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December 24 Famous Birthdays

December 24 Famous Birthdays

Famous people born on DECEMBER 24 are always there when it comes to work!  As a Capricorn committed to excellence, they don’t expect anything less from their peers.


They want to be comfortable to say the least now and in the future so they put in what it takes to get there. They like to be busy but they should finish what they start in order to be fully successful.


Famous celebrities born on December 24 have a lot of talent… some of which they don’t even know is there. They also have a great sense of fun and know how to deliver a joke.  There is hardly a party that they are not invited to attend.


In love, they tend to hold back a little. They’re a romanticist who is not really sure if they want a commitment or not. To them, sex and love should go hand in hand.  While this may be true, sex is not the main ingredient.

December 24 Famous Birthday Personality Traits

24 December Good Traits:

  • Workaholic
  • Determined
  • Dedicated
  • Mysterious
  • Idealistic
  • Mystic
  • Joyful
  • Talented
  • Practical
  • Hopeful
  • Sharp
  • Disciplined
  • Loyal
  • Dedicated

24 December Bad Traits:

  • Confused
  • Misunderstood
  • Secretive
  • Unloving

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December 24 Famous Birthday Personalities

Aaron Gwin, 1987, BMX Rider
Abigail Klein, 1989, TV Actress
Ad Reinhardt, 1913, Painter
Adam Lippes, 1972, Fashion Designer
Adam Mickiewicz, 1798, Poet
Adam Pitts, 1990, Drummer
Adriana Riveramelo, 1970, Journalist
Adrianna Scaley, 1997, Instagram Star
AJ Johnson, 1991, Football Player
Alabama Barker, 2005, Family Member
Alex Cabrera, 1971, Baseball Player
Alexandra Airene, 1992, YouTube Star
Amaury Nolasco, 1970, TV Actor
Americo, 1977, World Music Singer

Amy Roberts, 1994, Cyclist
Amy-Jane Brand, 1990, Model
Ana Brenda Contreras, 1986, Soap Opera Actress
Andy Spade, 1962, Business Executive
Angel Matos, 1976, MMA Fighter
Angela Little, 1949, Teacher
Anil Kapoor, 1956, TV Actor
Anthony Harris, 1981, Football Player
Anthony Morrison, 1982, Self-Help Author
Anubhav Mohanty, 1981, Movie Actor
Arnold Telagaarta, 1986, YouTube Star
Austin Stowell, 1984, Movie Actor
Ava Gardner, 1922, Movie Actress
Ava Helen Pauling, 1903, Civil Rights Leader
Baby Dodds, 1898, Drummer
Barra Grant, 1948, Screenwriter
Barry Chuckle, 1944, Comedian
Bart Weijers, 1999, Pop Singer
december 24 famous birthdaysBethany Black, 1978, Comedian
Bill Dudley, 1921, Football Player
Blake Barnett, 1996, Football Player
Brad Anderson, 1969, Wrestler
Breah Hicks, 1998, Instagram Star
Brian Doerner, 1957, Drummer
Brigetta Barrett, 1990, High Jumper
Brittany Fogarty, 1990, Reality Star
Brooke Westbrooks, 1987, Reality Star
Burak Ozcivit, 1984, TV Actor
Camille Balsamo, 1988, Movie Actress
Carol Haney, 1924, Movie Actress
Carol Maraj, 1959, Family Member
Carol Vorderman, 1960, Game Show Host
Caroline Aherne, 1963, TV Actress
Charlie Todd, 1978, Comedian
Chosen Newton, 2015, Family Member
Chris Cockrum, 1986, Race Car Driver
Chris Hero, 1979, Wrestler
Christopher Gonzalez, 1990, eSports Player

Clarence Gilyard, 1955, TV Actor
Claude Frank, 1925, Pianist
Colin Cowdrey, 1932, Cricket Player
Dabboo Ratnani, 1971, Photographer
Daijiro Yoshihara, 1978, Race Car Driver
Dana Gioia, 1950, Poet
Daniel Pfeiffer, 1975, Politician
Daphne Groeneveld, 1994, Model
Darren Stein, 1971, Screenwriter
Darrius Barnes, 1986, Soccer Player
Davante Adams, 1992, Football Player
Dave Bartholomew, 1920, Songwriter
David Cay Johnston, 1948, Journalist
David Ragan, 1985, Race Car Driver
Dean Corll, 1939, Criminal
Declan McKenna, 1998, Folk Singer
Dee Christopher, 1987, Magician
Diafra Sakho, 1989, Soccer Player
Diedrich Bader, 1966, TV Actor
Dima Bilan, 1981, Pop Singer
Doom49, 1990, Twitch Star

Doug Life, 1996, Vine Star
Ed Miliband, 1969, Politician
Edwige Fenech, 1948, Movie Actress
Emanuel Lasker, 1868, Chess Player
Emanuel Vidovic, 1870, Painter
Emile Nelligan, 1879, Poet
Eric Moreland, 1991, Basketball Player
Ethan Bortnick, 2000, Pianist
Ethan Curtis, 1997, Family Member
Eva Tamargo, 1960, Soap Opera Actress
Fei Xiang, 1960, Pop Singer
Frances Wood, 1993, Pop Singer
Francesca Vanthielen, 1972, Movie Actress
Franz Waxman, 1906, Composer
Fritz Leiber, 1910, Novelist
Gene Sperling, 1958, Politician
George Crabbe, 1754, Poet
Georges Guynemer, 1894, War Hero
Glenn McQueen, 1960, movie producer
Grand L. Bush, 1955, Movie Actor
Gregor Blanco, 1983, Baseball Player
Gregory S. Paul, 1954, Scientist
Hamid Karzai, 1957, Politician
Harry Warren, 1893, Composer
Helen Jones, 1954, Politician
Hendrik Wade Bode, 1905, Scientist
Herty Lewites, 1939, Politician
Hezekiah Walker, 1962, Gospel Singer
HomelesPenguin, 1993, YouTube Star
Howard Hughes, 1905, Entrepreneur
Hugo Dessioux, 1987, YouTube Star
Ilham Aliyev, 1961, World Leader
Irene Khan, 1956, Civil Rights Leader
Irina Krush, 1983, Chess Player
Jack Brett Taylor, 1994, Pop Singer
Jack Thayer, 1894,
Jackie Celona, 1992, YouTube Star
Jake Hess, 1927, Gospel Singer
Jalen McMillan, 1994, Pop Singer
James Prescott Joule, 1818, Scientist
Jamey Wright, 1974, Baseball Player
Jan Akkerman, 1946, Guitarist
Jason Miller, 1980, MMA Fighter
Jay Bilas, 1963, Sportscaster
Jay Wright, 1961, Basketball Coach
Jeff Sessions, 1946, Politician
Jerry Savelle, 1947, Religious Leader
Jesus Silva, 1971, Wrestler
Joel Birch, 1981, Metal Singer
John Bermundo, 1999, Model
John Cody, 1907, Religious Leader
John Glashan, 1927, Cartoonist
John McStay, 1965, Soccer Player
Johnny Gruelle, 1880, Cartoonist
Jonas Mekas, 1922, Director
Joost Swarte, 1947, Cartoonist
Jordan Shalhoub, 1989, TV Producer
Joseph Cornell, 1903, Sculptor
Julius Tennon, 1953, Movie Actor
Junaid Khan, 1989, Cricket Player
Justin Aufdemkampe, 1990, Guitarist
Kaitlyn Harrison, 1998, YouTube Star
Kalonzo Musyoka, 1953, Politician
Kanan Gill, 1989, YouTube Star
Karim Newton, 1993, Rock Singer
Kate Spade, 1962, Fashion Designer
Katherine Dow Blyton, 1993, TV Actress
Keith Deller, 1959, Darts Player
Keith Silverstein, 1970, Voice Actor
Kevin Maher, 1978, Choreographer
Kevin Millwood, 1974, Baseball Player
Kim Jong-suk, 1919, Family Member
Kim Kimble, 1971, Reality Star
King John, 1166, Royalty
Kit Carson, 1809, War Hero
Koto Okubo, 1897,
Lalo Guerrero, 1916, Guitarist
Laura Aikman, 1985, TV Actress
Leah Clark, 1979, Voice Actor
Lee Daniels, 1959, Director
Leila Knight, 1986, Model
Lem Dobbs, 1959, Screenwriter
Lemmy Kilmister, 1945, Bassist
Lemmy Kilmister, 1945, Bassist
Lemmy Kilmister, 1945, Bassist
Leroy Kemp, 1956, Wrestler
London Beauty Queen, 1982, YouTube Star
Louis Tomlinson, 1991, Pop Singer
Lydia Koidula, 1843, Poet
Lynn Chen, 1976, Movie Actress
Lyse Doucet, 1958, Radio Host
Mackenzie Marie, 1996, YouTube Star
Marcelo Salas, 1974, Soccer Player
Marco Minnemann, 1970, Composer
Marcus Jordan, 1990, Family Member
Mark Millar, 1969, Comic Book Author
Mark Valley, 1964, TV Actor
Martin Doherty, 1982, Music Producer
Mary Higgins Clark, 1929, Novelist
Masaki Aiba, 1982, Pop Singer
Matt Calvert, 1989, Hockey Player
Matt Passmore, 1973, TV Actor
Matthew Arnold, 1822, Poet
May Hariri, 1968, Pop Singer
Melissa Suffield, 1992, Soap Opera Actress
Michael Billington, 1941, TV Actor
Michael Butler, 1961, Bassist
Michael Curtiz, 1886, Director
Michael Dibiase, 1923, Wrestler
Michael Raymond-James, 1977, TV Actor
Mohammed Rafi, 1924, World Music Singer
Moin Akhter, 1950, TV Actor
Molly Maginnis, 1951, Fashion Designer
Neil Turbin, 1963, Rock Singer
Nicholas Meyer, 1945, Screenwriter
Nick Kent, 1951, Journalist
Nneka, 1980, Rapper
Oleg Skripochka, 1969, Astronaut
Orim Meikle, 1967, Religious Leader
Patrick Corrales, 2002, Star
Paul Manship, 1885, Sculptor
Paul Pressey, 1958, Basketball Player
Paul Sykes, 1983, YouTube Star
Paul Zastupnevich, 1921, Fashion Designer
Peta Jensen, 1990,
PJ Hairston, 1992, Basketball Player
Ralph Moore, 1956, Saxophonist
Randy J. Goodwin, 1967, TV Actor
Rebecca Crews, 1965, TV Producer
Renee Sloan, 1972, TV Actress
Ricky Knight, 1953, Wrestler
Ricky Martin, 1971, World Music Singer
Rihanna Quinn, 2006, Dancer
Riyo Mori, 1986, Model
Rob Little, 1972, Comedian
Robert Rinder, 1974, Reality Star
Robert Schwartzman, 1982, Rock Singer
Ruth Chatterton, 1892, Movie Actress
Ryan Seacrest, 1974, TV Show Host
Serge Aurier, 1992, Soccer Player
Shawnlit, 1998, Instagram Star
Sir Michael Rocks, 1987, Rapper
Sofia Carrasco, 1995, Instagram Star
Soliman Gamil, 1924, Composer
Stephanie Hodge, 1956, TV Actress
Stephen Appiah, 1980, Soccer Player
Stephenie Meyer, 1973, Young Adult Author
Stjepan Mesic, 1934, Politician
Szymon Askenazy, 1865, Politician
Tarja Halonen, 1943, World Leader
Tetsuya Kakihara, 1982, Voice Actor
Theodor Gebre Selassie, 1986, Soccer Player
Tim Elliott, 1986, MMA Fighter
Tim Jennings, 1983, Football Player
Todd Thompson, 1963, Family Member
Tody Smith, 1948, Football Player
Tomas Kalnoky, 1980, Guitarist
Tonderai Chavhanga, 1983, Rugby Player
ToysAndMe, 2007, YouTube Star
Virgil Kalakoda, 1979, Boxer
Wade Williams, 1961, TV Actor
Wallace Spearmon, 1984, Runner
Walter Abish, 1931, Novelist
Will Oldham, 1970, Folk Singer
William Paterson, 1745, Supreme Court Justice
Woody Shaw, 1944, Trumpet Player
Xawery Dunikowski, 1875, Sculptor


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