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December 25 Famous Birthdays

December 25 Famous Birthdays

Famous people born on DECEMBER 25 are Capricorn with a great deal of anxiety when it comes to failing at something. They generally keep a brick wall up so their heart doesn’t get broken. They tend to give relationships their everything but not all of the time. This feeling is mutual so they can be hurt.


However, they form friendships that generally last a very long time. Taking care of themselves is easier than ever. When it comes to weight management, they don’t have to worry too much if they stick to the game plan.


As a Capricorn, famous celebrities born on December 25 are prone to have certain illnesses. They need to put foods which are rich in calcium in their diet and should find that it makes a difference in your healthiness.


Normally, they work hard and seem to have a great working relationship with their co-workers and or employers. They take the stress out of many situations and provide everyone with the right attitude to get the job done.

Famous people born on December 25 are unlike any other. The famous Capricorn born today have been described as being messengers or they may possess psychic abilities that could heal others in some way. But when it comes to taking care of themselves physically, they should make that commitment.

December 25 Famous Birthday Personality Traits

25 December Good Traits:

  • Healing
  • Mystic
  • Patient
  • Calm
  • Supportive
  • Outgoing
  • Sunny
  • Entertaining
  • Smart
  • Cool
  • Calm
  • Collected
  • Clairvoyan

25 December Bad Traits:

  • Complicated
  • Doubtful
  • Insecure
  • Lazy
  • Unpredictable

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December 25 Famous Birthday Personalities

Adrian Von Ziegler, 1989, Composer
Akong Rinpoche, 1939, Entrepreneur
Alannah Myles, 1958, Rock Singer
Alastair Cook, 1984, Cricket Player
Alecia Elliott, 1982, Country Singer
Ales Debeljak, 1961, Poet
Alex Hepburn, 1986, Pop Singer
Alex Rogers, 1991, Bassist
Alexander Rusev, 1985, Wrestler
Alexandre Trudeau, 1973, Journalist
Alia Alhussein, 1948, Political Wife
Allen Adler, 1916, Screenwriter
Andrea Fabric, 1993, YouTube Star
Andy Fickman, 1970, Director
Anita Huffington, 1934, Sculptor
Anna Maria Mozart, 1720, Family Member
Anne Roiphe, 1935, Novelist

Anne Spielberg, 1949, Screenwriter
Annie Lennox, 1954, Pop Singer
Anwar Sadat, 1918, World Leader
Aodhan King, 1992, Songwriter
Ariadna Gutierrez, 1993, Model
Armin van Buuren, 1976, DJ
Arthur Adams, 1943, Blues Singer
Ashley Nichole, 1989, YouTube Star
Atal Bihari Vajpayee, 1924, Politician
Aziz Pahad, 1940, Politician
Baba Ramdev, 1965, Activist
Barbara Mandrell, 1948, Country Singer
Barry Goldberg, 1942, Pianist
Barry Hill, 1988, Guitarist
Barton Maclane, 1902, TV Actor
Ben Chapman, 1908, Baseball Player
Besnik Hasi, 1971, Soccer Player
Bethany Beardslee, 1925, Opera Singer
Bob James, 1939, Pianist
Boban Rajovic, 1971, Pop Singer
Bobbie-Jo, 1999, Star
december 25 famous birthdaysBobby Gunn, 1973, Boxer
Boris Novkovic, 1967, Pop Singer
Bradley Wilcox, 1959, Novelist
Brandon Foster, 1984, Football Player
Brandon Tyler Russell, 1995, Movie Actor
Cab Calloway, 1907, Jazz Singer
Carlos Castaneda, 1925, Novelist
CCH Pounder, 1952, TV Actress
Chanta Patton, 1986, Model
Cheryl Chase, 1958, Voice Actor
Chris Fletcher, 1948, Football Player
Chris Kamara, 1957, Soccer Player
Chris Rene, 1982, Rapper
Christian Colonel, 1981, Baseball Player
Christina Romer, 1958, Teacher
Christine Hakim, 1956, Movie Actress
CinCinBear, 1992, Twitch Star
Clara Barton, 1821, Entrepreneur
Conrad Hilton, 1887, Entrepreneur
Corky Ballas Sr., 1960, Dancer
Costaki Economopoulos, 1969, Comedian
Darren Leader, 1971, Drummer
David Guerrero, 1994, YouTube Star

Dean Cameron, 1962, Movie Actor
Demaryius Thomas, 1987, Football Player
Dick Miller, 1928, Movie Actor
Dido, 1971, Pop Singer
Don Pullen, 1941, Pianist
Dorothy Wordsworth, 1771, Poet
Ed Hochuli, 1950, Referee
Edward Khamidullin, 1996, Vine Star
Elena Sanchez, 1957, Journalist
Eli Perry, 1799, Politician
Eliza Orlins, 1982, Reality Star
Emi Takei, 1993, TV Actress
Emma Slater, 1988, Dancer
Eric Gehrig, 1987, Soccer Player
Eric Gordon, 1988, Basketball Player
Eric Monte, 1943, Screenwriter
Ernst Ruska, 1906, Scientist
Ethan Kath, 1982, Bassist
Eugenia Kuzmina, 1987, TV Actress
Eve Pollard, 1945, Journalist

Evelyn Nesbit, 1884, Model
Fay Templeton, 1865, Stage Actress
Ferman Akgul, 1979, Rock Singer
Francis Doe, 1985, Soccer Player
Francis Dunnery, 1962, Rock Singer
Francisco Rezende, 1984, YouTube Star
Francoise Durr, 1942, Tennis Player
GaGa, 1984, Pop Singer
Gary McAllister, 1964, Soccer Player
Gary Sandy, 1945, TV Actor
Gene Lamont, 1946, Baseball Player
George W. Maher, 1864, Architect
Georgia Moffett, 1984, TV Actress
Ghada Adel, 1974, Movie Actress
Gonzalo Garcia Vivanco, 1981, Soap Opera Actor
Gue Pequeno, 1980, Rapper
Gwei Lun-mei, 1983, Movie Actress
Hailie Scott, 1995, Family Member
Hal Linton, 1986, Soul Singer
Hector Ruiz, 1945, Entrepreneur
Helena Christensen, 1968, Model
Helena Rubinstein, 1870, Entrepreneur
Heo Seung-hoon, 1997, eSports Player
Herbert Baker, 1920, Screenwriter
Hideki Okajima, 1975, Baseball Player
Humphrey Bogart, 1899, Movie Actor
Ismail Merchant, 1936, Director
Israel Vazquez, 1977, Boxer
Jacob Oswald, 1988, Guitarist
Jairzinho, 1944, Soccer Player
Jake Manley, 1974, TV Actor
James Ewing, 1866, Scientist
Janie Lou Gibbs, 1932, Criminal
Jemma Rix, 1984, Stage Actress
Jerome Carrington, 1982, Rapper
Jessica Origliasso, 1984, TV Actress
Jillie Mack, 1957, TV Actress
Jim Dowd, 1968, Hockey Player
Jimmy Buffett, 1946, Country Singer
Joanna Angel, 1980,
Joaquin Guzman Loera, 1954, Criminal
Joe Louis Walker, 1949, Guitarist
Joel Porter, 1978, Soccer Player
John Ashley, 1934, Movie Actor
Jon Kimura Parker, 1959, Pianist
Jordan Smith, 1984, MMA Fighter
Jordi Davieson, 1993, Pop Singer
Jorgie Porter, 1987, Soap Opera Actress
Joseph Miuccio, 1994, Vine Star
Josh Freese, 1972, Drummer
Justin Trudeau, 1971, World Leader
Kahi, 1980, Pop Singer
Karl Rove, 1950, Politician
Karlie Harman, 1999, Football Player
Katie Wright, 1981, TV Actress
Keith Ape, 1993, Rapper
Ken Stabler, 1945, Football Player
Kenny Everett, 1944, TV Show Host
Kyeon Mi-ri, 1964, TV Actress
LA Fouine, 1981, Rapper
Larry Csonka, 1946, Football Player
LasVegasBarbie, 1990, YouTube Star
Laura Bryna, 1980, Country Singer
Leah Smith, 1988, Gospel Singer
Lennart Green, 1941, Magician
Lex Land, 1986, Pop Singer
Lexi Noel, 1994, Pop Singer
Lexie Grace, 1998, Instagram Star
Lil Mister, 1995, Rapper
Lisa Origliasso, 1984, Pop Singer
Liz Goldwyn, 1976, Director
LJ Reyes, 1987, TV Actress
Lou Pizarro, 1967, TV Producer
Louis Chevrolet, 1878, Entrepreneur
Louise Bourgeois, 1911, Sculptor
Mabel King, 1932, TV Actress
Mac Powell, 1972, TV Actor
Maggie Williams, 1954, Politician
Marco Mengoni, 1988, Pop Singer
Marcus Trescothick, 1975, Cricket Player
Marcus Trufant, 1980, Football Player
Maryam Shumate, 1991, YouTube Star
Matthew Perryman Jones, 1973, Rock Singer
Mauro Picotto, 1966, Music Producer
Max Gonzalez, 1990, YouTube Star
Melody Le, 1989, Model
Merry Clayton, 1948, Soul Singer
Michael Okpara, 1920, World Leader
Michelle Rhee, 1969, Politician
Mike Mazurki, 1907, Movie Actor
Mimmi Sanden, 1995, Pop Singer
Miumiku Miau, 1988, YouTube Star
Moneca Delain, 1981, TV Actress
Muhammad Ali Jinnah, 1876, World Leader
Muzharul Islam, 1923, Architect
Mylie Taylor, 2002, Dancer
Nawaz Sharif, 1949, Politician
Naylea VH, 2004, YouTube Star
Neil Westfall, 1987, Guitarist
Nellie Fox, 1927, Baseball Player
Nicholas Thompson, 1982, Golfer
Nicolas Godin, 1969, Guitarist
Nicole Zyana, 1991, TV Actress
Noel Hogan, 1971, Guitarist
Noel Redding, 1945, Bassist
Noele Gordon, 1919, Soap Opera Actress
Noelle Reno, 1983, Entrepreneur
Oleg Tinkov, 1967, Entrepreneur
Oscar Polk, 1899, Movie Actor
Pam Muñoz Ryan, 1951, Novelist
Patrick Baladi, 1971, TV Actor
Patrick Brennan, 1972, Movie Actor
Patrick Gilmore, 1829, Songwriter
Paul Willson, 1945, TV Actor
Paula Seling, 1978, Pop Singer
Poul Nielsen, 1891, Soccer Player
Priya Rai, 1977,
Pud Galvin, 1856, Baseball Player
Raju Srivastav, 1963, Comedian
Rene Girard, 1923, Philosopher
Rick Berman, 1945, TV Producer
Rick Renteria, 1961, Baseball Manager
Rickey Henderson, 1958, Baseball Player
Rob Mariano, 1975, Reality Star
Robert Ripley, 1890, Entrepreneur
Rod Serling, 1924, Director
Rodrigo Gonzalez, 1950, World Music Singer
Ron Foos, 1949, Bassist
Ronnie Cuber, 1941, Saxophonist
Ryan Shaw, 1980, Soul Singer
Sadiq Al-Mahdi, 1935, Politician
Sam Shoaf, 2004, Pop Singer
Samir Khan, 1985, Journalist
Sandra Riley Tang, 1990, Pop Singer
Santhosh George Kulangara, 1971, TV Show Host
SaraBeautyCorner, 1987, YouTube Star
Serius Jones, 1982, Rapper
Shane MacGowan, 1957, Pop Singer
Sissy Spacek, 1949, Movie Actress
Stefan Ruzowitzky, 1961, Director
Steve Wariner, 1954, Country Singer
Stu Barnes, 1970, Hockey Player
Stuart Wilson, 1946, Movie Actor
Taleb el-Sana, 1960, Politician
Tim James, 1976, Basketball Player
Todd Wells, 1975, Cyclist
Tony Martin, 1913, Pop Singer
Tony Schumacher, 1969, Race Car Driver
Tsering Chungtak, 1984, Model
Tuomas Holopainen, 1976, Pianist
Victoria Donelda, 1991, YouTube Star
Werrason, 1965, World Music Singer
Wilhelm Weinberg, 1862, Scientist
Will Meyers, 1999, TV Actor
William Andrews, 1955, Football Player
William Collins, 1721, Poet
William Preston, 1729, Politician
William Tyler, 1979, Guitarist
Yu-San Moon, 1977, Cartoonist
Zaib-un-nissa Hamidullah, 1921, Activist
Zak Boggs, 1986, Soccer Player


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