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Dating a Truck Driver: Few Tips To Survive!

How to Date a Truck Driver

In the article “6 reasons you shouldn’t date a truck driver,” I gave reasons to stay off truck drivers. Undoubtedly, all the points stated in that article are facts and not just made-up. However, what is the need to express problems if you cannot offer solutions? So in this piece, I want to prescribe ways for dating a truck driver amid all challenges.


1. Spend Quality Time Together if you are Dating a Truck Driver

Truck drivers are in a very demanding profession with unpredictable schedules. With their long travels on the road, having time for their partners becomes difficult. This cannot be changed, but there are remedies for it.


Whenever your partner returns from his long travel, find ways to spend quality time with him. You can go on dates at unique venues that bring memories of how the relationship started.


2. Keep Communicating

You can keep communicating no matter where he is, even in space. There are different channels of communication that can keep you in real-time.


You can use Whatsapp, Skype, IMO, and many others to let couples stay in touch and see each other whenever needed. Use these apps to your benefit as a way to cure loneliness.

3. Help Him to Manage the Stress

The industry is very stressful, and they mostly don’t even have time for their well-being. They eat junk food, sit for long hours, and grow obese. So anytime he returns from that long journey, he finds ways to release his stress.

It can be having a long walk together, through which he can also burn some calories. Prepare him good homemade food and even try to massage him. It gives him reasonable sexual satisfaction during the night, making him stay off other women.

4. Learn about the Truck Industry

The best way to empathize with your partner is to learn about the trucking industry. Learn about their challenges on the roads and constraints on the route. The best way to learn is to join them on some of their trips.

This can give you adequate knowledge of what they do. After the encounter, you may never complain about his profession again.

So now you can compare the pros and cons of choosing whether to date a truck driver or not. But individual differences apply must be applied.

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