez, 1953, World Leader
Leopold Mannes, 1899, Entrepreneur
Lucas Cruz, 1974, Engineer
Luke Worrall, 1989, Model
Mao Tse Tung, 1893, World Leader
Marcelo Rios, 1975, Tennis Player
Mari Hulman George, 1934, Entrepreneur
Martin Cooper, 1928, Entrepreneur
Matthew Wade, 1987, Cricket Player
McKenzie Morales, 2002, Dancer
Mike Minor, 1987, Baseball Player
Natalie Nunn, 1984, Reality Star
Nichola Burley, 1986, Movie Actress
Nikki Howard, 1987, Model
Nikolai Nikolaeff, 1981, TV Actor
Nileseyy Niles, 1997, YouTube Star
Noel Hunt, 1982, Soccer Player
Norm Ullman, 1935, Hockey Player
Norman Angell, 1872, Children’s Author
Oguri Shun, 1982, TV Actor
Oldrich Nejedly, 1909, Soccer Player
Omar Infante, 1981, Baseball Player
Ozzie Smith, 1954, Baseball Player
Patricia Ocampo, 1979, Civil Rights Leader
Patrick Cassels, 1985, Screenwriter
Peep Janes, 1936, Architect
Penny Nichols, 1947, Folk Singer
Pete Teo, 1972, Folk Singer
Peter Hillary, 1954, Mountain Climber
Phil Spector, 1939, Criminal
Prodigy, 1996, Rapper
Rale Rasic, 1935, Soccer Coach
Randall Woodfield, 1950, Criminal
Reichen Lehmkuhl, 1973, Reality Star
Reigndrop Lopes, 1973, Rapper
Richard Swinburne, 1934, Philosopher
Richard Widmark, 1914, Movie Actor
Robert James, 1983, Football Player
Robert Muchamore, 1972, Novelist
Rohan Kanhai, 1935, Cricket Player
Ronnie Sperling, 1958, TV Actor
Roxanne Pallett, 1982, Soap Opera Actress
Sally Oliver, 1983, Soap Opera Actress
Sam Earp, 1992, Instagram Star
Samantha Boscarino, 1994, TV Actress
Samuel Sevian, 2000, Chess Player
Sandra Taylor, 1966, Model
Sandrea, 1989, YouTube Star
Saphira Liz, 1997, YouTube Star
Selen Soyder, 1986, Model
Sergio Assad, 1952, Guitarist
Shane Meadows, 1972, Director
Shweihninzy, 1991, YouTube Star
SlimKirby, 1988, YouTube Star
Sofiane Feghouli, 1989, Soccer Player
Sophia Pippen, 2008, Family Member
Sora Tokui, 1989, Voice Actor
Stephen Sauvestre, 1847, Architect
Steve Allen, 1921, TV Show Host
Steve Harrison, 1952, Soccer Player
Steven Sandler, 1958, Entrepreneur
Stevo Pearce, 1962, Entrepreneur
Storm Davis, 1961, Baseball Player
Susan Butcher, 1954, Dog Musher
Tahnee Welch, 1961, Family Member
Takayoshi Ohmura, 1983, Guitarist
Temuera Morrison, 1960, Movie Actor
Terry Michos, 1953, Movie Actor
Thomas Gray, 1716, Poet
Thomas Nelson Jr., 1738, Politician
Tiffany Brissette, 1974, TV Actress
Tiffany Derry, 1982, Chef
Tim Legler, 1966, Basketball Player
Timothee Chalamet, 1995, TV Actor
Tina Wesson, 1960, Reality Star
Todd Dunivant, 1980, Soccer Player
Tony Rosato, 1954, Voice Actor
Toomas Hendrik Ilves, 1953, Politician
Toral Rasputra, 1987, TV Actress
Victor Owusu, 1923, Politician
Weston Cage, 1990, Family Member
Yohan Blake, 1989, Runner
Yu Shirota, 1985, TV Actor
Zach Blair, 1974, Guitarist
Zach Mills, 1995, Movie Actor


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