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Castor Oil Dream Meaning

Castor Oil Dream Symbol – Meaning, Interpretation and Symbolism

What Is the Meaning of A Castor Oil Dream?

Seeing castor oil in your dream means that you should listen to the people in your life who are out to help you make your life better. Listen to advice and guidance that will enable you to make something of your life. Do not let your pride make you lose out on an opportunity to get help from someone with your best interests at heart.


Dreaming of castor oil is a sign that you should get rid of people advocating for your downfall. You should have people in your life who are on your side. Do not entertain anyone who intends to take advantage of you and use your generosity and kindness to betray you.


The castor dream symbol signifies disagreements with people. If you cannot see eye to eye with someone, you should stop interacting with them. This is because they will do you no good. This dream also symbolizes taking care of your health. Find ways to strengthen your immune system by adjusting your diet, exercising often, sleeping enough, taking a lot of water, and meditating.

Dreaming of castor oil also symbolizes making changes in your life that will bring light and good luck into your life.

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